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Give Your Business The Advantage Of A Bluetooth Headset

Give Your Business The Advantage Of A Bluetooth Headset

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When you’re in business, you always want to give the best to get the most.
One of the efficient devices to add to your arsenal is the Bluetooth headset to keep tabs on people and their latest exploits in the name of the business.

Business Chic and Hi-end Tech

If you have people in the field and in other parts of the country dealing with clients and looking for financial opportunities, you’d want to know what’s going on. The Bluetooth headset will bridge the gap and the miles.

In the office, teleconferencing can take place with people at their cubicles, but ideally, a teleconference should be held in a quiet place without the irritating background noise coming from keyboards and paper being shuffled.

In all appearance, a Bluetooth headset is a discreet device that can be worn on the ear. It is a single earpiece that establishes connection to the phone, camera, PDA, and more, relying on Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth technology in the layman’s glossary is wireless connection technology. No more dangling wires that get in the way. Simply wear it, dial the number, and provide the password given to you.

The latest Bluetooth headset in the market is version 2.0, which is three times faster, uses less power, and has simplified multi-links because of more bandwidth. The 2.1 version provides extended power conservation. These are pricey, but eliminate the problems of the older versions.

Your Bluetooth headset

Shopping for the Bluetooth headset that’ll supercharge your business? Take the following tips to heart:

Budget is the deciding factor when buying your Bluetooth headset. You’ll have to decide if you’ll go for the $30 or $300 headset or those in-between.

You’ll have to decide if you want boom or no boom. A boom is the small microphone appendage that sticks out from the headset, which you can adjust comfortably.

In reality, there is no assurance that a Bluetooth headset is comfortable. Worn for hours on end, it can become uncomfortable on the ear. You can switch these from the left to the right ear and back again to ease the pressure on the ear.

Better yet, try on the Bluetooth headset before making your final choice, if you’re buying these from a retail shop. These come in different sizes, so you’ll have to consider the people who are going to use these headsets. There are also headsets with eyeglasses clips or interchangeable loops for those wearing eyeglasses.

Other deciding factors when buying your headset

Your headset should be easy to pair with multiple phones. The Bluetooth headset can be paired with multiple phones. By pairing, you are connecting the headset and your phone instantly, and the two will recall each other’s names and connect each time until you decide to break up the pairing.

Choose a better-sized headset. The smaller the headset, the tinier the buttons. If you happen to have fat fingers, you’ll be constantly seeking the on-button and dislodging the headset.

Battery life. The bigger and weightier the headset, the longer the battery life. You have the option to choose somewhere between two to 10 hours talk time and 25 to 250 hours standby time. Remember, you can’t receive calls when you’re down on batteries.

Get the Bluetooth Advantage Now

There are great reasons to get the Bluetooth headset. Cut down travel costs, increase workforce productivity, exchange information real-time, and cut down those telephone bills. You’ll have up to 5-10 people on the line. Won’t your business gain from these advantages?

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Smelly Dogs May Need Ablutions

Smelly Dogs May Need Ablutions

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Every week there is one date I faithfully keep: “ablutions” time with my dogs.
I don’t know why we started calling it that – probably when I was completely and totally addicted to Regency Romance novels. According to Webster’s Dictionary, “ablutions” is “a washing of the body, especially as a religious ceremony.”

We don’t actually do a full-body dog wash every week – I’m told that less frequent bathing is better for a dog’s skin and fur – and it’s not really a ritual. We do trim nails, brush fur and teeth, clean ears, and wash faces. Because of the breeds we have; Brussels Griffons, Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs, skin folds, beards and mustaches, and wrinkles get special attention.

It’s down to a routine in our house; it doesn’t take much more than about 15 minutes per dog, once you catch them. One person holds the dog. The other “ablutes.”And the benefits are vast. The dogs seem happier, they smell good, and we have the chance to check each one for anything that doesn’t seem quite right.

Contrary to popular belief – clean, healthy dogs really shouldn’t smell. “Dog breath” may be an indicator that the dog’s teeth need cleaning. There are many products available to care for dog’s teeth, but a start can be made with just a damp washcloth or gauze. Special toothpastes made just for dogs are readily available. Human toothpaste isn’t a good idea – it can be too harsh and dogs tend to dislike both the foaming action and the taste of products made for people.

Your nose is an invaluable tool in assessing your dog’s health. Any odor from a dog’s ears may be a sign of infection. But we know that cleaning ears can be a challenge. We use a solution available from the veterinarian. It’s inexpensive and helps wash away any dirt or wax. Getting it into the dog’s ears is where the problem arises in our house. Even after four years of this weekly routine, our Boston Terrier struggles mightily to see what we’re doing. No matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to convince her that no one can see inside her own ears!

Keeping a dog’s nails trimmed is another part of the routine that can be challenging. Many people are wary of cutting the nails too close and hurting the dog by nicking the blood vessel. Some people avoid the problem by using a hand-held sanding device – but a light touch is essential. Power tools are exactly that – powerful. It’s better to do too little than risk hurting the dog. Most groomers and veterinarians will trim nails for a nominal fee. If you’re hesitant about trimming your dog’s nails yourself, it’s well worth the monthly visit to have a professional do the job. Even if you don’t trim nails yourself, take a look at your dog’s feet. See if their pads have any calluses or cracks or any abnormalities.

Lastly, a good brushing, in addition to taking care of any tangles, or mats in the fur, will make your dog look and feel terrific. You’ll distribute the natural oils that keep fur healthy and remove any dead fur that may have accumulated. By paying attention during brushing we discovered a growth on our Brussels Griffon we would not have discovered. A visit to the vet and a couple of stitches later, what might have been a major health issue later was disposed of with very little fuss. As with humans, early detection is the key for dogs.

Our weekly “ablutions” may not be as much fun as playing ball in the yard, but it is time well-spent with our beloved pets. Getting them used to the routine may take some patience but they’re well worth the effort.

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Quality Stereo Earphones To Protect The Hearing

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Stereo earphones are truly compact and are great accessories to the ipod or cell phone. However, as more and more people are learning the true enjoyment of becoming an audiophile (a music lover, especially with their Ipod’s and other MP3 players), they are discovering the value that a earpiece with great sound provides. Not only in reducing exterior sound, but by creating an environment to truly enjoy music.

As such, these new earphones are becoming more like a concert hall and more and more manufacturers are bringing out their own models. Makers such as: Shure, SkullCandy, Ultimate Ears, Sony, Panasonic, Etymotic Research and many others.

So,what kind of accessories can an audiophile get for his or her favorite music device? Here is some info that may help:

Since the beginning of sound, the small electrical current coming out of the music boxes usually had enough power so the listening device (like the Walkman or portable stereo) had its own small amplifier built right in. But not anymore. Today, audiophiles want high quality devices that need their own power source for full enjoyment… either for volume or for clarity. Enter the special head phone amp. These look similar to regular amps but are a little smaller. However, they are not as portable as the older style head phones that were attached to listening devices with built in amps.

Accessory kits are another must-have. It sure can make an airplane flight a lot longer when to be traveling and being unable to find your earphone. Nothing’s worse than being on an airplane and watching the airline propaganda and trying to read lips! A carrying case can be as simple as a little bag to keep them in.

Cable clips are a great way to keep your headphone cables from getting out of control as you listen to music. If there is sudden movement while plugged in, they can really hurt your ears, make your hair look terrible, pull off your glasses, or even damage your listening device! Clips keep your cables out of harm’s way.

Any time you have an intricate piece of machinery, you’ll need replacement parts. It’s no different with an ear phone. The The average accessories most of us use include jacks, cables, and ear pads, all of which can become disconnected from the headset with excessive use. If you just own a cheap set, you could probably buy a new better sounding set for less money than the replacement parts. But if you are a serious audiophile and you want serious sound, you’ll also want some replacement parts just in case the music makes you dance too hard!

Lastly, consider getting some rubber alcohol or cleaning solution to keep everything sanitary. After all, they are around your ears and your hair for a long period of time and they can get a little grimy and wax can build up in your stereo earphones after excessive use. Keep them clean and you’ll enjoy them more besides getter better sound from wax buildup.

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Cranking The Volume On Your Ipod Or Mp3 Player Can Damage Hearing

Cranking The Volume On Your Ipod Or Mp3 Player Can Damage Hearing

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Kids have always loved listening to their favorite music, and the louder the better – much to their parents’ dismay. In the 1980s, the portable tape recorder with headphones – which came to be known as the “Walkman” – enabled teenagers to listen to their music as loud as they wanted, anywhere they wanted, without disturbing anyone around them.

But the more modern rendition of the Walkman – portable MP3 Players and iPods – pose a major threat to our children’s hearing health, and to ours.

The problem is a combination of the technology of portable digital devices that creates a non-buffered crystal clear sound, and the type of headphones typically used with them, which do not have a buffer either. In December 2005, Dean Garstecki, an audiologist and professor at Northwestern University reported that more and more young people were being diagnosed with the types of hearing loss typically found in older adults. He attributed this trend to the “earbud” type headphones that usually accompany iPod and MP3 Players.

With the earbud headphones, the sound frequencies are not buffered as they are with the more traditional, ear cup-style headsets. Newsweek Magazine recently reported that researchers at the House Ear Institute found that listeners can unfortunately increase the volume of today’s portable digital devices without the “signal distortion that occurs with traditional analog audio.” The older-model headphones that were popular just 15 to 20 years ago – that have ear cups outside of the ears – had that distortion when the volume was turned up, which functioned as a much-needed buffer to protect our hearing. Today’s technology does not provide that buffer – the earpiece is placed in the ear, not outside of it, and the digital devices do not create that distortion, no matter how high the volume.

In addition, people often listen to these devices while they are on the go, and have a tendency to crank the volume in an attempt to drown outside noise, further posing a risk to our hearing. Using the earbud style headphones during activities such as exercise, for example, puts the user at a greater risk. During exercise, blood, which can act as a buffer, is diverted from the ears to other parts of the body – so our already vulnerable hearing is in even more jeopardy.

Headwize reports that a study conducted on music listeners using headphones revealed that while indoors with no background noise, the participants were comfortable with their music at 69 decibels. Outdoors, where the background noise was recorded at 65 decibels, participants using their headphones turned the volume up to 82 decibels and as high as 95 decibels to drown out the surrounding noise. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines limit exposure to noise at this level to no more than four hours each day. The study concluded that the participants were at risk for hearing damage and recommended “avoiding continuous use of [portable stereos] in noisy conditions.”

Northwestern University’s Dean Garstecki offers more specific guidelines: His 60 percent/60 minute rule – listen to MP3 Players and iPods for “about an hour a day and at levels below 60 percent of maximum volume.” The problem is, most of the population using headphones – young music fans – listen to their music for much longer than one hour per day. But, you can help minimize hearing loss, damage and problems while listening to your favorite music as long as you want to – the secret is in the headphones.

Headphones such as the EX29 Extreme Isolation Noise Reduction Headphones help block out external noise allowing you to hear the fine details of your music without blowing out your ear drums. The ear cup fits over the ear, and not in it, and the headphones are lightweight, don’t require batteries and can be used with your MP3 Player or iPod. With 29 decibels of isolation from outside sound, the quiet headphones block outside noise and there is no need to crank the volume of your music.

Aging rock stars like the Who’s Pete Townsend, who has some permanent hearing loss from years of exposure to loud music, and Mick Fleetwood, who has teamed up with Energizer batteries to promote hearing loss prevention, have brought public attention to the fact that many of us take our hearing for granted. But there’s no need to turn off your music – just be smarter about how you listen to it. If you are using your MP3 Player or iPod when you’re exercising, in a noisy environment or you just want to hear the fine details of your music, ditch the earbud headphones and reach for a set of noise reduction ones instead. And you’ll be enjoying your favorite music for a long time to come.

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USB Headsets, the Cadillac of Headsets

USB Headsets, the Cadillac of Headsets

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Wireless headset technology has provided us with comfort an convenience unthought of twenty years ago.
Who could have predicted how utterly immersed technology would be in every facet of our lives? Our professional and personal lives are made easier by the newest technologies that come out every year.

One of the greatest improvements on wireless technology in recent years is the advent of the wireless headset. If you are looking for the most luxurious wireless headset then check out USB headsets.

USB headsets utilize the newest technologies in their models while incorporating comfort and luxury into their headset. USB headsets thinks about the extras such as plush ear pads to enhance your online experience. Let’s face it; it is easy to get lost online chatting with our friends or enjoying a game with online buddies. Plush ear pads allow you to have the most of that experience with out discomfort.

USB headsets also have the outside noise canceling function. Say goodbye to the annoyance of the person you are speaking to not being able to hear you due to outside noise on your end. These technologies will only enhance your experience whether it is listening to music, talking to your girlfriend who is overseas, or enjoying a LAN party.

USB headsets also use the latest in audio technology to give you the highest quality sound. This is great for when you are downloading your favorite tunes. The USB headsets have soft touch controls that allow you to adjust the volume and microphone quickly (this especially good for those times you need to quickly mute).

So if you are in the market for a new wireless headset and you are looking for luxury and those extras that will enhance your online experience then consider a USB headset. You can get a premium headset for about $50 with high frequency, excellent audio, plush ear pads, one year warranty, and a lot of little extras that truly make USB headsets the Cadillac of wireless headsets.

Ultimately when we are online we want to enjoy our friends, music, and relationships. We want to enjoy these things while taking a break from our life and the daily stresses we encounter. Those around us don’t always respect our down time and see our computer time as a time they can engage us in unwanted conversations and requests. A USB wireless headset will improve this annoyance while giving us cutting edge technology.