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{If you are trying to stop snoring, you should look for ways to tighten the tone of your flabby muscles

{If you are trying to stop snoring, you should look for ways to tighten the tone of your flabby muscles

{Not everyone that snores is overweight. Sometimes the snoring is as a result of something actually wrong with your nasal canal. In such an instance you need medical attention. As a matter of fact, I would recommend a medical check before you rule that option out. Then you may explore other possibilities to stop the snoring.|Anything that makes you sleep very deeply may be ok if you don’t snore a lot. If you snore loudly though, and you are trying to stop the habit, you should not allow that to happen to you. Whatever may make you sleep too deeply, be it medication or some kind of fix, you should stay away from such. It’s what I think anyway.|As a medical professional who has been in the business for a couple of decades, I would recommend right first and foremost that any snorer needs to be losing weight before trying anything else. I would only suggest some other kind of approach if the person is not suffering from obesity or something similar. }

{If you are trying to stop snoring, you should avoid alcohol generally. If you find that hard to do, at least keep it to any time that does not fall within two hours before you go to sleep. The substance relaxes you to the point that your throat collapses while you are away in Never Never Land and the rasping noises do the rest.|People stopping snoring should by all means avoid tranquilizers and sleeping pills. These things tend to put you to sleep so deeply that the subconscious part of your mind that could have helped keep the snores at bay is hampered. If you steered clear of them, you should find that the snore will gradually fade away from your sleep.|Here’s one hilarious suggestion for people who snore: find an ill mannered person who cannot stand snoring to be a bedmate. For some reason, I think you will cease to snore before that week is over. A few harsh words in broad daylight, and a few knocks in the middle of the night should do the trick.}

{I once had a roommate who snored so badly that it made difficult for me to sleep at the same time that he was sleeping: I had to look for times when he was not in. When I could take it no more, I finally had a long word with him. The next night, I didn’t hear the snores… and I never did again. It was the embarrassment that did the trick. Try that on your snoring friend too, it just might work.|Taking antihistamines before going to bed is a sure way to look for trouble. People who snore especially need to not do that. These medications help to treat allergies, but when you take them close to when you sleep, they cause your snores to worsen, and you don’t need that. Keep the medication away from your bedtime if you want to stop snoring.}

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