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9 Tips to Improve Your Bedroom Environment and Help you Sleep Like a Baby

9 Tips to Improve Your Bedroom Environment and Help you Sleep Like a Baby

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The goal of this article is to help you find the ideal sleep conditions for you personal preferences. You may have to experiment and try a variety of techniques to find what works best for you.
It is important to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom. Your objective is to be highly relaxed and a calming, cool environment with plenty of oxygen will help you feel this way.
Ideally your room should be on the cooler side; but its up to you to experiment with a range of conditions. You don’t want to wake during the night either too hot or too cold and then find yourself wide awake once again. Sleep experts say that the ideal room temperature is 65 to 70 degrees F.
You should try and sleep with the window open. It is important that you have a constant fresh supply of circulating air which will help you breathe deeply and sleep soundly.
If you find that you’re woken by noises outside your bedroom, you should consider buying ear plugs – they take a little while to get used to but there are ear plugs that have been designed to be comfortable and unobtrusive, which won’t disturb your sleep.
If you can’t bear the thought of ear plugs you may want to use a “white noise” machine, such as a fan.
The “white noise” will mask other noises that you’re not used that wake you in the middle of the night.
Your circadian rhythm tells your body to wake up in the sunshine and go to sleep in the dark. Therefore you should endeavor to make your bedroom as dark as possible. You can do this by hanging thick, dark curtains. Or you may try buying a comfortable eye mask.
Do you find yourself listening to the irritating sound of a ticking clock? If so you should consider replacing it with a digital clock. Also you shouldn’t keep looking at the clock to see how many hours you have to sleep will only increase your anxiety and stress about not sleeping.
You should avoid having television, computer and stereo equipment in your bedroom. Furthermore you should only use your CD Player to play soothing music that will help you feel relaxed and fall asleep.
If your room is too dry you may want to purchase a humidifier, especially in the winter months.
And lastly, it’s important that you wear loose, comfortable clothing…

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Coaching The Candle Burners

Coaching The Candle Burners

Have you ever had one of those moments where it seems as if everything is chaotic one moment and in slow motion the next?
In those moments there seems to be either a rushing sound in your ears or perhaps a ringing. Color fades to black and white and you can almost seem disassociated from the events that are happening around you.

Sometimes this can be experienced when you are faced with bad news, sleep deprivation or extreme weariness where you teeter precariously between apathy and physical exhaustion.

There is an expression we all use that is applicable to this malady. This expression is, “Don’t burn a candle at both ends.”

The phrase means that we should find a balance in our lives because if we don’t we will either try to work too hard or enjoy life too much devoid of the assumption of adequate responsibility. Either of these extremes may not be a healthy approach to life.

In business this phenomenon can be noticed when we don’t take the time to experience life apart from the business.

The scenario goes something like this….

A burst of activity takes place in the business-planning phase.

This activity is followed by another burst of activity in product acquisition and site design.

This is followed by working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and Internet marketing.

This is followed by extensive networking to develop quality connections and the potential for backlinks for improve site ranking performance.

This is followed by __________ (fill in the blank).

Which is followed by __________ (fill in the blank).

And then ____________ (fill in the blank).

The original idea of burning a candle at both ends goes back to the 18th century practice of candle making. If you were to burn a candle at both ends it would mean the candle would be placed in a horizontal position instead of vertical with wicks burning at both ends. This type of candle might supply improved light, but the wax would drip and the wick would burn quickly causing the entire candle to become worthless in a very short period of time while leaving a mess behind in a darkened room.

This is the picture of a person who does not recognize or take time to recharge and renew. They are quick to say something like, “It’s better to burn out than rust out,” and they are getting close to their objective every day. Inch by inch their candle is consumed and they suffer burnout, chronic fatigue or worse.

It is possible to expend bursts of activity that exceed your typical capacity, but the prolonged push to over perform can render the individual ineffective and without passion for the very thing they thought they wanted to do most.

There is another saying, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”

We are all designed with the need for refreshment and relaxation. Find a way to make that happen in your business efforts and expect to see a better long-term output in productivity and energy.

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The Right Home Remedy For An Ear Infection

The Right Home Remedy For An Ear Infection

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As a parent, your best choice for treating ear infections could be home remedy. It seems that children are prone to getting frequent ear infections, and the cost of seeing a doctor each time can really add up. It can be even more troublesome if you need a quick fix while you’re on vacation. Fortunately, there are several treatments that you can apply yourself. However, it’s still best to see your doctor at some point, especially if the pain doesn’t subside.

People have been treating ear infections for ages, using nothing more than the products they could find in their homes. They had to because easy access to doctors was hard to come by, not to mention that medical sciences wasn’t up to today’s standards. That meant people had to find home remedies that worked, remedies that you can also take advantage of.

A good option, whether at home or on the road, is a warm compress. Wrap the compress in a towel, then have the child (or adult, if they’re the ones with the ear pain) put the compress to their ear. Then have them lie down on their side, with the bad ear down. This will let gravity work to drain some of the build up out of the ear, which will also help in easing any pain that’s present.

Chances are good that you have some hydrogen peroxide on hand. If so, gently placing a few drops in the ear is an easy method that can kill the bacteria that are causing the ear infection.

Lemon juice is a more natural alternative to hydrogen peroxide, but has a similar effect. The juice is highly acidic. The acidity stops the infection by neutralizing the pH of the bacteria.

This next all natural method for treating an ear infection sounds more like the start of a tasty recipe, but don’t let that fool you. Simply simmer some onion and garlic with olive oil and water. After it cools use an eyedropper to apply a few drops to the problem ear. Leave it to work, and the infection can be gone in as little as twenty four hours.

Another common ingredient easily found at home is vinegar, which can also be used to make a solution for fighting infections of the ear. A simple mix of 50% water and 50% vinegar is all it takes to do the trick.

Vodka! Yes, vodka has even been used by some to ease the pain of an ear infection. Wait! Not by drinking it until they feel no pain (which would be a bad idea for treating youngsters anyway), but by dabbing some onto a cotton ball and holding it against the ear. It’s also much safer than using 100% alcohol.

Use any of the above remedies and take note of which ones work best. You can then use them over and over, as needed. Keep in mind that not all home remedies for ear infections will work in all cases. Also, be sure to see your doctor or pediatrician if the pain persists.

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Factsheet: APR, AER and EAR

Factsheet: APR, AER and EAR

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This is where measures such as the annual equivalent rates (AER) and annual percentage rate (APR) come in handy.
These are calculated in the same way across providers. If you are trying to compare accounts, look for these, rather than the headline rate.
Annual percentage rate (APR)

An APR is used as a measure of how much it costs to borrow money and is quoted by mortgage lenders and companies offering personal loans and credit cards. The APR includes any upfront fees charged by the lender, spread over the period for which you are borrowing the money.

The APR tells you how much your borrowing will cost over the course of a year, as a proportion of the amount you have borrowed. So if you are borrowing £100 at an APR of 9%, you will pay £9 in interest and charges over the first year.

Mortgage lenders will advertise a headline rate and an APR. Photograph: Linda Nylind In a loan advert, the provider will often quote a “typical APR” – this is because many lenders set the actual interest rate charged according to the borrower’s credit record and personal circumstances. A bank has to have offered its typical APR (or a better rate) to at least 66% of potential customers.

In a mortgage advert, the lender will usually quote a headline rate as well as the APR. Most lenders charge administration fees on mortgages, so APRs tend to be much higher than the headline rates.
Equivalent annual rate (EAR)

Like the APR, an EAR is quoted when you are borrowing money – this time in the form of an overdraft. Unlike an APR, this doesn’t include any fees for going overdrawn. Instead, it gives you an idea of how much your borrowing will cost if you were to remain overdrawn for a whole year.

The calculations take into account the rate of interest being charged, how often it is charged, and the effect of compounding it – charging interest on interest – over the year.
Annual equivalent rate (AER)

An AER is quoted on savings accounts and current accounts for when your balance is in credit. It is like the EAR but refers to interest earned, rather than paid. The AER shows how much interest you will earn over the course of a year and takes into account how often the interest is paid and what effect compounding will have.

This measure allows you to compare how much you will earn on an account where interest is paid monthly with one where interest is paid annually.

AERs allow you to compare accounts and work out where your savings will earn most. Photograph: Getty The gross rate paid on an account offering monthly interest may be lower than the gross rate on an account offering only one interest payment a year, but when interest is compounded it may offer higher returns than the latter account.

For example, an account offering a rate of 6.25% paid annually may look more attractive than an account paying 6.12% with monthly interest payments, however the AER on the monthly account is 6.29%, as opposed to an AER of 6.25% on the account with annual interest payments.

If there is a charge for withdrawing your money, the AER will take this into account – so, for example, if you are charged 30 days’ interest for a withdrawal, this will be reflected in the AER.

If an account includes an introductory bonus for a few months, you should be told whether or not this is in included in the AER. If it is not, looking at the AER will enable you to compare it fairly with an account that offers a level rate of interest all year.

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Secret Tips To Give A Female An Orgasm And Those Things That Can Prevent It.

Secret Tips To Give A Female An Orgasm And Those Things That Can Prevent It.

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Believe it or not there are women out their who experience mind shattering orgasms with very little effort. Learning Tips to give a female an orgasm aren’t as difficult as you may think, if you know what factors can prevent it. That famous question of? how to give a woman an orgasm? is no longer a shrouded mystery that only the select few have access to, in fact the answers are so simple that you will probably kick yourself when you find them.

In an ideal world, where there is no hormonal imbalance, fatigue, emotional baggage, traumatic past or disconnected present, all women have the ability to enjoy having sex with their partner. All women have the capability to orgasm on that outrageous level. Yet many don’t or can’t or won’t get there.

Tips To Give a Female An Orgasm

Sexual fears and frustrations can be a dominating reason why many women can’t experience a simple orgasm. The very nature of the woman is complex and rooted in psychology, and one of those things that can prevent orgasm and sexual enjoyment is the lack of closeness and security within their relationship to a degree as well as continuous hormonal changes throughout our lives.

The first of the tips to give a female an orgasm is that you should know women are somewhat hard coded to desire an emotional connection along with their sexual activity. For those whose relationships match up with their needs for intimacy and security, and generally get their emotional needs met (at least some of the time) by their partner, sex is a positive medium for self-expression and enjoyment. If there are sexual problems within the confines of an otherwise healthy relationship, look to some of the explanations that follow:

1. A Traumatic or Abusive past

A frighteningly high percentage of women in America have been sexually molested or abused. Many women work their way back to a healthy attitude towards sexual activity either on their own or through counseling but for some the pain can linger and effect them later on in life.

Other tips to give a female an orgasm are being soft and easy with gentle approaches, men should try and pile on the love, the care, the softness and most importantly learn how to listen and talk. You will be shocked at how much of a response you will get just by listening and lending a sympathetic ear to what you might consider, pointless!

Being open to suggestion and focusing on her enjoyment and pleasure is the right road to tread and amongst the top tips to give a female an orgasm . By showing your concern for her needs, you are automatically breaking down barriers and making her feel more at ease and relaxed, but be patient!

Try using simple pampering techniques like massages, cooking for her, allocating a specific time for only her, having a long bath together and after all these relaxation techniques you should use a natural heat-based stimulant, like vigorelle that will heighten her mood and feeling.

2. Common Hormonal problems

Common things like childbirth and aging can cause a jolt to the hormonal balance of a woman, which can lead to poor sexual response. A doctor can help women by addressing the underlying hormonal causes, and may even prescribe hormonal treatments that bring the condition under control. At the same time there are some natural tips to give a female an orgasm even with hormonal problems. Natural cures like Provestra, an all natural supplement that works to bring back hormonal balance and deal with loss of libido in women. As well as a natural topical lubricant like vigorelle that contains transdermal ingredients in close contact with the genitals for immediate sexual boosting effects.

3. Relationship issues

When love goes sour, the first casualty is in the bedroom. Why? Because women attach so much importance to love and romance, that when those things are compromised, she may have trouble making the leap to sexuality.

When love between couples takes a nose dive, the first place to take casualties is the bedroom. As we attach so much importance to love and romance, when these vital ingredients are not in the equation, our Interest in sexual relations with our partners becomes almost obsolete.

Experienced men will know that to keep the woman in his life drawn to him than he must keep her sexuality alive! If your relationship is taking a battering, then no doubt your sex life is going to get hurt, so that’s why you need to take evasive measures to keep it alive. By knowing specific tips to give a female an orgasm , you can undoubtedly avoid a major roadblock in your sex life.

Here are a few good additions to your love toolbox:

Vigorelle creme – a nice, sweet and slightly warming creme to add lubrication and heat to her private parts. Nice surprise when given by a beloved partner or used in any type of sexual action

Provestra – As a daily rev-up to the womans libido, this all-natural, herbal-based supplement nourishes the entire female reproductive system. So powerful, a popular herbal guidebook listed it with this warning: May dramatically increase libido.

Bottom line, despite all the other things we can offer in terms of a womans sex life, the best thing of all is for the woman to take charge of her own pleasure. By that we mean: any fantasy is OK, whether you involve your partner or not. Any method of achieving orgasm is OK (so long as no one else is hurt). Anything the woman wishes to bring to the bedroom that will encourage her pleasure, right on.