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holidays in Australia

holidays in Australia

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I hope to visit Australia this winter, and I hope that it will not be the last time. I would like to think that I will take many holidays in Australia in my life time, but I know that this might not be something that I can do very often. However, I will go when I can as I have friends there, and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t get to spend some time with them every few years. Besides, I think there is a lot my daughter can learn when we visit there, and I hope to take her with me when I go.

The best thing about holidays in Australia is that you can go when the weather in the US is bad, and it will be the middle of summer there. Not only that, but there are many great beaches there, and everyone is so wonderfully nice. Though I am sure there are exceptions, it would seem that a majority of those who live in Australia are easy going and fun to be around. Though you can’t always take long vacations, I want to make my holidays in Australia long because I won’t get to go very often.

Another great thing about holidays in Australia is that they are very much like the US in culture, but at the same time, things are just different enough to make it an amazing experience. They have beauty everywhere you turn around, and there are many awesome things that everyone should have a chance to see in their life time. I know there are those who have dreamed of going to a European country for as long as they can remember, but for me, I have always wanted to take holidays in Australia.

There is one downfall though. When you take holidays in Australia, you do have to be on a plane for a very long time. It takes about fourteen hours to fly to Sydney from the west coast, and I have to take a six hour flight just to get to the west coast of the US to get on a plane to Australia. I’m not really worried about myself, but I am concerned about my daughter, who will be six when we go. However, it will be worth it, and I suspect that the light might be the longest I have ever taken, or will ever take, but for great holidays in Australia, it will all be worth it.

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