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Summary: A geographical description of Curacao.

Are you having trouble finding Curacao on the world map? Are you wondering where you should start looking?

Curacao is an island in the Southwest of the Caribbean which is approximately 40 miles North of Venezuela. This island is the largest member of the Netherlands Antilles group.
Curacao is considered as one of the “ABC” islands, and is located West of Aruba and East of Bonaire. It is approximately forty miles in length and close to a hundred and eighty square miles. Flight from New York City takes about 5 hours and 40 minutes. Miami flights are around 2 hours and 50 minutes. Flights originating in Amsterdam last about 9 hours and 50 minutes.

It has an average temperature of 80F or 27C. Rainfall only reaches to 21” during November and December. Sail boats find security in Curacao during the hurricane season as it is not located within the hurricane belt. Its population of about 145,000 uses Dutch as their official language. Curacao’s currency is the Netherlands Antilles Florin; however the U.S. dollar is widely accepted there with the exchange rate around FL1.79 to a $1.

Mount Christoffel, the islands highest peak, stands around 1230 feet or 375 meters. The eastern part of Curacao, which is flatter, is divided at Santa Barbara by Tafelberg. The west part has three sharp hills, which are remnants of a three-million-year old reef are called Drie Gebroeders.

While Curacao in general, is famous for its beaches, the waters in different parts of the island vary. High waves coming in from the open seas smash into cliffs from the north end. These deep dark blue waters are an exact opposite to the calm southern coastline highlighted with the white sandy shores. Both parts of Curacao though has a lot of bays and inlets formed during the Ice Age. Schottegat, the busiest harbor, is the biggest bay on the south end of Curacao as well.
The western and eastern parts are made up mostly of volcanic hills. These hills, locally known as “female hills”, were formed over the years from volcanic activities which geologists call as the Curacao Lava Formation. Rich soil, as a result of erosion from these soft hills, makes it the location for the island’s plantations.

Knowing it to be an island in the Caribbean will give you an idea where Curacao can be found on the world map. A thorough description of the island’s geographical location though, is the best way to know how to get there.

countries, list of countries

Lottery Syndicates – Should You Participate?

There are times when you’ve got to look up to the power of “One” and there are times when you just have to say “Team”. When talking of lotteries, you increase your chances of winning manifold when you participate in an e-lottery syndicate.

An online syndicate harnesses the power of the internet to enable people participating in a lottery to win more frequently. This happens because when you purchase a lottery via a syndicate, you automatically make yourself eligible for the winnings of other members. In essence you are entering a given lottery draw multiple times at no extra cost. Thus, your chances of winning increase exponentially. Of course, the winnings are split between the participants. So, an e-lottery syndicate is basically a trade-off between a potentially huge lottery win against better chances of winning a smaller packet

Syndicates can span many countries; for example Virtual World Direct (VWD), which runs a syndicated effort for the Euro Millions lottery, is available to citizens from Belgium, France, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. The vast player population along with the combined lotteries of different nations makes Euro Millions the biggest bumper lottery system out there.

By becoming a member of an e-lottery syndicate you get access to some of the largest tax-free lotteries in the world. Membership is easy; all that is required is a computer with an internet connection and a credit card. With an e-lottery syndicate you do not need to keep purchasing tickets every week and visit your lottery seller for checking results. The whole system is computerized and when you win you are intimated by email. You do not have to go anywhere to collect your winnings, they are sent to your house.

There are several online resources which review e-lottery syndicates. You can refer these before you decide upon the syndicate most suited to your style and pocket. Membership fees may vary and the number of participants in a group can also differ. You should also check for member reviews on different online forums, inputs from your countrymen can be especially revealing. Check for the kind of customer service and back-office support offered by the syndicate. Of course, scams abound and you should be alert and not fall prey to anything that sounds too good to be true.

Two popular lottery syndicates are the UK National Lottery syndicate and Euro Millions syndicate run by VWD. The UK National Lottery syndicate consists of multiple groups with 49 members in each group. So, the winnings in a group are shared by 49 members. With just £5, you make yourself eligible to winning against 88 lines that open every week. The money is to be paid 4 weeks in advance. The draw occurs twice a week. The VWU Euro Millions syndicate has 39 members to a group and there are 36 lines in each draw.

Finally, you could also take a look at the range of software available for lottery and gaming enthusiasts. This includes syndicate management software for syndicates, entry management software, and lottery analysis software for the players.

countries, list of countries

The Top All Inclusive Aruba Resorts

The Top All Inclusive Aruba Resorts

Blessed with turquoise blue waters and white sand beaches, Aruba is a perfect haven for a perfect vacation.
Thousands of tourists come to the island every year just to feel and enjoy everything that Aruba has to offer, and many of these tourists are delighted with the luxury and comfort that the all inclusive resorts in Aruba have shown and provided.

There are a number of all inclusive resorts in Aruba nowadays. These Aruba resorts are named “all inclusive” for the reason that they offer everything in one place. There are the fine dining, complimentary accommodations, water and land sports, and even transfers from and to the airport. All of these are available, making the all inclusive Aruba resorts the perfect place to stay at one and play at all.

Numerous surveys have revealed three of the top rated all inclusive Aruba resorts. The list includes the Divi Aruba and Tamarijn Aruba. If you want to know more about these Aruba resorts, then continue reading.

Divi Aruba All Inclusive Resort

Nestled five minutes away from Oranjestad, Aruba’s capital city and ten minutes away from Queen Beatrix International Airport, the Divi Aruba all inclusive resort is known primarily for its white sandy beaches. However, its fine beaches are just the start. There are more to this Aruba resort than being a beach. The truth is Aruba has everything in place, from the beaches, to the water sports, biking or tennis. You can even watch the beautiful sunset while enjoying a tropical drink, and if you want to eat, you can go to its beachside restaurants or grill for that great food you’ve never tasted before. If you want some forms of entertainment before you retire to bed, Divi Aruba presents a sort of island entertainment at night. Perhaps what’s nicer to know about this resort is that it allows you to use the amenities of Tamarijn resort, which is located just right next door.

Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusibe Resort

As mentioned, Tamarijn Aruba is just located right next door of Divi Aruba. What’s interesting to know about this one of the top rated all inclusive Aruba resorts is that it is first class with a mega atmosphere. It offers everything you’ll need for a great vacation, and since it is one of the all inclusive Aruba resorts, everything from the snacks to unlimited beverages are included. The guests will even enjoy a wide selection of recreational activities, including tennis, spas, and non-motorized water sports. Windsurfing is highly popular at this place, so if you want to experience how it feels like to windsurf, then it’s now your chance to do it by yourself. And, if you want to relax after a tiring day on the Aruba water, then you can take your repose at one of Tamarijn great suites. The rooms of this Aruba resort is housed in two storey buildings and is complete with the necessary amenities, including large patios that gives you the chance to witness and enjoy the ocean views.

Since the above mentioned top rated all inclusive Aruba resorts are just located closely, it’s no wonder that you will enjoy the best of two worlds.

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Women ‘More Concerned About Fuel Increases’

Women ‘More Concerned About Fuel Increases’

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The results of a poll held in Australia have found that women drivers are more concerned about the costs of fuel than men.

Women, whose greater consideration for safe driving in many cases results in much lower car insurance premiums, also appear to be more considerate when it comes to the costs of petrol, according to the survey from and Coredata.

Some 86 per cent of women motorists said they were worried about the ever rising price of petrol, compared with a slightly lower 80 per cent of men.

Furthermore, 66 per cent of women surveyed said they were trying to economise on their overall petrol usage, while only 59 per cent of their male counterparts, who will generally pay higher car insurance premiums, said the same.

Almost half of women drivers revealed that they were looking to purchase a small car. Those shopping for female car insurance could benefit from such a move, as small cars generally have smaller car insurance premiums.

Contrastingly, under a third of men said they were considering buying a small car.

Petrol price worries are not unique to Australian women drivers – both male and female British drivers may have felt the strain on the pocket of rising fuel costs over the last few years.

And like in Australia, many men and women drivers in Britain may also be considering purchasing smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles to cut costs.

Buying a new car often provides a good opportunity to review car insurance policies and some providers specifically offer motor insurance for women, given their statistically better safety profiles.

A survey earlier this year from the car manufacturers ‘Chrysler Group’ found that men and women drivers felt differently about the standards of each other’s driving, despite the fact they agreed on aspects of driving itself, such as evading objects and bad weather.

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Finding the Best Belgian Chocolate: A Sweet Tooth’s Quest

Finding the Best Belgian Chocolate: A Sweet Tooth’s Quest

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When you enter a candy store, you will notice that one of the most popular products being sold are chocolates. Indeed, chocolates have been part of history for a very long time. Since the discovery of chocolate and the introduction of it in society, you will see that a lot of people love this one-of-a-kind treat. There is nothing like it and nothing will ever be like it.

Even past world leaders have been known to eat chocolate and lots of it. It is known that royal families around the world crave chocolate. If you love chocolate, you may want to taste every kind of chocolate and find the worlds finest and the best chocolate. First of all, you have to know what makes a good chocolate. Although different people have different taste in chocolate, you have to consider that they all arrive in one conclusion on what makes a good chocolate.

Naturally, chocolates are bitter. However, you have to consider that the best chocolate is a chocolate that mixes both the bitter taste and the sweet taste. The texture of the chocolate is also taken into consideration when eating chocolate, the smoother and the creamier the texture of a chocolate, the better.

So, what kind of chocolate that has a smooth, creamy and a taste that you will never grow tired of? Firstly, you have to consider that there are different chocolates produced by different countries. However, only a handful of countries have been successful in making the finest chocolate in the world. One country that produces the one of the finest chocolates in the world is Belgium. You have to consider the fact that Belgium is famous for its chocolate as they manufacture their chocolates with the original recipe that have been kept secret for centuries.

However, you also need to know that not all Belgian chocolates are considered to be the finest. You have to consider that you also need to look at the brand of chocolate in order to know which chocolate is the best. Besides, everyone in Belgium can make a chocolate and call it Belgian. So, one kind of Belgian chocolate is branded Godiva. Godiva is considered to be the world’s finest chocolate that offers high quality chocolate with a taste that you will never grow tired of.

If you have a sweet tooth and you want to taste the worlds finest chocolate, you have to consider purchasing Godiva chocolates. Whatever kind of chocolate you want, whether dark, white, or milk chocolate, you can be sure that Godiva can provide you with high quality chocolates that once you tasted one, you can never get enough of it.

In fact, people who have tasted Belgian chocolates, particularly their finest brands of chocolate, have testified that they felt that their feet were being lifted off the ground. Research has found that chocolates are natural antidepressant that can give the person eating it a sense of euphoria, hence the feeling of being lifted of the ground. So, what more if the chocolate you eat are Belgian?

Because of this natural trait of chocolate, it has been dubbed as the “happy candy” where anyone eating it will feel euphoria and will feel happy. Even depressed people can be cured of their depression by simply eating chocolates.

These are some of the things you have to consider when you are looking for the best Belgian chocolate.