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Things to Know About Aruba

Things to Know About Aruba

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A small, oblong island that sits on the Caribbean Sea, Aruba is visited by thousands of people from near and far away places every year just for the great wonders that it offers. There, you will enjoy miles of pristine beaches, great surfing sites, first class resorts and hotels, casinos, and dozens of options for fine dining, to mention but a few. And, all of these great opportunities are available to people from all walks of life.

There are a lot of things to know about Aruba aside from its primary assets, such as the beaches, resorts and hotels, and dining options. These things should be considered and noted by those who are thinking of visiting the place for an island vacation. Well, if you are one of those thousands out there planning for a vacation in Aruba, then you should read on. Here are some of the basic ideas to note about the place:

When is the Best Time to Visit?

In Aruba, there is no wrong time to visit and enjoy everything that it has to offer. This is basically due to the fact that the weather in Aruba is pretty accommodating. The temperatures are consistently mild and no major rainy season is present. Perhaps one factor that makes all these things possible is that the island lies completely outside the hurricane belt. It even has an ocean temperature that hover around 82 all throughout the year.

Having a good setting and weather condition, Aruba is then great to visit no matter what time of the year you feel like visiting. You are then left with options for you to choose from. Yes, you can choose your own time and you are free to visit whenever you feel like it.

Island’s Dress Code

When visiting Aruba, one thing that you may notice with people is the way they dress. Well, in Aruba there is a so-called “dress code”. I bet this is also true among the other vacation places on earth, but in this island, casual and informal summer clothing takes the rule. You may then notice women bringing their scarves and hats with them wherever you may go. However, there is also time for formal dresses and this usually happens in some of the elegant restaurants, night clubs and casinos in the island. For men, neck ties and jackets are not required, except at few dining areas. And, if you are thinking of bathing suits, note that they are only acceptable on the island’s pristine beaches, not on the streets.


In case you are thinking of shopping in Aruba, keep in mind that you need to have the currency required in the island. Their currency is actually the Aruban Florin, which is divided into 100 cents. If you thinking of shopping in one of Aruba’s available shopping stores, then have your money exchange with the island’s currency. After all, there are some banks out that offer exchange services for other foreign currency. The US and Canadian dollar, however, is accepted.

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Wyndham Resort in Aruba, A Window to Your Soul

Wyndham Resort in Aruba, A Window to Your Soul

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If you are looking for the perfect summer get-away in the exotic Caribbean, the Wyndham Resort in Aruba is definitely the place for you.
Perched along the coast of the Caribbean sea in the world-renowned Palm Beach, the Wyndham Resort in Aruba embodies the ideal tropical destination. With the magnificence of the Palm Beach fully carpeted with fine white sand and a superb view of the luminous turquoise depths of the Caribbean, the Wyndham Resort in Aruba unfolds the beauty of the Caribbean right at your doorstep.

A thrill of excitement comes in being presented with an array of choices on how you can fully enjoy the many charms of the island. There is a quiet kind of joy in simply lying on the soft sand, basking in the heat of the tropical sun like a sun goddess and just reveling in the splendor of the place. Or you can go sailing or windsurfing on the tranquil waters of the Caribbean sea. It teems with an exciting and colorful diversity of marine life within a short distance from the resort which makes for scuba-diving and snorkeling as the perfect adventure.

The Wyndham Resort in Aruba boasts of facilities and amenities designed to achieve the perfect mixture of tasteful elegance and cozy comfort. Each room is provided with a satellite television, refrigerator, floor-to-ceiling windows and a private balcony for you to drink in and have your fill of the fascinating beauty of the sea and a tropical sunset which mesmerizes with its panoply of vibrant shades of red and gold vividly etched on the midnight blue canvas of the skies. The resort has its own fitness and tennis room, and offers the comforts of a spa where you can indulge in a soothing, relaxing massage. Or enjoy a lazy day at the delightful seaside pool where concierges wait on you for a personalized quality service. The resort has its own casino where favorite games of baccarat, blackjack and the like are played to fever-pitch excitement.

A taste of the festive, carnival nightlife of the island is availabe within a short distance from the resort. Lose yourself to the beat of Caribbean music at the nearby Aruban Revue or go wild with excitement at the night-round games played at the famous Casablanca casino. There is an array of restaurants , each one serving different cuisine and every restaurant provides a different ambience that will certainly capture your imagination, making each dining experience unique and delightful.

The Wyndham Resort in Aruba intoxicates with its beauty, truly a sanctuary in the midst of the Caribbean, where you can soothe your tired, restless soul.

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Winter Vacation Destinations

When your toes turn purple and your eyelashes sprout icicles, you know it’s time to head south for the winter. The birds do it, so why shouldn’t you? Stop, now, before you break your back from shoveling one more pile of snow, and consider some exotic locales for winter getaways where the only mounds of white you’ll being seeing are of the hot, dry, and sandy variety.

Speaking of white, sandy beaches, a trip to Antigua, or its neighboring island Barbuda may be just what you need in order to restore feeling to your toes. Every water sport lover’s dream, the Caribbean nation boasts of at least 365 beaches surrounded by clear blue waters with an average temperature of 80 degrees. Trade your snow boots for fins, and snorkel through spectacular coral reefs, maybe even catching a glimpse of the wreck of the merchant ship Andes, which has rested on the bottom of Deep Bay since 1905. If you’d rather not get your feet wet, you can enjoy all that the charming capital St. John’s in the northern part of the island of Antigua has to offer. Purchase colorful local artwork while strolling down Market Street or fortify yourself with sweet black pineapple (which isn’t really black) and some local rum. Watch a spectacular sunset over English Harbour on the summit of Shirley Heights while tapping your feet to the rhythms of a steel band. If you would prefer to watch birds instead of people, then head north to the tiny island of Barbuda, which has only a single village of 1100 people but is famed for its frigate birds and huge rookery.

If Antigua’s cricket-playing and English-speaking ways bring up unpleasant memories of Britain’s colonial imperialism, perhaps its time to head to Rio de Janeiro for a little taste of the party-loving legacy of Portuguese imperialism in Brazil, the largest country in South America. Lying on the Bay of Guanabra, the city, which is most well-known for its pre-Lenten festival of wantonness, “Carnaval,” also prides itself on 75 miles of coastline. Do words like Ipanema or Copacabana ring a bell? Yep, they’re both in Rio de Janeiro. Brazilians in the city party hard and pray hard. After dancing all night at a samba club, look into the sky and enjoy the slightly surreal sight a 128 foot, 1,000 ton statue of Christ the Redeemer hovering over the city proudly at the top of Corcovado Peak.

If Rio’s religious version of the Statue of Liberty has you feeling faintly guilty for deserting your home country in the midst of winter, perhaps Perth, Australia will provide the English-speaking taste of home (with an exotic flair) that you need. Kick back and ride the waves in the Western Australia’s isolated capital, nestled between a blue, blue ocean and a dry, sandy desert. Getting there is half the adventure, consisting of a 4000 km car ride from Sydney or a long and winding train ride on the Indian Pacific. Explore the Swan River and the 400-hectare King’s Park in the south, magnificent nineteenth-century buildings constructed using convict labor in the city center, or perhaps travel north to swim with the dolphins at Monkey Mia.

If Perth leaves you feeling a little isolated, perhaps a trip to the modern island city of Singapore, with a population of approximately 4.5 million, will help alleviate your winter doldrums. With not one but four official languages—Chinese, Malay, Tamil, and English—the country offers a delightful blend of ethnic influences. Enjoy a bowl of hot noodles followed by your favorite curry. Buy a sari in Little India on a Sunday evening or sip on herbal tea in Chinatown. Or perhaps enjoy the sights on a cable-car ride to Sentosa Island, the sight of a thrilling amusement park.

If Sentosa Island puts you in mind of childhood yearnings for the Magic Kingdom, perhaps a trip to the sub-tropical Sunshine State may be just the cold remedy you are looking for. The Magic Kingdom isn’t the only amusement park in central Florida. Choose from the likes of Universal Studies, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney-MGM Studios, Sea World, Busch Gardens, or Cypress Gardens, all within a short drive of each other. Florida is all about the tourist industry, and travelers can find some great winter travel deals if they shop around. Wherever you decide to go this winter, don’t forget to pack sunscreen, a bathing suit, and your favorite book. Warmth and relaxation wait just a few thousand miles away.

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Australia: A Few Things To Do On Your Visit

Australia: A Few Things To Do On Your Visit

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You will have many choices of things to do when you visit Australia. Here are just a few ways to spend your time in this lovely place:

It would be a shame to visit Australia without spending time on one of the gorgeous beaches. Along the coastline of Australia there are miles and miles of unbelievably beautiful sandy beaches. Sydney alone has nearly 40 ocean beaches and you will be able to sunbathe and enjoy the beauty of the water and the sand. If you love the ocean air and want to return home with a lovely tan, be sure to plan for time on the beach.

Take a bushwalk and you will glimpse flora, fauna and all kinds of bird life. Bushwalking is a popular pastime in Australia and the parks are fantastic. You will get a little exercise and some stunning photos as well.

If you are a lover of wine, Australia is the place for you. Arrange a visit to a country vineyard and sip some of the finest wines in the world.

Shoppers, you are in luck! Look for fashionable leather clothing, woolen goods, arts and crafts and gifts made from sheepskin. You will be able to go home with at least one suitcase filled with terrific gifts and souvenirs. Choose some unique gifts that you will never find other places.

Sooner or later you are bound to get hungry. After all the shopping, sightseeing and wine tasting you will need to eat. Fresh ingredients are emphasized in contemporary Australian cuisine. You will find all kinds of menu choices that feature fish and seasonal vegetables. Every state in the country has specialties and you will find many excellent choices.

For those who love the water there are numerous activities. You can snorkel, scuba dive, water ski and wind surf.

Visit Australia for an amazing experience.

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Kabul Beauty School

Kabul Beauty School

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There was this story on Afghanistan that hit the newswires a few weeks ago.
Unlike most stories about Afghanistan that comment on the ouster of the Taliban and the end of the totalitarian regime in that country, this news story appeared to be on the other hand of the spectrum as far as seriousness and relevance are concerned, at least on the surface. The story told about this documentary that was focused on setting up a beauty school in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

According to the story, the documentary tells the story of six American women who travel to Afghanistan to train the locals to be hairdressers. It is entitled “The Beauty Academy of Kabul” and is directed by Liz Mermin. The documentary narrates how some major manufacturers of beauty products bank-rolled six volunteer American hairstylists to set up a beauty school in Kabul.

The documentary follows the six women as they prepare for their trip, how they were concerned about the uncertainty of their mission and their fears about going to a faraway land where war and controversy are in full swing. Upon reaching Kabul and beginning their mission, the woman are pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic welcome accord to them by the local women who practically swarm the beauty school with high hopes of learning a trade that is actually acceptable for women in their culture.

For three months, the six Americans teach the locals all about the latest techniques in cutting, coloring and styling. Many of the local women are delighted about what they learn. Many of them are filled with pride as they explain how they will be able to help their husbands so much if they were able to successfully launch their own beauty parlors. Some of the women visibly reveled at the prospect of earning more money than their husbands. For most of them, attending the beauty school was a welcome respite from the everyday concerns of their lives, particularly how to overcome starvation and ward off disease.

In the final analysis, the documentary tells us two important things. First, despite a view of some grotesquely mangled buildings and other signs of conflict, the war in Afghanistan is not as bad as we think. And second, it tells us that Afghan women (and probably the men) are just like us, blessed with a healthy concern for beauty and excited about the chance to look good for their husbands.