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Male Virility and Vigor Renewed

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Libido in this context is the source of the life instincts that motivate not only sexuality and other basic drives but also more complex human activities such as the creation of art. As sex drive or libido diminishes with advancing years for both men and women.

There are a variety of nutrients that, in clinical studies, have been shown to offer benefits for male sexual health, including those for libido, performance and endurance, sperm production and incontinence. Even if size is not such much a problem, libido or even ejaculate volume can be a concern.

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The major benefit of taking natural male enhancement supplements like VigRX Plus is that there are virtually no side effects like headaches, flushing, stomachache, changes in vision etc.

A good quality male supplement should also improve the task of each of these vital components of a man’s reproductive system. Male enhancement pills are supplements designed to improve every aspect of a man’s sexual function and general enjoyment of sex. You deserve to say goodbye forever to male dysfunction, low libido, and mediocre performance.

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Workplace Discrimination and Harassment.

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Australian Federal and State legislation states unlawful discrimination occurs when a group of people, individuals are treated less favourably than any other person or group of people because of their ethnicity, race, colour, sex, marital status, age or disability, religion and sexual reference, whether your a member of a trade union and any other characteristic specified under anti-discrimination or human rights legislation.

Workplace discrimination and harassment can occur in:
· Employment and selection of staff.
· Training and type of training being offered.
· Being considered for a transfer, promotion or sacking.
· Work place conditions.

What is defined as unlawful harassment?
Under Australian state and federal legislation unlawful harassment can occur when a person humiliated because of their race, or intimidated and insulted because of there colour, ethnicity, or any other specified characteristic under anti-discrimination or human rights legislation.

Workplace harassment can include behaviour such as:
· Mailing or submitting sexually explicit or suggestive letters, notes or emails.
· The making of derogatory taunts or comments about a persons religion or race. telling insulting The making of jokes about particular racial groups.
· Nude or pornographic posters displayed.
· The asking of questions about a persons sex life or personal life.

The nature of harassment and or discrimination.
No matter the seriousness of an incident, whether it be a one-off or prolonged and long termed, it will still be judged as harassment or discrimination. If left unchecked the continued harassment will erode the drive and ability of the individual or group to eventually effect the overall performance of their work performance.

However the absence of any formal or verbal complaints is not necessarily any indication that harassment or discrimination is not occurring. In a lot of cases the person or group being harassed or discriminated against will not complain or report the incident in the belief that they will be deemed as wingers or the incident is too trivial. In most cases the victim of the workplace harassment or discrimination is lacking confidence in their own ability and has fear of retribution or even worse, being dismissed.

Hostile working environment
As an employer you will also need to be aware of your responsibilities in making the work environment a safe place from a culture of sexual or racial harassment. Both are deemed as HOSTILE. An example of a potential hostile working environment would include the display of nude or pornographic material, swearing and crude conversations, racially or sex specific jokes.

What can not be classed as harassment or discrimination.
However it must be remembered that comments and advice given by supervisors, work colleagues and managers on the work performance or work related behaviour of an individual or group should not be confused with workplace harassment or discrimination.
Feedback during normal performance appraisals and work performance meetings will always be deemed as stressful and will in some cases effect the well being of the person or group being appraised. However, managers and supervisors should always keep these concerns in mind and perform any necessary appraisal with sensitivity without avoiding the need to provide full and frank feedback to their staff.

What is workplace bullying?
Sourced the from ACTUQ/QCCI/Qld Govt Dept of Workplace Health and Safety , they claim that workplace bullying is “the repeated less favourable treatment of a person by another or others in the workplace, which may be considered unreasonable and inappropriate workplace practice. It includes behaviour that intimidates, offends, degrades or humiliates a worker”.

Bullies will use their status or power of position in a company or business to target both men and women with their bullying practices. Bullying behaviour can range from obvious verbal or physical assault to very subtle psychological abuse.

This behaviour would include:
· Psychological harassment. (mind games)
· Excluding or isolating targeted employees.
· Assigning impossible tasks or jobs to targeted employees.
· Physical or verbal abuse.
· Inconvenience selected employees by deliberately changed work rosters and shifts.
· Yell and scream offensive language.
· Intimidation
· Undermine work performance deliberately by withholding vital job information.

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The Art of Seduction

The Art of Seduction

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Seduction is a question of subtle strategy with one ultimate goal – to have sex with someone.
The desire for sex is powerful; for some it can be as powerful as the need to eat and breath. Seduction is the road we take to achieve sexual satisfaction.
While the ultimate goal is to have sex, there are lots of smaller goals that need to be reached along the road to the sexual surrender of our chosen partner.
For some, the thrill of seduction lies in the chase rather than the conquest. The excitement of wanting and pursuing someone can give a sense of satisfaction in itself. For others, the electric thrill comes from knowing that another person’s sexual attentions are focused on them. Those who thoroughly enjoy the chase are generally people with plenty of self-confidence and their confidence increases the likelihood of success.
Those who are less confident usually find seduction far more difficult. How can you convince a member of the opposite sex to fancy you if you see yourself as being unattractive?
It’s important that you choose the right person to seduce. This is more a matter of instinct than anything else but most of us endeavour to make conversation, or at least some eye contact, with a potential partner who we consider to be our equal on the scale of physical appeal.
Once you’ve sought out your ‘prey’ you need to decide whether the time and/or situation is right for seduction. If the object of your passion is somebody you see on a regular basis, the time/place being wrong may very well add to the thrill. If you’re getting the right feedback, the knowledge that the other person is interested but that you can’t do anything about it just yet can increase the feelings of arousal and excitement.
But how do you know that he’s interested? The best clues come from reading body language. Non-verbal signals are far better indicators of how a person feels about you than anything they may actually say verbally. Those with an open posture are usually more available than those who stand with their arms crossed. The eyes are the biggest give-away when it comes to seduction. If he returns your gaze, and especially if he holds eye contact with you longer than is usually acceptable, then the chances are you’re on to a winner. Trust your instincts. You’ll ‘feel’ whether he’s interested or not. Small gestures and tone of voice tell us a lot about how the other person feels about us.
Flirt. Did I really need to mention that? Flirting is used in two ways. We flirt with others to remind our partner that we still need to be wooed by him, but when used for seduction, it’s a means of keeping the other person interested and aroused as well as letting them know that they are unlikely to be rejected. Men, who are generally the pursuers, are highly dependent on women’s signals to reassure them that they are ‘onto something’. Playing hard-to-get isn’t particularly attractive to men unless you’re sending out enough signals to assure him that it really is just a game and that you are indeed ‘gettable’. Let him know that the chase will most likely be worth it in the end.
Once you’ve made contact with him, you’ll need to let him know where the encounter is likely to be heading. People have very different ideas of what sex should be so it’s important that you both know that you’re looking for the same things. This doesn’t mean that you should just blurt out “I’m a dominatrix, how d’ya fancy being whipped? ” or anything else quite as obvious. You can if you really must, and you never know, it might just work, but in general the subtle approach is more likely to get you what you want. Men generally take the lead in this area, asking questions and trying to access whether you’d make a satisfactory sex partner. Follow his lead. The questions probably won’t be direct (depending upon the man), but they will be based around ‘self-disclosure’. He tells you some, you tell him some. People typically discuss sex in a light-hearted, abstract manner when accessing a potential partner, testing each other in a non-committal way.
Now that you’re speaking you’ll need to sustain his interest. Two people who’ve found each other through physical attraction may not have the right chemistry to move along the road of seduction once mouths have been opened. Look for signs of acceptance or rejection. If you pick up on any signs of rejection, don’t waste your time on something that is very unlikely to happen, no matter how much you fancy him. There are plenty more available males about just waiting to be seduced.
If you’re still doing fine and the signals are good, it’s time to move onto the final yielding.
One of you must surrender. In all probability it will be you, because even if you initialised the seduction, he will probably have taken over the role of pursuer somewhere along the line. The roles of ‘hunter’ and ‘prey’ have been decided through thousands of years of evolution, and usually fall naturally into place. Surrender and enjoy!

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Statistics Regarding Sexual Activity for those Over 60

Statistics Regarding Sexual Activity for those Over 60

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You may be surprised by the statistics for those over 60 enjoying sex. Women aren’t just sitting at home knitting while their men are out on the golf course. Instead they are enjoying each other physically and that is good news. More than half of all individuals who are at least 60 years of age are engaging in sexual intercourse.

You may be curious about how often this is taking place. 22% say that they engage in sexual activity at least one a week. 28% of them say that they engage in sexual activity at least one a month. When you consider how many people in our society fall into that age group then we have something great to look forward to.

Even with more than half of all people over 60 engaging in sexual activity, approximately 39% will tell you they want more. It could be that they aren’t involved in a relationship right now that is going anywhere. Others may be looking for the right person to be intimate with but it just hasn’t happened yet. You will find casual sexual encounters among those over 60 don’t often happen as they do for those in their 20’s and 30’s.

Almost 95% of adults over 60 will admit in surveys to participating in the act of masturbating. Many believe this is something that older people don’t do. Yet that isn’t the truth of the matter at all. More males engage in masturbating over the age of 60 than women though. Many men say it helps them to be able to stay healthy and to get an erection when they do want to have sex with their partner.

However, approximately 75% of those that fit into this category will tell you that they are enjoying the sex they are having. They feel aroused, they feel desired, and they definitely are benefiting from the activity. Both men and women continue to be able to achieve an orgasm at this age. It may take longer to become aroused but the end result doesn’t seem to have changed.

Almost all women who are over 60 will tell you that sex today is better than it was for them twenty years ago. Many of them are still with the same partner. They just find that they have more freedom in their life now when it comes to sex. They also have learned to better communicate to their partner what it takes to arouse and satisfy them.

Men are five times more likely than women to not be able to perform sexually due to medical problems. Heart disease is a problem that can affect both men and women in this age group. Yet men can also suffer from erectile dysfunction due to their various medical problems.

Both men and women in this age group may find that they don’t seem to feel as attractive as they once did. 16% of them will tell you they don’t have sex as often as they would like to because of it. They may wait until the conditions are right such as it being completely dark.

The statistics regarding sexual activity for those over 60 can be viewed as quite accurate. These days more people that fall into that age group are proud of their sexual activities. They are very willing to share that information with others who ask. They also take parent in online surveys where they can share opinions but still maintain their anonymity.

Based on this information, those getting older shouldn’t be too worried about their sexual lifestyle. In fact, many people over 60 will tell you that they have a better sex life now than they did just 10 years ago. It may be due to how they now feel about their body or just a change in their routine. Regardless, sex over 60 is definitely something you can look forward to.

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Sexual Health Information 101: STDs

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As effective as modern contraception methods are, most protect you from only one kind of risk: unintended pregnancies. But, unplanned parenthood is not the only risk that comes with unsafe and unprotected sex. Practicing unsafe sex also puts you at risk of contacting sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Since condoms are the only known and proven birth control method that protect against STDs and STIs, a lot of sexual health information can go a long way in keeping yourself safe and uninfected.

What are Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

These are diseases and infections that can be contacted by means of having unsafe and unprotected sex with an infected partner. Contrary to popular belief, STDs are not only transmitted via vaginal sex. Anal, oral, and vaginal sex are potent means of transmitting these viruses and bacteria. Virus and bacteria that trigger these diseases and symptoms are transmitted through the bodily fluids exchanged during intercourse like saliva, vaginal fluids, and semen, among others. Sharing non-sterilized needles with other people is also a common cause of the spread of STDs. Blood is also a potent transmitter of these bacteria and viruses especially if it finds its way into open lesions or sores.

What are the kinds of STDs?

Generally, there are two kinds of STDs – curable and non-treatable. Curable STDs, which are bacterial infections in nature, are often treated by using antibiotics and medication. Treatments are often long procedures which can take months or even years. It has also been observed that getting infected with STDs lowers one’s defenses against future infections. Common examples of curable STDs include gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphillis, trichomoniasis, and vaginal infections.

Non-treatable STDs are viral infections and diseases that progress over time and develop complications. While most are lifelong conditions, some can be fatal and cause death. Treatments and therapies are often administered not for the purpose of treating the infections but for minimizing the symptoms and fortifying the body’s resistance against complications. Some of the known non-treatable STDs include genital herpes, Hepatitis B, genital warts, and the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV.

What are the symptoms of STDs?

Symptoms of STDs may vary among individuals and the gravity of the infection. However, some of the common symptoms include:

* foul penile discharge
* burning pain while peeing
* foul smell and changes in vaginal discharge
* pain during sex and around the lower abdomen
* blisters, sores, lesions, and rashes in the mouth, anus, or genital areas

If one observes any, a combination, or all of the following symptoms, medical attention should be immediately sought.

Key STD Facts

As a controversial subjects, there are lots of misconceptions and wrong ideas about STDs that can potentially cause more trouble. Below are some facts on STDs that can make detection and treatment easier:

* A person can contact more than one STD at a time. An STD does not make a person immune from other sexually transmitted infections or from the same infection. In some cases, having STD can make a person more prone to contacting more infections or having a relapse.
* STD does not discriminate. Sexually transmitted diseases can infect anyone from an adolescent to an aging drug dependent; all it takes is one unprotected indiscretion.
* STDs are common. There are millions of people who are infected with STD or carry an infection strain. Most of these people are not even over the age of 30.