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Heart Attacks & Strokes

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Heart attacks and strokes are two very serious medical conditions that can cause permanent damage to the body. They can also result in a person dying so immediate medical care is necessary. Discovering the cause of the heart attack or the stroke can help to prevent it from happening again. A person’s chances of living drop dramatically each time they suffer from subsequent ones.

Most medical professionals will agree that a stroke is much more serious than a heart attack. Individuals are known to die more often from a stroke than a heart attack. They are also more likely to suffer from long term and severe damage to their body as a result of that medical condition. In fact, having a stroke is the third highest reason why a person dies in the United States.

There are some significant warning signs for both heart attacks and strokes. They will vary in nature though. For example a person will likely feel pain in their chest or arm when they are suffering from a heart attack. A person that is having a stroke will experience not being able to feel a part of their body or tingling sensations. A person who is having a heart attack will often be short of breath while a person suffering from a stroke may have problems with their vision, hearing, or balance.

There are some symptoms a person can have that are the same for a heart attack and a stroke. They include nausea, dizziness, and a sudden headache. Regardless of which one the person is suffering from both require immediate attention. If you can’t get them to a location quickly call 911. Your efforts can help to save their life.

It is very important that you do all you can to prevent becoming one of the many out there who suffer from a heart attack or a stroke each year. Get annual check ups from your doctor, follow their advice, eat healthy foods, get plenty of rest, and exercise daily. Doing your part to protect against a heart attack or stroke can make a huge difference. You also need to be aware of the warning signs of such issues. You definitely want to be able to access medical help for yourself or someone else in the event of a heart attack or a stroke taking place.

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The Emerging Art Of Panic At The Disco

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Right now Panic At The Disco is one of the most influential and original bands on the world music stage.
The Panic At The Disco sound is unique and virtually unmistakable with everything from the winding rhythm to the fast and full lyrics blending together to create a sound you can’t help but get sucked into.

Their touring and recently released debut album has given this band a pretty decent fan base. The Panic At The Disco album is consistently full of fast paced and hard hitting music that sounds like no one else’s and is always true to their original selves. As any fan will tell you, these guys just won’t disappoint.

Besides the amazing instrumentations that forms their music there is something more that makes this alternative rock group standout. This something is their words. Panic At The Disco lyrics are easily distinguished from anyone else’s because of their rich descriptiveness and their hard hitting style. Panic At The Disco lyrics are written into a catchy and captivating meter that makes you want to absorb every word. And their lyrics are almost always sung out with a not so subtle hint of malice.

Completing their often imitated style are there collection of short films. Panic At The Disco videos are so highly stylized that they are almost impossible to put into words. Their music videos capture the essence of their songs better than most and the blatant and in-your-face imagery compliments their lyrical style quite well. Make no mistake, Panic At The Disco videos aren’t flashy commercials full of over-choreographed dancing and eye-candy. Their music videos are pieces of modern moving art, full of intriguing characters and situations.

Panic At The Disco was formed a few years back by a group of high school friends who shared an interest in all the same kinds of music. What began as imitation became evolution and creation until they had their own unmistakable sound. Panic At The Disco has based itself in Las Vegas and are finally on the road touring the country on their own.

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Preventative Care Is The Best Remedy For Asthma Trouble (2)

Preventative Care Is The Best Remedy For Asthma Trouble

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If you’re one of the millions of people of all ages, from teenagers to seniors, who are suffering from asthma, don’t worry.
There are many easy and simple methods described in this article that can help you overcome your symptoms, improve your health, and stop it from taking over your life.

If money is a factor in taking your medications properly, or even at all, ask your doctor for alternatives. They may be able to prescribe a lower cost medication, one with coupon offers or discounts, as well as provide you with free samples from the pharmaceutical companies. Their goal is to keep you out of the hospital.

Keeping the air and the surroundings as dust and particle free is crucial when an asthmatic is involved. This is accomplished by replacing furnace filters regularly, vacuuming regularly and keeping bedding cleaned on a regular basis. Doing this is going to decrease the amount of particles in the air that is in your home.

Controlling your asthma is sometimes a hard thing to do. If you are finding yourself using your quick relief inhaler more than twice a week than something needs to be done. You may want to consider getting on a different medication that is more effective. Your body may have become immune to your current inhaler or medication making it practically useless.

Be sure that your child with asthma knows exactly how to use his or her inhaler and take medication correctly. If your child is not receiving the proper amount of medicine in his or her airways, it will not alleviate asthma symptoms properly. If controller medications are skipped, lung damage could occur that could cause even greater asthma symptoms in the future.

Get in the habit of sleeping on your side or stomach to improve your quality of sleep and absorption of oxygen during sleep. Sleeping on your back increases the likelihood you breathe through your mouth, which can worsen asthma symptoms. By sleeping on your side or stomach, your body naturally breathes more shallowly through your nose, making it easier for your lungs to work efficiently.

Be prepared in case of an asthma emergency. Locate the nearest emergency room to your home and have your asthma action plan and the medications you are taking written down to take with you. Be sure to note the dosages and purposes of each. Have an emergency contact on hand who can take care of watching your children or other necessities if you should have to go to the ER.

The most important thing to remember when you are having an asthma attack is to not panic. Panicking causes your heart rate to rise, your blood pressure to increase and your breathing to become labored. This last one is the thing that you DON’T want to have happen. You need to keep your breathing as controlled as possible.

Asthma is a disease that you should never ignore. Always seek appropriate medical help when you think that your symptoms are getting worse, and always watch out for warning signs of an asthma attack. If you follow these simple methods, you’ll lessen your chances of getting an asthma attack and improve the severity of your symptoms.

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Succeed In the Music Business with Crazy Keywords

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What is more important in today’s music business?

A. ) Having a great sound?

B. ) Executing a great marketing strategy?

If you chose “B”, you may be on your way to stardom. In today’s music business, having an effective web marketing strategy can make the difference between you being a local, national or international music star.

A key element in your web marketing strategy should be the selection of your bands name. Why? Because your bands name will also become your bands keyword on the Internet.

I’m sure you’ve heard of references to AOL Keywords, but AOL isn’t the only place where people use keywords for search. Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK and many other search engines use keywords to help millions of people find what they are looking for on-line.

If someone is looking for information about your band on the Internet, they are most likely, going to type your bands name into a search engine. When the search engine returns the results, you’ll want your website, or your myspace page to be in the top of the listings.

My suggestion is to choose a crazy (or very creative) keyword. A crazy band name, when used as a keyword, will help your listings in search engines beyond your wildest imagination.

For example, let’s examine two keywords for two music acts – “Panic At the Disco”, a rock band and “Algebra” a soul and r&b group.

When I Googled Panic at the Disico, Google returned 10,300,000 results. On the first page of Googles search results, every listing led me to information about the rock band, Panic At the Disco.

The very first Google listing, for Panic at the Disco, was for the bands video “It’s Better If You Do”.

The second listing for Panic at the Disco was their bands website, panicatthedisco.com.

The third result was Panic At the Disco at purevolume.com.

The fourth result was Panic at the Discos’ myspace page.

Fith was Panic at the Disco lyrics.

Get the picture? The first page in Googles’ search results was all Panic at the Disco. Panic at the Disco is on an Indie Label.

Now let’s briefly look a Algebra, a R&B Group on a Major Label.

I Googled Algebra, and you can guess my results. The term “Algebra” returned 86,000,000 results in Google. Algebra, the R&B Group wasn’t listed anywhere in the first 10 pages of results. Most people doing searches will not dig past page two – in any search engine. The likelihood of the R&B Group Algebra, having any success on the Internet (from a marketing stand-point) is very slim.

So the lesson to be learned here is: choose a crazy or creative keyword and band name. With a crazy keyword people can find you easily on the Internet and that can improve your on-line marketing efforts by over 100%

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Heart Statistics for Women in USA

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Heart disease is a major killer of women within the United States of America. Changes in diet and lifestyle have left a large percentage of the population with heart health issues that can be potentially life threatening.

Did you know that there are nearly one and a half million heart attacks alone in the USA each year? Of those there are nearly five hundred thousand deaths. A heart attack occurs about every twenty seconds and a death by heart attack nearly every minute! Sudden death is more common in women than in men.

The National Registry of Myocardial Infarctions (New England Journal Med., 22Jul99) reports that women have a worse outcome than men after having a heart attack. Data indicated women under the age of 50 have twice the mortality rate of men after having a heart attack.

Approximately fourteen million Americans are known to suffer from the heart disease Angina. Approximately fifty percent of deaths from heart attack occur within an hour period. There is an early mortality rate between six and nine percent for those people who survive long enough to reach the hospital. For instance via ambulance or other transport.
Heart disease is nothing new to the United States of America. The statistics from 1983 to 1993 saw the heart attack death rate fall by around thirty percent. These statistics do not show much of that decline relating to women.

For some reason, studies conducted into heart attack; show that the most common time for a heart attack is Monday morning, followed closely by Saturday morning.

Statistics have shown that approximately thirty one percent of women know that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the USA.

Heart disease can affect any one at any time in life. It doesn’t matter what part of the USA or age you are, if there are any symptoms of chest pain, please see your medical practitioner immediately.