Common Criticisms Against The Adult Industry

Common Criticisms Against The Adult Industry

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The porn industry has never been spared with criticisms. Everything about the porn world is being criticized; from the models, producers, directors, videos, photos and so on. As long are there is an adult industry, there will always be criticisms. We can all agree that criticisms are just part of the porn world.
The truth is, there are actually a lot of things to criticism in the adult industry. There had been some publications regarding the real life of a porn star. It reveals there the difficulties that a porn star or a performer deals with during their careers. There were even some issues about force labor. There were reportedly some porn stars who were threatened to perform a sexual activity. Some performers even get nothing from having sexual intercourse with a complete stranger. These are just some of the bad things that were exposed regarding the adult industry.
Among the worst issues in the adult industry are sexually transmitted diseases. Because porn stars are required to have sexual intercourse with different partners, there are high risks of getting infected. One HIV-positive performer can infect other performers. If you have seen a porn video, you notice that the performers don’t always wear protections. People have always criticized porn stars or performers to have STDs. Although the adult industry may have a lot of infected performers, it doesn’t that all have the disease. There are also some performers that are negative of HIV. The more responsible and cautious the producers, directors and performers are, the lower risks of getting STDs.
Performers are almost always the center of criticisms.
Once a porn star – always a porn star… or so they say! That is basically what the criticisms are all about. There are performers who have decided to leave the adult industry to pursue different careers. Instead of receiving compliments for finally doing the right thing, people even try to degrade these individuals. People criticize ex-porn stars/performers as if they can’t change for the better. Some performers want to pursue a career in teaching, some want to be businessmen, some want to do other stuffs. These performers may be known for their porn jobs but it doesn’t mean that they can’t do other things. In fact, there are really smart porn stars. There are some performers who have college degrees, some are still studying.
And the adult industry just makes things worse. They have this award event, too. It is just like the Oscars, only about porn. Here are some of the awards they give; Best Performer, Dirties Performer, Best Group Sex. Best Newcomer and many other outrageous awards. These recognitions may be considered prestigious in the adult industry, but in the normal world it is considered as insults. These awards are simply subjects for criticisms, discriminations, mockeries and humiliations. Who would want to receive an award called the “Best Blowjob”, right?
Criticisms are common to the adult industry. If you are trying to pursue a career in the adult industry, then you must ready yourself for all types of criticisms you will receive.

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