Keep Your Asthma Under Control With These Tips

Asthma is a serious medical condition that can have a huge impact your life. You should take the right steps to keep it from becoming severe as prevention is much easier than having to react to a major attack. This article contains several tips and methods to help you manage your asthma.

People afflicted by asthma should make it a priority to always avoid exposure to smoke, vapors and fumes. That means you have to avoid all tobacco, and seriously consider think about what jobs you take; for example, factories are probably not a healthy place for you because of all the vapors and smoke.

TIP! Do you know the type of asthma that you suffer with? Learning about your type of asthma will help you manage its impact on your life. Asthma caused by exercise can be treated easily if you carry an inhaler when you go to the gym.

If you are suffering from asthma, then don’t smoke or immediately quit. Smoking isn’t healthy for anyone, but if you are afflicted with asthma, as it cuts off vital oxygen to the lungs.

It is imperative that you do your best to avoid cleaning products if you are asthmatic. The chemicals in these products will trigger asthma attacks or symptoms. If you’re the one that cleans your home, use natural solutions that are safer for you to breath in.

If you are suffering from asthma, it is essential that you quit smoking cigarettes. Although smoking is terrible for everyone, it is even worse for an asthma sufferer due to less oxygen supply in the lungs and that can trigger an attack.

TIP! If you have been diagnosed with asthma, you should avoid cleaning products. A lot of these products contain harsh chemicals such as ammonia.

Learn how to use your inhaler.The inhaler is only work if the medicine reaches your lungs. Spray the stated dose of medicine into your mouth while inhaling air. You should keep your breath held for 10 seconds at a minimum to let the medicated mist is able to fill up your lungs.

Make sure that all members of your family get a flu vaccination yearly. This means that you should take all standard precautions to avoid illness, like hand washing, as well as getting vaccinations that can keep you from getting sick.

You may be unaware that certain medications you might be on could cause asthma symptoms. Some of these include aspirin and NSAIDs. Some medications can cause your asthma to be worse such as beta blockers for high blood pressure or heart disease. Make sure your doctor knows if you are taking such medicine and also have asthma.

TIP! The symptoms of asthma might not always be apparent, but for those that suffer from the disease, the condition never goes away entirely. Be certain that you are prescribed or using the appropriate medicine to manage your daily symptoms, and that you have an emergency medicine readily available in the event of an attack.

If you’ve got asthma, don’t expose yourself to secondhand smoke. When tobacco smoke is inhaled, especially in close quarters, the functioning of your lungs can decrease, and you may suffer an attack.

Prevent those flu infections from occurring by going to get vaccinated each year.

If you’re someone who gets an asthma attack related to allergy like symptoms, there’s medication you can use to help. Known as Omalizumab, this antibody medicine can control the body’s allergic senses and lower the symptoms or reactions that asthma patients suffer.

TIP! Contact a social worker if you have asthma but do not meet the eligibility requirements for health insurance. Social workers are often able to locate a hospital or clinic that can offer free or low cost options to make sure you can fill your medication prescriptions.

Make sure to examine what triggers your asthma so you can avoid it or prepare properly. The majority of asthma sufferers suffer attacks when exposed to some common trigger, pet dander and smoke.Avoid these things when you can to prevent attacks.

Mold and mildew can thrive in your home where there is humidity. These can very easily. You should therefore try to keep your best to maintain a dry home. During the winter, use a device to dehumidify in the winter, and an air conditioner during the summer will help keep your home dry.

Using more than 4 different kinds of cleaning products for your house has been known to increase risks associated to asthma attacks. Choose instead organic products that are not filled with harmful chemicals.

Asthma Treatment

Know how to properly use asthma medicine, and above all any rescue medication. Asthma treatment is generally two-pronged: Daily asthma treatment and additional emergency medicine which is supplemented with rescue medications like inhalers. Because asthma can be a lifelong issue, you must treat it carefully by taking your maintenance medication every day and using your emergency medication responsibly.

Unscented products are best for asthma sufferers. Using scented products, like air fresheners and perfume, will increase the level of air pollution and is likely to trigger an attack. Certain things in the home, such as newly installed carpet or fresh paint, can also release chemical irritants. Try to keep the indoor air as clean and fresh as possible.

TIP! Your asthma treatments will likely increase when you suffer from hay fever or a cold. Some illnesses create issues that make it necessary to increase medication temporarily.

Bed linens can collect dust, such as pollen, dust and allergens. You can eliminate or reduce the potential impact of these asthma inducers by washing your sheets weekly in hot water.

If you are using a vaporizer or humidifier, make sure it is thoroughly cleaned as often as necessary.

Don’t miss your appointment for an asthma checkup simply because you aren’t currently having any problems with your condition. A flare-up can occur at any time, and your physician may have learned of a prescription medication that can treat your symptoms more safely and effectively.

This might mean that your inhaler isn’t working for you. This also applies to anyone who needs to refill their inhalers more than every six months.

Your doctor needs to be able to evaluate your condition and make any necessary changes. You are the one who needs to make sure that these appointments so you can stay healthy.

Know the right way to use any asthma medication you are taking, in particular your rescue medication. Asthma is usually treated on two fronts. One is a standard medication, taken daily, and the other is an inhaler, intended for use in an emergency. Asthma is considered a chronic condition. For this reason, you should take the management of it very seriously.

TIP! Pay attention to how often you reach for your asthma inhaler each week. If you use it three or more times each week, your treatment plan may not be working effectively or else an atypical situation may be triggering an increased number of attacks.

When planning on painting an interior area of your home, you should buy a protective mask if you suffer from asthma. Paint can trigger asthma-related issues, but a mask can combat the irritation because it forms a shield between your nose and the environment. Avoid substances and chemicals which trigger problems with your asthma.

Vitamin B6

When preventing asthma, stay away from smoke. The inhalation of smoke can easily trigger an asthma attack. So do whatever you can to stay away from vapors, chemical fumes and smoke from cigarettes. All of these air-borne pollutants can greatly increase your asthma symptoms. If a person is smoking around you, politely ask him to smoke at times when you are somewhere else.

TIP! Dust, pollen, allergens and other asthma aggravators tend to collect in bed linens. Use fresh linens to make up your bed on a regular basis.

Eat foods that contain vitamin B6. Vitamin B6, known as pyridoxine, has been found to reduce the frequency and intensity of asthma attacks in many studies. Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) is instrumental in the production of specific molecules which help to relax bronchial tissue to relax. Bananas are also a great-tasting source of vitamin B6.

Once they are identified, work to remove them from your environmental and avoid them in your day to day life.

You have to know the proper way to use an inhaler if you suffer from asthma. You cannot just spray it in your mouth and lightly inhale. With each spray, you have to take a deep breath so that the medication gets into your lungs. Failing to do so will mean that the medicine will not be able to help open up your breathing.

TIP! If you end up using your inhaler more than twice a week, then you need to consult a physician and change your medication. It means the medication used to calm acute attacks is either ineffective or not effective enough.

Keep your home dusted and clean. You need to also wash your pillows, pillows, and blankets very frequently. When you do this, you prevent dust mite and dust buildup, both of which often trigger asthma attacks.

Medical professionals generally consider two or more allergy attacks weekly to be dangerous, there should be no more that two attacks in one week.

Know what asthma symptoms are an indicator of a life threatening attack that requires a trip to the hospital emergency room for your child. These symptoms include a bluish tint to the lips or fingernails and unresponsiveness to medication. Your child might also find it difficult to speak.

TIP! A clean, dry environment is going to help you reduce the amount of attacks that are suffered in the home. Control the humidity of the air in your home by using a dehumidifier.

If you suffer from asthma, you need to ban smoking from inside your home, home, or anywhere near the asthma sufferer. People can smoke outside or as far away from the person with asthma. Just the smell of smoke on those who indulge heavily in smoking can trigger asthma attacks.

Monitor your children closely for food allergies. If your children get a rash, or skin rashes when your child eats a certain food, then they may have a food allergy. These allergies could be indicative of asthma in the future.

If your child is under age 5 and has been diagnosed with asthma, you should be watchful for signals of an attack requiring immediate medical attention. These symptoms include: gasping for air, sucking the abdomen in under the ribcage while trying to breath, and difficulty in speaking due to an inability to draw in enough air. A single one of these symptoms signals an immediate need for medical care.

TIP! If you are an asthma sufferer, always keep away from exercising outdoors when the air is dry and cold. When your bronchial airways become dry and cool, this can lead to an asthma attack.

Make sure to get vaccinated against the flu. Even if you rarely catch the flu, it’s better to be safe than sorry by taking the time to get vaccinated. If you are asthma attack prone, getting the flu will cause further respiratory issues, particularly those that are flu-related.

A dehumidifier is an easy way to moderate the moisture at acceptable levels if used on a daily basis.

You probably need to try different asthma medication if you are using your inhaler more than twice a week or if asthma attacks are waking you up at night. Make sure to bring this up with your doctor.


As soon as you have concerns about worsening symptoms, visit your doctor. It is very important that you apply these tips when possible, it will help keep symptoms down and maybe improve your every day life.

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