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Thailand And Myanmar Water Fight

VAIN ELÄMÄÄ ★ MIJAS NATURAL (Beauty & Hair) OLLI LINDHOLM (YÖ-YHTYE) invita a sus famosos colegas del programa televisivo VAIN ELÄMÄÄ (“A MI MANERA” LA SEXTA TV), en el canal finlandés NELONEN 4, a pasar una tarde de “Relax & Pampering” en MIJAS NATURAL (
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Many tourists from all over the world visit Thailand, especially Khao Sarn Road in Bangkok during April to take part in the water festival (Songkran) festivities. To those tourists who have been in action during the friendly yearly water fights, I am sure it was very fun. I thought so too until a few years ago, when I visited Myanmar during dates coinciding with Myanmar’s version of Songkran. The Myanmese called the water festival (Thingyan).

In Thailand’s version of the Songkran water festival, people loaded up tanks of ice cold water in pick up trucks going around splashing and drenching everyone who is within range all in good fun. Some like the picture above load water guns and ice cold squirt at you you are expected to retaliate with… what else, cold water of course.

Now this festival although coming from the same custom is celebrated differently in Myanmar. It is much more wild and spirited. The Myanmese authorities will build stages after stages called “pandles” on sides of main roads. Some of these stages will have live music bands, dances, gay models and bodybuilders on parade amplified by music blaring loudly from the speakers and PA system, others will be packed chocked full of people armed with wildly colorful hoses splashing tons of water on whoever wants the showers of blessings on them.

The Yangon ( former capital city of Myanmar) hotel I stayed in organized a tour of the city on the back of…..yup, you said it……pick up trucks with refreshment, water guns and large drums of ice cold water ammunition. This is certainly much more fun than the Thai version, especially if you bring your whisky along. The roads were flooded and water was flowing like small rivers.

So if you ever visit Thailand for its Songkran festival, then hop over to Myanmar to open a second water war front. A word of warning though, better book your hotel room or accommodation and air travel tickets early. The hotel rooms are always booked months in advance by fun loving tourists both in Thailand and Myanmar.

The festivities will usually last a few days every April. After hard day at play, do remember that Thailand is famous for its ancient Thai massage. Do get a skillful massuer to soothe those aching muscles after a few days of fun. You can even order a massage service from the hotels.

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Some Things You Want to Know About Massage

Some Things You Want to Know About Massage

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Most Americans know that massage therapy can help relieve stress and pain, reduce blood pressure and boost the immune system.
And, more people than ever are trying massage for the first time.

Perhaps you received a gift certificate for massage. Maybe work’s been stressful, and you’ve thought about getting a massage to unwind. Or maybe you’re already a fan of massage and want to try a different type of massage.

Whatever your reasons, there are some basic things you should know to get the most from your massage.

There are many terms for types of massage. The American Massage Therapy Association or designates the various methods as massage modalities. Ask your massage therapist what massage modality will give you the results you want.

The most popular include:

* Swedish massage: The most common type of massage, to relax and energize you.

* Deep tissue massage: For muscle damage from an injury, such as whiplash or back strain.

* Sports massage: To help prevent athletic injury, keep the body flexible and heal the body should injury occur.

* Chair massage: Massage of the upper body, while fully clothed and seated in a special portable chair.

Finding a qualified massage therapist is also important. Ask your massage therapist about his or her credentials. And remember, each massage and bodywork modality requires specialized training.

AMTA, which requires members meet education standards, recommends asking the following questions:

* Did you graduate from a program accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation or from an AMTA member school?

* Are you licensed or registered as a massage therapist in this state? Not all states license massage therapists.

* Are you a member of AMTA?

* Are you certified by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork?

* Do you have training in any specific massage modalities?

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Solid Advice For Living With Back Pain 3

Solid Advice For Living With Back Pain

According to the training, what skill sets are in the three-person Growth-Driven Design pod?
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It does not require constant lifting of heavy objects or dragging things around to bring on symptoms of serious back pain. Even something as small in life as the chair you sit in or the mattress you sleep on, can do damage. That is why you should “pain-proof” your house for any changeable items that are known to cause back pain later in life.

Having back pain? Get a massage. Getting a back massage will ease the sore tensed muscles in your back, and help to relieve the stress of back pain. Having a 30 minute massage either by a professional or a family member can produce long lasting relief from sore back muscles.

In some cases music therapy has worked well to alleviate back pain. Back pain can be associated with stress and tension, sitting back and listening to music for a short time each day can minimize your stress and may work to help your pain also. Relax, listen to your favorite music, and minimize your back pain by doing what you love.

Proper stretching is probably one of the best ways you can work to eliminate frequent back pain. When you stretch, whether you’re doing toe touches, sit-ups or side bends, you are loosening the muscles and relieving some of the tension there. A failure to stretch properly could lead to a pulled muscle or spasms.

Avoid standing for long periods of time. Standing for too long aggravates the back muscles and puts a great amount of strain on them. Make sure to sit when you can and to avoid situations that require standing for too long. If you know you will have to stand for a long time, make sure to stretch before and afterwards.

Obesity has been shown to be an important factor in chronic back pain. Losing pounds and keeping weight within normal ranges can greatly reduce pain and strain on the back. Regular exercise can also help strengthen back muscles. These are the top recommendations by doctors to obese patients suffering from back pain.

If you’re thinking about purchasing anything at all to assist with your back pain, look in to purchasing an ergonomic chair. These types of chairs are specifically designed for your back and will provide full support that you can rely on. You can keep proper posture while sitting in these chairs and alleviate and possibly even eliminate your pain.

For people who experience chronic back pain, your first visit shouldn’t be to the store to purchase a massager but rather to the doctor’s office to see if you have a slipped disc or another type of injury. Back pain can be the result of a hundred different things, and many of them can be serious.

While you may not be able to reach in every corner and pull out every little thing that has a negative effect, you can get rid of some of the things that have the biggest impact and that will greatly increase your chances of protection. Remain positive and remember what was discussed in this article, for the spring cleaning that you do in your home.

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Muscle Spasms and muscle knots

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A spasm is an unexpected, violent and involuntary contraction of muscle or group of muscles accompanied by sudden burst of pain which is generally harmless but may interfere with function.
It produces involuntary movement and distortion but ceases after a few minutes.

Spasms may occur due to disease, strain or injury to the muscle or nearby tissues. It could also be an impairment of circulation or disturbance of body chemistry which can be confined, severe or fairly generalized.

Painless or localized spasms are called tics. This involuntary movement of muscles, usually of the face, may seem to be a natural reaction or response to a certain stimulus but eventually, it will happen automatically even without any reason at all.

Spasmodic muscle contraction may also be due to a large number of medical conditions, however, including the dystonias.
Muscle spasms occur early after an injury takes place. It is characterized by a tightening of muscles in the area which could be painful at times but not always. Later on, when the basic injury is not fixed, muscle spasms form muscle knots which are painful and become part of the problem. Often times, it is this pain from the muscle knots that pushes a person to seek treatment of the injury. This is the case with injuries to the neck and back.
Muscle knots, also known as myofascial trigger points in medical term, are abnormal areas within the muscle which cause pain. There is still not much information as to what muscle knots really are. However, doctors made some biopsy test by cutting a piece out of muscle knots and results showed that some abnormal protein deposits seemed to be present in the sample tissue. Some treating practitioners believe that there is excessive connective tissue in these areas, but there is little evidence in the (unfortunately few) studies that have been done to support the idea of excess connective tissue.
The knots form because the spasm keeps the muscle working continuously around the clock which is beyond normal body function. Generally, our bodies move in normal activities with different muscles working in cycles. Since the muscles are not designed for such continuous work, time will come when muscle work overloads and forms these knots. That is why it is important that spasm is treated to help reduce this problem.
Treatment of muscle spasms and muscle knots depends on medical professional who is working most closely to you. Exercise is an important method to help with muscle spasms and muscle knots. Another helpful treatment is massage therapy to supplement other treatments. However, exercise and massage can become uncomfortable but the patient is expected to feel better later.
Several medications such as Soma (Watson) relax muscles and relieve pain and discomfort associated with strains, sprains, spasms or other muscles injuries. Muscle relaxants like Soma (Watson) are for specific muscle injury and pain and should not be used for general body aches and pains. Discuss Soma (Watson) uses with your doctor

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How Much Money Does a Massage Therapist Make?

How Much Money Does a Massage Therapist Make?

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When talking about massage therapy, one of the most common questions that people tend to ask, especially those who are planning of taking up massage therapy courses, is how much money does a massage therapist makes? Well, the answer to this question may differ as there are a lot of different massage therapists to ask it. The massage therapists are basically the ones who do the massage for the benefit of their clients and of course themselves. They do the job for a living, but how much money does a massage therapist makes depends greatly on a number of factors that a massage therapist needs to consider.

But, what exactly are these factors that affect greatly the answer to the question of how much money does a massage therapist make?

Well, it is common sense that the level of success that a massage therapist may attain depends greatly on the level of skills that the therapist possesses. His or her ambition in life may also be a factor, including the person’s personality and the place where he or she resides. All of these factors may alter the possible answer to the question of “how much money does a massage therapist make?” but beyond these factors is the notion that success in massage greatly depends on the kind of technique that the therapist has been practicing.

Massage therapists differ greatly on the areas of specialization. There are therapists out there who do massage for relaxation purposes, while there are others who do it for sports’ sake. Aside from that, many of the massage therapists today perform massage techniques clinically. Whatever the case may be, these differences in specialization can be a determinant as to how much money does a massage therapist makes.

For example, many of those who have used massage for relaxation purposes receive lesser pays than those who work clinically. Most of them receive about $20 to $45 per hour. Well, as you may notice, the place of where the therapist works could also be a great determining factor of how much money does a massage therapist make. So, if we will consider those who deliver massage for themselves, we could think of an average pay of $60 to $85 per massage. Those who work for someone may earn up to $25 to $45 per hour, while those who work on country clubs or massage spas, chances are they may earn an additional of about $10 to $20 per hour, just for the tips given by their customers.

The ability of the massage therapists to network their service, as well as their ability to market themselves may also pose certain effects on the level of money that the massage therapist may make. This is for the fact that many customers today got pleased with therapists who know how to deal with people, with different personalities, and this is what encourages most of the customers to leave bigger tips for the therapists. Well, that’s a good quality that therapists should possess to make better living.

There are other determining factors of how much money does a massage therapist make, and the list would also include the therapist’s being prepared with the right tools needed for the treatment. So, before you ask someone how much money does a massage therapist make, consider first the skills and qualities that the therapists possess and form your judgment based on the information you’ve gathered.