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Manitoba The Eastern Prairie

Manitoba The Eastern Prairie

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Manitoba is one of Canada’s provinces. It is the fifth Canadian province created by the government in 1870. Manitoba’s population is around 1,176,132. To the west of Manitoba is saskenwan and to the east is the province of Ontario. It is considered a Prairie Provinces. It also is the most eastern prairie province in Canada. The largest city and capital of the province is Winnipeg. Morden, Flin Flon, Thompson, Dauphin, Churchill, The Pas, Selkirk, Portage la Prairie, Swan River, Steinbach, Brandon, and Winkler are all neat cities in and around Manitoba.
The province has many neat things to do, thewildlife is my favorite. There are so many freshwater lakes to go fishing and boating in the summer time. Hunting is also a big draw to Manitoba because there so much undisturbed land that wildlife thrives. The province has a coast line which is part of Hudson Bay. So you can really never run out of things to see and do in this province.
Quick Facts of Manitoba
-Winnipeg is the largest city in Manitoba
-The Population is 1,176,132, 5th in Canada
-8th Province to join Confederation on July 15, 1870
This province is one not to miss, there is so much to do and see that it would take more then a week to enjoy. From fishing, camping, boating, visiting historic sites, this province has a lot to offer. So if you need a break from city life then head over to Manitoba and enjoy a couple of weeks there.

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