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The Porno Goddess Savannah Stern

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Well known in the fetish genre of the adult entertainment world, Savannah Stern stars in several films from foot fetish features to gangbangs and even violently themed porno flicks that depict women fighting with one another.
Within the adult entertainment industry and world of pornography, producers and actors strive to offer every sort of genre or theme of porn, which is smart in a niche market. Men and women alike enjoy a varieties of porno films or adult entertainment films and even videos on demand, websites and magazines which depict not only hardcore sex scenes but also hardcore sex scenes with a fetish theme.

Savannah Stern is one such adult film entertainer and actress who is featured in catfight themed flicks. Catfight themed flicks make up a unique genre of adult entertainment material available across several mediums including magazine, online video, and video on demand. Men and women who are excited by this genre of porn like to see women battling it out and then kissing and making up, perhaps in a hot lesbian sex scene with dildos, anal action, strap on toys and of course more tongue and oral action than most people could handle in real life. Some such films get wild with their scenarios such as catfights where multiple women are wrestling in the mud. Dirty in so many ways, muddy women, naked and dirty, glistening in earthly juices then go on to angry sex scenes where more angry talk and dirty talk transpires.

Savannah Stern also stars in foot fetish films due to the cuteness of her feet. Some men and women particularly like to smell, lick and rub feet all over their bodies as a form of foreplay, during masturbation, or even while actual penetration is taking place. This is in fact considered hardcore porn action if the penetration can be seen in the films content. Perhaps the reason men and women develop foot fetishes is because, like most other erogenous parts of the body, although feet are not considered so erogenous, they are covered up and hidden most of the time, so the excitement of seeing something one normally would not can have the ability to sexually arouse, stimulate and eventually make foot enthusiasts cum hard.

Group sex scenes, also known as gang bangs or orgies, is also a popular adult entertainment genre favorite among those who fantasize about sexual relations with more than one person at a time. Savannah Stern the sexy adult film star is either the star or featured actress in several such mentioned genres of porno.

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Women Dating Younger Guys-Brides Older Than Grooms

Women Dating Younger Guys-Brides Older Than Grooms

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Mature women dating younger guys is a trend that has just started to pick up steam, but it is not going away any time soon.
In fact, more than a quarter of today’s brides are older than their grooms.

Celebrity culture has played into this in part. Many well known actresses such as Demi Moore, Madonna, and Susan Sarandon have married younger men. These women have put their stamp of approval on the mature women dating younger men concept.

But, society has changed as well. Not too long ago, women married young and marriages were for life. The nuclear family unit was the basis for society and anything that deviated from this norm was shunned. Therefore, there weren’t many opportunities for mature women dating younger men.

But, since divorce has become more prevalent, there are any number of women in their late 30s and 40s who are looking for partners. When they look at men their own age, they often don’t like what they see.

First of all, men who are in this age range are caught up in their own careers and interests. They are less likely to be supportive of a woman’s career. Because women have moved into managerial and entrepreneurial roles, they sometimes need partners who can be “the man behind the woman.” Men their own age are reluctant to take on this role.

Also, mature women dating men their own age are likely to be disappointed in the sex. A woman peeks sexually in her late 30s. Well into her 40s, she is in her sexual prime. A man, however, begins to loose steam at this age. He’s just not able to keep up with her surging needs.

Younger men find these women, newly confident in their sexual prowess, to be very attractive. Mature women know what they want in bed and can communicate that to their lovers.

Mature women dating younger men can also provide the guys with a sense of financial stability that allows the men to take risks with their careers. One younger man was able to pursue a career as a concert pianist because his older woman lover was able to cover their living expenses while he became known in his field. Other men have been able to pursue graduate school or start businesses due to the financial support of their older girlfriends.

Women have, for years, benefitted from the generosity of older partners. Now, men are able to do so as well.

If you want to meet a person outside your own age range, you have to go where they are. For instance, a mature woman wanting to date a younger man may want to join a gym. A younger man looking for a professional woman might join a tango class. There are also places for such couples to meet online. The term for this is cougar dating.

Expect that the trend of mature women dating younger men to grow as society’s expectations about sex roles evolve.

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The Child Safety Act of 2006

The Child Safety Act of 2006

Back in September 2005, the Child Safety Act was passed in the House and had gained bipartisan support. The Senate had strongly made their effort to support it, but several attempts to fasten an unassociated hate crimes amendment to it is has caused the bill to stop in its trails. The Child Safety Act of 2005 then gradually dies so as the hope to protect children from sexual predators.

Fortunately, on May 4, 2006 a new child protection act was passed as a result of the bill backers’ strong demand for a law that will help protect children or minors from the sex offenders and the like. Prior to this approval, Congressman James Sensenbrenner who developed the Child Safety Act of 2005 and who chairs the Judiciary Committee, re-introduced the Children’s Safety and Violent Crime Reduction just last December 2005.

Following this re-introduction, John Walsh who first developed the Child Safety Act of 2006, The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and other supporters of the bill have formed an aggressive campaign to bring the new bill passed into the law. It is so fortunate for them and for all the citizens that the new bill was approved and signed by President Bush just in July 2006.

The Child Safety Act of 2006 was passed and approved as part of the law with the following purposes:

* Elevate the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Program to a new level to make sure that the sex offenders will register and keep current where they live, work and attend school
* Require quarterly verification, in-person verification and regular notarized verification mailings
* Need public access to the state websites
* Form or create the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website to look for sex offender information in every community
* Develop and expand the terms to cover the juvenile sex offenders
* Need states to notify one when a sex offender moves or transfers from one state to another
* Develop the sex offenses covered by registration and notification requirements so to cover the military, tribal, foreign, and sex crimes. In addition, the Child Safety Act of 2006 will work to increase the length of registration requirements to protect the public
* Lengthen the community notification requirements to include active efforts so to inform the law enforcement companies and agencies, schools, social service agencies, public housing, and volunteer organization in certain areas where sex offensive crimes are rampant.
* Develop a new criminal penalty that will reach for the period of 20 years incarceration for sex offender who refuse to comply with the requirements for registration
* Finally, the Child Safety Act of 2006 is strongly maintained to protect the foster children from sexual exploitation and abuse

Today, the Child Safety Act of 2006 is again attacked by certain criticisms. But with the bill already approved and signed by the President, a new victory is attained and what the bill supporters are doing now is to make this law a top priority.

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Factors that May Contribute to Decreased Testosterone Levels

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Testosterone is the hormone that makes men—men. Testosterone is considered as the most essential of all sex hormones. It is a steroidal hormone that is primarily secreted by the testes in males and in ovaries in females. Females also have small amounts of this hormone in their system because it is a precursor to estrogen. In men, it is responsible for bone and muscle development. As stated, testosterone is essential in male sexual health because it stimulates spermatogenesis and influences the development of male secondary characteristics like facial hair and deep voices. This hormone is also responsible for mental sharpness and sex drive. Some medical reports suggest that testosterone is important in the development of self-confidence and social success.

Other functions and roles of testosterone may include the following:

Promotes muscle strength and endurance
Increases libido
Increases bone density
Decreased fat in tissues
Promote overall health and well being.
Overproduction of testosterone in males may lead to aggressive puberty in men and amenorrhea (absence of menstrual period) in women. Recent medical studies suggest that testosterone levels in the United States are lower today than they were several years ago. Some of the possible factors that are responsible for this decline are explained in this article.

Excess weight and obesity

One possible explanation for testosterone decline is: men are more overweight than ever. Medical studies suggest that obesity is a significant predictor of low testosterone. These studies add that gaining ten percent in one’s appropriate Body Mass Index (BMI) may lead to decreased testosterone levels by about ten percent. Because of this, fat or over weight individuals may have up to 25 percent less total testosterone than their fit counterparts.


Cigarette smoking may damage the cells in the testes—male reproductive organs located in the scrotum which produces sperm and testosterone. Smoking-induced damage may hamper testosterone production and cause problems in male sexual health. It may also interfere with the body’s efficiency and effectiveness in building muscles.

High blood pressure

In the long run, high blood pressure may damage the lining of the blood vessels and cause atherosclerosis, or hardening of the blood vessels. Because of this development, less blood which carries oxygen and nutrients flow to the penis. For a lot of men, decreased blood flow may cause difficulties in achieving and maintaining erections. High blood pressure may also interfere with ejaculation and reduce libido. Many medications used to treat high blood pressure may also bring similar adverse effects.

Making lifestyle changes are essential in maintaining the right testosterone levels and overall health. A man’s testosterone levels will have a decline once he reaches the age of 40. But maintaining a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diets may slowdown this decline and maintain optimum sexual health. If these things fail there are medical methods available that may be used to improve one’s testosterone levels. Undergoing testosterone replacement therapy and using testosterone supplements may improve one’s testosterone levels. Individuals who want to engage in these methods should seek the approval of medical professionals.

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Manhood Is More Than Mastery In Bedroom

Admit it. You’re not “performing” any better. The nights seemed to be colder than ever and you feel that you’re starting to feel insufficient…incompetent as a man. But instead of opening up, you tend to shut your mouth because you wouldn’t like any further embarrassment. If you’re beginning to think you are no longer able to “perform” and your recent attempts only ended in failure- — then, perhaps you may be suffering together with 20 million other men who just “can’t do it” anymore.

Sexual impotence is a physical and physiological dilemma that is attributed to men who have difficulty in having or sustaining an erection during copulation. According to a study, in America alone, 10 million men have been diagnosed to have erectile dysfunction. Extensive medical studies also prove that erectile dysfunction is experienced diversely by men regardless of age. The research indicated that 7% to 8% of men with ages ranging from 20 to 39 suffer from sexual impotence while more than a half of men, 60%, suffer from this sexual predicament when they reach the age of 70. Studies also prove that there is a dramatic increase in cases of erectile dysfunction in men aged 60 and above.

According to medical researches, causes of sexual impotence are generally classified into two: psychological and physical. Psychological or non-organic causes of sexual impotence may start abruptly and may creep gradually into one’s system. Major psychological traumas and other mental disorders also affect sexual performance and potency.

Men also experience performance anxiety, another form of anxiety disorder that also adversely affects sexual intimacy. Men have been traditionally looked upon as the aggressive sexual partner and, thus, any lack of sexual aggression or capability is frowned upon. Men are expected to derive as well as provide sexual pleasure every single time. The inability of men to be “good in bed” causes them to have performance anxiety — which further deters them from properly functioning during intimate encounters.

While psychological factors constitutes only 10% of erectile dysfunction causes, majority of them have been attributed to organic or physical causes. Erection is a process which involves blood flow via the venous vessels. Therefore, if the arteries or the blood path to the penis is clogged, narrowed, or blocked due to some health complications, a man would be having problems with erection. High blood pressure, high cholesterol rate, diabetes mellitus, heart attack and other complications contribute to the gradual destruction of the contractile walls of the veins which makes erection difficult to have. This condition is called peripheral vascular disease.

Medicines and its side effects also affect the proper erection in a male’s reproductive organ. Medications used to treat high blood pressures, depression, anxiety, neurological disorders, gastrointestinal ailments and allergies are some of the listed medicines that can contribute to erectile dysfunction. In addition, the abuse of psychoactive substances like alcohol, tobacco, marijuana can really contribute to erectile dysfunction. This is very ironic because these substances, when used in tolerable amounts, are thought to produce aphrodisiac effects or sex-enhancing sensations.

Other physical like hormonal and nervous complications, structural damage to the penis and multi systemic disease are also known organic causes of sexual impotence. While sexual impotence may pose to be a hindrance to a fulfilling life for men, numerous treatments are available in the market. These vary from surgical treatments like vascular surgery and penile implants; to non-surgical treatments like vacuum devices and retention rings, hormonal therapy, and oral or large medications.

You may be having the same dilemma with these 20 million “under-performing” men, but, there’s no need to be ashamed. The curtain of manhood never closes with erectile dysfunction. Manhood is so more than being the boss in the boudoir.