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There’s one thing that every woman has to worry about as she gets older and that’s the way she looks

There’s one thing that every woman has to worry about as she gets older and that’s the way she looks

Plastic surgeons seem to be everywhere these days. We see advertisements for cosmetic surgery in magazines and even on television. Many doctors even offer payment plans to their clients who want to look younger. With a facelift in a bottle you are promised many of the same results without even having to think about going under the knife.

As women we’ve long been told that the road to wrinkles is paved with dry skin. Moisturizers seem to be the key to looking younger because they help keep the skin of the face elastic and supple. In fact many of the popular face lift in a bottle products being sold are moisturizing creams and lotions.

A great suggestion if you are considering investing in one of these is to read the list of ingredients. Visit a cosmetic counter and compare the facelift in a bottle to a standard face cream. Don’t be surprised if the labels are almost identical in terms of the list of ingredients.

If you want the results that are promised on the product’s packaging you need to follow the directions closely. Some facelift in a bottle instructions call for the product to be used in the morning immediately following a shower or bath. This is because the extra moisture is needed to help the product absorb deeply into the skin’s pores. You will benefit most if you pat your skin dry and then put the cream or lotion on.

Some versions of these instant facelifts come in two different formulas. One is designed for use under make-up and should be applied in the morning. The other is a nighttime formula of the facelift in a bottle and is designed to be placed on clean skin without any make-up at all.

You may want to consider using both types of cream. Even if you don’t get the amazing results you would should you have an actual surgical facelift, you will likely notice some difference in the fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

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