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Recipe: amelia’s italian restaurant pasta fagioli

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Amelia’s Italian Restaurant Pasta Fagioli

Savory soups such as pasta fagioli (FAH-zhool) are brilliant main dish choices. These one-dish sensations are easy on the cook and offer dinner guests a nutritious repast.

This week, we’re in the kitchen at Amelia’s to watch the chef do his turn on this Italian classic.

White kidney beans are also called cannellini beans. They are available both in dry and canned forms.

Cannellini beans were originally cultivated in Argentina but became an Italian stalwart, widely used in their cuisine around the world. The beans are particularly popular in salads and soups. The bean has smooth texture and nutty flavor and is an excellent source of iron, magnesium and folate.

Yield: 12 servings

1 pound bacon, cut into small pieces
1/2 pound diced carrots
1/4 teaspoon fresh garlic
1 pound diced onion
1 rib celery, diced
1 sprig fresh basil, chopped
1/4 pound Romano cheese
3 (10 ounce) cans white kidney beans
1 (12 ounce can diced tomatoes
Water or chicken base
Additional basil and cheese for garnish

In a large pot, brown bacon until just crisp. Add onions, carrots and basil. Simmer until carrots are soft.

Add garlic and celery and let simmer for about 3 minutes. Add beans, tomatoes, 3 (10-ounce) cans water or chicken base. Bring mixture to a boil. Add cheese. Let soup cook for 10 minutes. Season to taste. Pour over pasta of choice.

Nutrition information per serving: Calories 377 Fat 22g Carbohydrate 23g Cholesterol 39mg Sodium 792mg Protein 22g

countries, list of countries

Nine Rules for Advertising on Facebook

Nine Rules for Advertising on Facebook

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Before you get so excited about posting your ad on Facebook, you have to know the rules. All things to be put into action have rules. Rules are not made to hinder the person’s action or to bind him from doing what he wants. Actually, rules are liberating. It makes both parties who are involved in an agreement to move freely without bumping to one another’s interests. Abiding the rules is essential in all aspects of life most especially in business transactions. Market is a hot place to stay. There are a lot of hot items there like, money, time, investments and reputations. All networks and social networking sites wanted to maintain a good reputation. That is why, they make their rules so that, those who wishes to come in partnership with their service will know where their boundary is. Rules are invisible circles that protect both the ad provider and Facebook.
What Are The Facebook Ad Rules?
There are products that Facebook specifically intent their guidelines. The general guideline is:
 The ad provider must represent their product, company and brand as advertised.
The following rules are specific for product category.
 Adult products are not allowed to be promoted such as videos, toys and even sexual enhancements. Contraceptives and family planning may be allowed provided they are advertised to the right target.
 There are certain countries which Facebook prohibits ad providers to advertise alcohol like, Afghanistan, Brunei, Bangladesh, Egypt, gambia, Kuwait, Libya, Norway, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.
 Dating with sexual features are not allowed but, online dating on which products are accurately represented will be tolerated as long as the proper target is pointed.
 Illegal drugs, tobacco drugs and its apparatuses are prohibited.
 Gambling and lotteries including the skill gaming events are allowed if they get the right target. Some countries do not allow these types of games so Facebook must also abide with the laws of their jurisdiction.
 Regarding pharmaceuticals and supplements, prescription drugs are not allowed to be sold online. Pharmaceutical companies that are only globally accredited are the ones that will be allowed to advertise. Otherwise, Facebook will not entertain any pharmaceutical company to sell online drugs and supplements.
 Software is allowed provided that the software the ad provider is selling is not malware or that which has a spyware. Software which sneaks or perform hidden activities from the knowledge of the user is strictly prohibited.
 Subscription services are also subject to approval. They must show the price of their products, check mails and ways how to cancel the viewer’s subscriptions.
Just by running an eye through the Facebook rules and regulations makes one to conclude that the terms are very discriminating and very conservative. It is because Facebook ensures the safety of the viewers who are the primary elements that are affected by malpractice in advertising. They are also the reason why Facebook has arrived in the top position of social networking. Viewers or members are important to facebook so, Facebook also wanted their ad providers to regard the viewers as important as they regarded them. Facebook also wanted to create a border line to which the ad provider can move freely without bumping into the limitations of Facebook.

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40 Beryl colors

As much as we love diamonds, we’re also in love with colored stones and gems like aquamarines and morganite, which can range from peach to lavender in color, are becoming more and more prevalent in gemstone jewelry.

Beryl is the mineral from which emeralds are created. But beryl comes in a variety of colors, making it a versatile gem. Morganite is probably the most popular of the other beryls. It has a pastel pink to peach or lavender which is similar in intensity to the blue of aquamarine. Morganite has been marketed as “Pink Emerald” and “Pink Aquamarine” to emphasize the kinship to its popular cousins. It was first discovered in California. It was also discovered in 1908 in Madagascar. There are also deposits in Brazil, Mozambique, Namibia, Afghanistan, and Russia. However, morganite is relatively rare, which stands in the way of it becoming a jewelry stone.

Heliodor, or golden beryl, is named after the Greek words for sun – helios – and gift – doron. The sunny yellow color of this beryl lives up to its name. Heliodor was discovered in Namibia in 1910 in a pegmatite that also produced aquamarine, which is also colored by iron. Heliodor is also found in Brazil and Madagascar. The largest faceted heliodor, 2,054 carats, is on display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.

Red beryl is the rarest member of the beryl family. It is mined in only one place: the Wah Wah Mountains in Utah. The color is stoplight red. Unfortunately this deposit produces only a small quantity of this gem. Most of the gems produced are under a carat in size, and many have inclusions. Specimens that are over a carat and clean are fantastically rare and are priced as such.
Colorless beryl, which is also known as goshenite, is also relatively rare. It is named after a deposit where it was found in Goshen, Massachusetts. The Greeks used colorless beryl as lenses; the first spectacles were probably beryl.

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How Can I Get In On Offshore Banking Investments?

How Can I Get In On Offshore Banking Investments?

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Legislative amendments to allow for the formation of Private Trust Companies has recently been introduced in the Bahamas.
This demonstrates the government’s commitment to the delivery of superior financial services to all clients.

The government is talking with stockholders including International Banks and Trust Companies, The Bahamas Financial Services Board among other financial institutions. A recent seminar was held to discuss the use and review of legislation as it pertains to Private Trust Companies.

A private trust company is formed for the purpose of acting as trustee of a single trust. Most of the world’s wealth is held by private individuals and their families. The preservation of that wealth is what Private Wealth Management is about. PWM for families involves the creation of programs to generate wealth, protect wealth from predators, and control the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. These services are usually geared to those individuals with a high net worth.

In 2003 the money owned by these individuals was around $29 Trillion and expected to jump to $41 Trillion by 2008. When you are talking about someone who will be interested in offshore banking investment it would most likely be someone with an amount of $100,000 to $5 million. If an investor has less than $100,000 to invest it is likely that offshore investing is right for them.

Nearly every bank with an inkling of being international offers a special rate of interest to wealthier private depositors and name it private banking. Minimums have fallen to under $10,000 in many instances. Many institutions are catering to the customer with $20,000 to invest in the hope that they will have $200,000 or $2 Million to invest in the future.

Offshore banking investment or private investment, usually means investment management offered on a personalized level by the individual or company with disposable wealth of over $100,000. You should exercise care when you are thinking of opening a private banking account. You need to be sure it is the type of bank you want to do business with. Private banking is not the same as offshore banking. You will need to know the difference. Find out what any bank hopes to gain from your business before you open any type of an account.

Private banking does not necessarily mean investment. Banks like to lend money to rich people. If you deposit money with a private bank that is not accompanied by lending or borrowing is usually going to charge you a fee. Many times these banks are hoping for more involvement from wealthy depositors in the future.

If you are a wealthy individual, you will undoubtedly be bombarded by offers from many different banks who want you to deposit your money in their institution. Whether you will choose an offshore or conventional bank will depend on your residential status. If you plan to have residence in a low tax area, or plan to do so in the near future, than you will probably want to do business with an offshore bank.

You will need to know everything about the bank you choose before you become involved with it. You will be able to choose the right bank for your particular needs once you have looked into what they are able to offer you.

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Choosing The Right Bahamas Vacation Package For Your Family

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The Bahamas are a group of islands located west of Florida.
It is for most people a perfect place, especially for newlyweds on their honeymoon, for those who just want to have a relaxing vacation, and for a fun filled and exciting family vacation. The Bahamas are famous for its beautiful beaches and exhilarating activities that suit diverse types of experience. People who often visit the Bahamas have their own favorite places that they visit again and again.

They feel like the Bahamas is their home away from home. With seven hundred islands and cays, countless activities, and millions of web pages referring to The Bahamas, it can be confusing to plan a vacation, especially for the first time visitor because there are so many places to see and so many activities to do and experience.

For a family vacation in The Bahamas, the first step is to plan ahead the places that you want to visit and the activities that you will do as a family. To ensure that your family really enjoys your planned family vacation it would be best to ask them what type of vacation they want to experience.

The Bahamas is a place that is full of exciting activities and fun things to do for people of all ages; it offers a wide range of vacation experiences. Here are some activities that you can experience in the Bahamas: boating, casinos and gambling, cruises, diving resources, golf courses, night life and entertainment, sailing and boat charters, best buy shopping and water sports.

For a fun-filled family vacation experience there’s dolphin encounters where your family can experience swimming with wild dolphins. These are guaranteed to give you endless joy. Then there’s Abaco National Park, Family Island Regatta, Harbour Island, Sport Fishing, Swimming with Sharks and so much more.

Once you have decided on what you and your family are interested in, you might want to make sure which island best offers those activities. There are island guides that contain most of the information regarding the islands; also individual maps are available to show the whereabouts of the major activities and attractions of each island in the Bahamas.

Second is choosing your family vacation accommodations to suit your family and the type of vacation they have decided on. The Bahamas offer a wide variety of accommodations to choose from; from the most exquisite villas to economy hotel rooms, major islands like Atlantis Paradise Island, Wyndham Nassau Resort, Four Seasons, and Nassau also known as New Providence Island, offer large family resorts. In case your family wants a more private vacation experience, consider a vacation rental home which is offered on almost every island.

The last thing you need in order to have that perfect family vacation is to find a great deal on airfare to the Bahamas Island of your choice. The best way for you to have flexible flight arrangements for the lowest airfare, is to make reservations directly with the airlines. Now you’re ready, the family is ready, may you have a happy and unforgettable vacation experience in the Bahamas.