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Lowering blood pressure using acupuncture

Acupuncture is here for long time. Its authenticity is still a debatable issue. But the recent study that the acupuncture can dramatically lower blood pressure. According to this study, when low level of electrical stimulation was given at specific points on the front legs of rats lower the elevation in blood pressure. This study provides a setting stage for large-scale trails on humans and another option for healthcare practitioner treating high blood pressure patients. This study proves that acupuncture can be an excellent complements to other medical treatments, especially those treating high blood pressure problems.

This study cans convince the so far unconvinced Weston world that acupuncture can also lower blood pressure. This research will ultimately integrate acupuncture healing into medical treatments for lowering the blood pressure. Team of researchers performed both manual and electro acupuncture. All the activities in both manual and electro acupuncture were performed. They used all the methods available and also changed the variables. Results of both manual and electro acupuncture showed immediate and prolonged lowering of cardiovascular blood pressure. However blood pressure remains lower for 10 minutes longer with electro acupuncture. Results in electro acupuncture are achieved normally with lower frequency. Result ranges between 44 and 39 % respectively. Combined stimulation of both the sets has caused no extra additive effect on the lowering of blood pressure.

Acupuncture is available with many variable techniques; therefore this study provides a greater opportunity to understand the different type of acupuncture techniques.

Acupuncture treatment is found to successful on only patients with hypertension (high blood pressure) and has no effect on the healthy patient. Goal of this study is to establish a standard of acupuncture treatment that can benefit everyone, who has high blood pressure and other cardiac ailments.

Therefore acupuncture has established itself for being able to lower blood pressure. Thus acupuncture provides a big hope in the treatment of patients with cardiac disorders.

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Adult Acne – Frustrating Problem With No Easy Answers

What are the reasons that more and more adults are suffering from acne?

That’s probably related to the more varied and volatile hormone changes that accompany the adult physiology and lifestyle. Also, subtle early pre-menopausal changes in estrogen and testosterone may contribute.

Women are subject to more stress than perhaps at any other time in history. There are more concrete demands and more mixed messages demanding personal and professional perfection. The price is often physical and emotional exhaustion and emotional stress. How is it possible for the skin to not respond badly as well?

The final basic “cause” of adult acne is the same, abnormal response of the follicle lining cells to androgens. However, there are many more potential and identifiable causes in women, i.e. hormone medications, menses, pregnancy, personal care, etc.

The following regimen is one which is typically recommended to varying degrees of adult acne:

– Non-comedogenic soaps, cosmetics, etc. Many skin cleansers, make-up, etc. actually leave residues which block pores, and can make acne worse. The products which are used should state that they do not exacerbate acne. Some have recommended a very inexpensive, “natural” topical antibiotic. Placing 1 tsp. of essence of lemon oil (found at supermarkets) in to 4 ounces (120 cc) of liquid soap. This is used for cleansing the skin – essence of lemon has antibacterial properties.

– Topical antibiotics: several antibiotics (esp. tetracycline types, erythromycin, clindamycin, etc..) are prescribed for adult acne twice daily. They usually come in a “roll-on” type bottle.

– Topical Vitamin-A acid (e.g.. Retin-A): cause peeling of the superficial layer of the skin to lessen new comedone formation. Quite effective. Face gets “raw” if use to much. Must use a sunscreen. Takes 4-6 weeks of consistent use to attain benefit.

– Facial cleansing: people with adult acne usually have very clean skin because attention they give to this area.

– UV light therapy: should be done with great care and under the supervision of a dermatologist.

– Oral antibiotics: tetracylines or erythromycin are most commonly given by mouth for moderate to severe acne in adult. More expensive antibiotics are not necessarily any better than plain tetracycline. Tetracyclines work very well, however because they can discolor new bone formation, they are contra-indicated in youth who have not completed their permanent teeth, as well as pregnant and nursing females.

– Isotretinoin (Accutane) is indicated in only the severest adult acne cases. It is highly effective at reducing sebum production, comedone formation, inflammation, etc. However, it can cause severe birth defects if taken while pregnant and runs the risk of toxicity, requiring certain laboratory monitoring prior to and during therapy. It usually needs to be taken for at least 20 weeks. All other adult acne therapy is stopped while on isotretinoin.

In general, it’s not how you wash, what you eat, what you drink, or impure thoughts. The over-the-counter, television, and internet “miracle cures” are too good to be true. REALLY. You need real therapy that can clear your skin.

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Do You Want to Lose 6 Pounds Quickly

Do you want to lose 6 pounds quickly? While many diets are geared at people who want to lose 20 pounds or more, the plan I’m presenting here will help you lose 6 pounds quickly – perhaps in just one week.

The first thing you want to do is clear out your pantry of all the foods that make you fat. Clean out your refrigerator and throw things away. Donate the packaged food in your pantry to a local food bank.

Then, go to the grocery store and buy the following sixteen things only:

1. Whole wheat bread
2. Tuna
3. Any and all fruits
4. Any and all vegetables
5. 8 oz. steak
6. Two chicken breasts
7. Salad vegetables
8. Balsamic vinegar
9. Special K Cereal
10. Skim milk
11. Brown rice
12. Instant oatmeal (not the sweetened packaged kind though)
13. Sliced turkey breast
14. 3 servings of fish
15. Low fat yogurt
16. Eggs

Using these foods as the basis for your diet, write out a diet plan for the next seven days. After that, you will be fully committed to sticking to it. Part of the motivation for clearing out your kitchen ahead of time is that there will not be any food that you can “cheat” with.

Next, you want to get a pedometer and make sure that you walk at least 10,000 steps each day. That may seem like a lot, but here are some ways that you can get extra steps in.

1. Park far away from the front door of your work or a store. Not only will you get extra steps in, but you will have a much easier time parking.
2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you work above the fourth floor, get off of the elevator at least two floors early and walk the rest of the way.
3. When you have to contact a colleague at work, don’t phone or email them, walk over to their office or desk.
4. If you take the bus or other form of mass transportation, get off a stop or two early and walk.
5. Walk the dog. If you don’t have a dog, volunteer to walk the neighbor’s dog.
6. Take a walk before dinner. Not only will you increase the number of steps you take that day, but a walk before dinner will reduce your appetite.

Finally, try to drink at least eight, 8 ounce glasses of water each day when you are trying to lose weight. You can do this by drinking one liter of water at work and another liter at home. If you don’t like water plain, it is okay to substitute unsweetened iced tea or sugar free lemonade or punch.

It is possible to lose 6 pounds in a week. Try radically altering your diet, walking more, and drinking a substantial amount of water. It’s not a lifetime that you will be restricted to this plan, it’s just a week. And, you’ll be able to lose 6 pounds in that time.

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Eradicate your Obesity problems with Didrex

As a result of lack of physical activities and improper diet the prevalence of obesity has tripled in the past two decades. If statistics are to be believed, more than half of all adults and 20% of all children are obese in Europe alone. This is quite an alarming trend as obesity not only leads to unattractive figure but also increases chances of life threatening diseases like heart problems and cancer. Besides these hypertension, diabetes and digestive problems are some common after affects of obesity.

It is high time that people should realize the importance keeping their weight under control for staying healthy. But unfortunately there are still a large number of people who are unaware of the hardships that they may have to face as a result of their obesity problem. Because of lack of knowledge on the part of significant proportion of overweight people, obesity trend in growing and it seems beyond impossible to bring this unhealthy trend under control.

I would like to share another important statistic pertaining to amount of money that people spend on annual basis for treatments of problems which were occurred due to them suffering from obesity. In Europe, obesity is responsible for 6% of health care costs per year. In general, people opt for losing weight only to look attractive. As their main priority is looking slim and sexy which perhaps is absolutely fine. But what about those people who are happy with their figure despite being overweight. Even they need to lose weight in order to stay fit and disease free.

Naturally these people are not as motivated towards losing weight as compared to those who want to shed some unwanted kilos in order to get a lean figure. The best way to lose weight for such unmotivated people is to start their weight loss process by consuming didrex, which is very affective in reducing helping people reduce their weight. It functions by reducing appetite of the person in question and thereby reducing the amount of calories consumed by him. Amount of calories consumed is indirectly proportional to amount of weight loss. In other words, once you opt for didrex, you’ll be free from problems associated with obesity within a short period of time. One can also buy didrex online from an online drug store at comfort of his home and eradicate obesity problems from his life.

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The Basics Of Cosmetic Surgery

It is not uncommon for a person to have something they would like to change about their body. Some people have abnormally large noses. Some women would like to see their bust size larger or reduced. Many people would like to decrease the fatty deposits in their tummies, hips and thighs! This is where cosmetic surgery can come in. When you have cosmetic surgery done, you are having a healthy, normal part of your body reshaped and changed for aesthetic reasons. These parts of the body don’t have to be changed. Cosmetic surgery should not be confused with reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery is used strictly to enhance and improve the appearance of a given part of the body.

There have been many medical advances in cosmetic surgery over the last several years. Most cosmetic procedures can now be done as outpatient surgery. This can mean very little discomfort and very little time off from your busy life for recovery.

However, just as with any surgery, cosmetic surgery does have its risks. There are no guarantees with these types of procedures. The medical advances in cosmetic surgery have lessened the risk to those having a procedure done, but choosing to have this done to you should not be entered into lightly. Look for the smallest, most risk-free procedure you can get that will give you the greatest satisfaction and results.

It has been noted by many cosmetic surgeons that their patients do find themselves with more self-esteem after procedures have been done. When a person sees faults on their bodies, it can cause low self-esteem and even depression. The person who takes control and undergoes cosmetic surgery may see themselves in a new light, having fixed the fault they have seen on their bodies all those years. This can lead to higher self-esteem, confidence and satisfaction.

Although there are many types of cosmetic surgery, there are several specific procedures which seem to be the most commonly done. These five procedures are:

nose reshaping (or a nose job)


eyelid surgery

breast enlargement


One worry of those planning on having cosmetic surgery done is “Will it look natural?” If done correctly, cosmetic surgery should not be perceptible to others! Although those closest to you will probably see a change, those that have never seen you before should not be able to detect you ever had a procedure done. Cosmetic surgery should blend with your natural look and been consistent with your unique characteristics.