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Education in Australia

Education in Australia

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Australia is a vibrant and fascinating country, which provides international students many brilliant opportunities to grow and learn.
If you are planning on continuing your studies abroad, Australia offers first-class education programs at par with any top universities anywhere else in the world.

Deciding to further your education in Australia would be a practical option since the country has an outstanding reputation for its educational system that offers globally recognized courses. You would surely be inspired to study amid the breathtaking landscapes and sceneries, and enjoy a mild weather all year round. The cheaper cost of living and education is Australia in comparison to other countries draw many students across the continents.

Australia also has a wide range of accommodation options that you can look into, depending on your personality and budget. You can choose to live in university dormitories or apartments or even share houses with others students.

The system of education is primarily regulated by the country’s separate state governments, and not by it’s fededal government body. The Australian Government and the providers of training and education in Australia are united in promoting the highest quality of education they can offer. A broad spectrum of college courses is available with highly flexible study programs to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of students from other countries.

Most of the academic staff and proffessors in various Australian Univerities are recruited from top educational institutions from around the globe. Universities are encouraging student exchange programs to further develop the student’s potential to the fullest. Computer education in Australia are also widely recognized and highly regarded in state of the art computer facilities.

Admission to any Autralian university is mainly based according to the institution’s assessment on the qualifications and credentials of the student applicant. This is also the same assessment method used by other foreign univeristies. It is however advisable to apply on several universities at the same since admission of students is quite strict and competitive. The educational institutions in Australia usually operate on a semester basis. There are semestral breaks in both semesters but the dates vary slightly from every university.

In contemplating for an ideal overseas study destination, there are a lot of variables to consider. Australia readily welcomes students from different countries who want to avail a world-class training and education system. If you plan to pursue your education in Australia, expect only the very best training money can afford, that offers the ultimate learning experience for students.

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The Martialarm Intro To Capoeira

The Martialarm Introduction To Capoeira

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art, game, and culture created by enslaved Africans in Brazil during the 17th Century. Participants form a roda (circle) and take turns playing instruments, singing, and sparring in pairs in the center of the circle. The game is marked by fluid acrobatic play, feints, subterfuge, and extensive use of groundwork, as well as sweeps, kicks, and headbutts. Throughout the game, a player must avoid a sweep, trip, kick, or head butt that may knock him or her on the floor. Less frequently-used techniques include elbow-strikes, slaps, punches, and body-throws. Capoeira has three variations known as “Capoeira Angola”, “Capoeira Regional”, and the ever-evolving “Capoeira Contemporânea”.

From the 16th to the 19th centuries, Portugal shipped slaves into South America from western Africa. The South American country of Brazil was the most common destination for African captives[citation needed] with 42% of all enslaved peoples shipped across the Atlantic. Most commonly sold into Brazil were Akan, Igbo, Yoruba, Dahomean, Muslim Guineans, Hausa, and Bantu (among them Kongos, Kimbundas and Kasanjes) from Angola, Congo and Mozambique.

These Africans brought their cultural traditions and religions with them to the New World. One theory suggests that capoeira originated from a fern courtship dance[citation needed] in Angola used by suitors of young women, however, this is only one of many disputed theories. There is contention as to whether the game arrived with enslaved Africans or whether Africans refined a preexisting Brazilian game. One catalyst for capoeira was the homogenization of African people under the oppression of slavery. Capoeira emerged as a way to resist oppression, secretly practice art, transmit culture, and lift spirits. Some historians believe that the indigenous peoples of Brazil also played an important role in the development of capoeira.

Capoeira was advanced by Brazilian slaves of African descent (presumably admitted from the Portuguese colony of Angola) some time in the 16th century. since it was illegal for slaves to practice fighting skills, they varied native African spiritual dances so that each time they practised their art they might appear to merely be dancing. Due to the fact these dances included manoeuvres such as handstands, back flips, and cartwheels, Capoeira is today the most energetic of all martial arts, with many kicks being executed from a handstand position. Its offensive techniques are initially kicks, its defensive techniques are in the beginning body movements which stay away from the enemy’s attack all together. African culture is a large part of studying Capoeira, above all since training and competition is done to the rhythm of the berimbau, a single- stringed musical instrument. Only in the 20th century has the practice of Capoeira become legal in Brazil, and Only in very modern years has it been taught in other countries.

In 1942, Mestre Pastinha opened the first formal academy for instruction in the traditional form of the art, known as capoeira Angola. Mestre Pastinha’s efforts prevented capoeira Angola from being lost as newer, modernized forms of the art gained popularity.

This era was a milestone of a dramatic change in the mode of instruction of the art of capoeira. Previously, capoeira was passed on in secret, usually from a relative such as one’s father or uncle, or in a small group setting where several young people in a particular community would receive guidance from elder practitioners from that community. During this era, the academy system became the predominant form of participation in the art. Presently, there are capoeira academies on almost every continent of the world.

Another significant change that occurred due to the proliferation of capoeira ‘schools’ is the participation of middle and upper class members of the population. Presently, some Mestres participate in seminars where they discuss the need to make the art available to poor blacks who can not afford the cost of training in an academy. This is an issue of concern to practitioners who recognize the importance of making the art available to people who come from the culture that invented the art in the first place.

Capoeira training can be done in any city in the world and I encourage you to visit out martial arts directory of Capoeira to find a school near you!

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The Bahamas – uncovered

The Bahamas – uncovered

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The Bahamas is a group of over 700 islands (including some very small ones) in the West Indies. It has been an independent country since the 1970s, but it is still part of the Commonwealth and technically ruled over by the British Queen. Its colonial heritage means that the official language of the islands is still English, and the widely-spoken English has been a key factor in helping the country to flourish and become a favourite with tourists from the United States.

The two biggest islands in the Bahamas are Grand Bahama and New Providence, where the capital, Nassau, is situated. Over half the population is employed in tourism, and the two largest islands especially, for better or worse, feel like one big tourist resort. If you prefer your holidays to be comfortable, then stick to the bigger islands, and if you want more of an adventure, try the smaller ones.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you won’t see anything traditional if you go to the largest islands. On the contrary, Bahamians are very proud of their traditions. Their traditional music styles tend to involve large brass bands, and you will often find brass bands playing in the streets. Traditional foods include pineapples and crabs, which are eaten at large festivals around the time of the harvest.

People in the Bahamas are also very fond of regattas, enjoying boat racing and other boat-related pastimes, as well as sports like cricket and athletics. On the smaller islands, traditional arts and crafts are still practiced, largely for sale to tourists nowadays, meaning that you can get very beautiful hand-woven baskets and other items for a very good price in some places.

However, if you do go to visit the Bahamas, make sure that there aren’t any hurricanes predicted in the area in the near future. The Bahamas was struck by hurricanes in 1992, 1999, 2004 and 2005, and many people lost their lives.

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World Cup 2006 Preview – Iran

World Cup 2006 Preview – Iran

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Outright Odds: 750/1
Group D Winners: 14/1

Iran’s last appearance in the World Cup, back in 1998, produced a shock 2-1 victory over the United States, in what could have been described as a very diplomatic result. After qualifying emphatically for this year’s tournament, including a 2-1 home victory over Japan, Iran will be expected to more than merely make up the numbers.

Iran won nine out of their 11 matches and qualified with a match to spare, although were pipped to the top spot by Japan, who beat them in the return fixture in the final round of fixtures.

Their efforts did not go unnoticed and they ranked at an all-time high of 15 in June 2005, ahead of fellow qualifiers Ukraine and Sweden and European champions Greece. To give you some idea of their position in the world game, they were rated just one place below Italy.

Iran are blessed with a plethora of attacking talent. Veteran striker and captain Ali Daei is the most prolific ever in international football with over 100 goals to his name and he topped the Asian scoring charts with nine qualifying goals. He will be 37 in Germany and this will surely be his last major finals.

Hamburg’s Mehdi Mahdavika, who netted the decisive goal against the United States eight years ago and Bayern Munich’s Ali Karimi, who was crowned 2004 Asian Footballer of the Year will be recognisable to the domestic audience. Mahdavika has emerged as Iran’s major attacking force in Daei’s twighlight years and has been given license to support the attack rather than being restricted to his traditional spot on the right wing.

Striker Vahid Hashemian is another player with Bundesliga experience, plying his trade for Hannover 96 following a transfer from Bayern Munich, as does midfielder Fereydoon Zandi who plays for Kaiserslautern.

Iran are lead by Croatian coach Branko Ivankovic who has successfully rebuilt the side which failed to qualify for the 2002 finals after losing to the Republic of Ireland in the play-offs.

While the victory over the United States sticks in the memory, it is the country’s only victory in six attempts at the finals and overall the squad lacks experience at the highest level, especially in defence. While Ivankovic has turned Iran’s fortunes around, they will need more than good morale to see them through a tough qualifying group and their final match against Angola could be their only chance of success.

Recommended Bet:
Despite their improvement, it is unlikely Iran will get anything from their matches against Mexico and Portugal but their attacking prowess could yield a final match victory against Angola at odds-against.

Iran to beat Angola @ 6/4

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Great Holidays and Vacations

Great Holidays and Vacations

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If you’re asking yourself where to go for a vacation and holiday, you have to ask yourself what kind of holiday and vacation you’re looking for. No point visiting ancient cities if you’re not into digging bones and historical stuff! Also take into consideration whether you’re taking your family along or not, are the kids going to be coming along? Are you thinking of going on a holiday and vacation with your close friends or colleagues? Do you share similar interests? What is your purpose of going for a holiday or vacation – for relaxation or exploration?
Once you’ve answered all the questions above, you will find it easier to find the perfect holiday spot to go to.
If you and your family members are into camping and finding some fun adventurous activities to indulge in, one of the finest private camping destinations is Acres of Wildlife. Acres of Wildlife is fast gaining its footing in the holiday and vacation industry. it is a completely private sanctuary for nature lovers in the midst of 300 acres of privately owned land and surrounded by 4,000 acres of luscious greenery.
If you’ve never been airborne (apart from being in an airplane) before, perhaps you can fit ballooning into your holiday and vacation plans! And not to mention, if you’re going with the love of your life, imagine being proposed to in mid air. And if you’ve never been to Barbados before, perhaps, this could be just the time to plan a vacation there. Barbados is indeed a land rich in culture, music, good food and breathtaking beaches. This is a good place for people who are looking to detach themselves from everyday life and just de-stress. By the way, you can find pretty good pampering spas and massage parlors there too – go indulge yourself. If you want to pamper yourself while you’re on a holiday, go all the way!
Another amazing way to spend a holiday is to spend it out in the sea, on a luxurious yacht. Although vacationing on a yacht is not for those who get easily seasick, many others find it tranquilizing and absolutely spectacular. Watching the sunset in the middle of nowhere, cruising peacefully and calmly past boating people, watching the busy city and knowing you are out here doing deservedly nothing! For sure, spending a vacation on a yacht is quite unlike anything else – the experience is undoubtedly unique.
You will never forget the holiday, not during this lifetime, if you swam with dolphins before. And this is precisely what you can and SHOULD plan to do on this holiday! And there is only one place on this planet where you can get to swim with the rarest and smallest dolphins (the New Zealand dolphin) and that is in Akaroa Harbour in New Zealand’s South Island. I promise you this…you’ll never forget this experience. And if this is what you’re planning to do during your vacation, don’t forget to bring the camera along!