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Fantastic Beauty Tips For Facial Skin Care Products

Facial skin care products fall into four categories: cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and sun screen. When you are shopping for facial skin care products, look for items which take into account your skin type, complexion, age, and allergies.

It’s usually best to have a pure cleanser such as Ivory soap. However, if you have a specific skin condition, you may want to use facial skin care products aimed at your skin type. For instance, if you have:

· Sensitive skin – purchase a product aimed at this condition such as Oil of Olay’s Sensitive Skin Wash or Aveda’s All-Sensitive Cleaner.
· Blemished skin – try Neutrogena’s Pore Refining Cleaner or Murad’s Acne Kit.
· Dry skin – Cetaphil or Lancome’s Gelatee Milk Cleanser.
· Oily skin – Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash ad Shiseido Pureness Cleansing Gel.

You should not over-cleanse your skin. Some people prefer to wash their faces only at night, merely rinsing with warm water in the morning. Others prefer a two times a day routine. But, unless you are under the care of a dermatologist, you should not wash more than twice a day.

Exfoliation is the next step in the skin care routine. You should exfoliate at least one to two times per week. Men exfoliate their skin on a daily basis when they shave, which is why men‘s skin tends to look younger than women‘s at comparable ages.

There are several different ways to exfoliate. Perhaps the one that is easiest to do at home is using facial skin care products such as Lancome’s microdermbrasion kit. This is a gentle scrub with tiny grains. Watch out for scrubs with large grains (they’re usually the cheap ones) as they can tear your skin.

Other facial skin care products are designed to give you an at-home chemical peel. If you can’t afford a monthly chemical peel at a spa, you can use MD Skincare’s product which is available over the counter.

If your acne is bad enough to need a doctor‘s care, you should know that prescription Retin-A also acts as an exfolient.

Next up is moisturizer. If you have a problem with acne, you may want to skip this step. Everyone else will benefit from a daily moisturizing routine though. If your skin is tight, you will definitely want to moisturize it.

Like cleansers, the moisturizer you use will depend on your skin type. People with dry skin will want moisturizers containing glycerin, dimethicone and hyaluronic acid. Examples of these products include Dove Sensitive Essentials Day Lotion and Lancome’s Absolute Night Treatment.

If you have oily skin, look for products which advertise that they are oil-free & noncomedogenic. Some good bets include Neutrogena’s Oil Free Moisturizer and Lorac Oil Free Moisturizer.

Sensitive Skin is best treated with non-scented, non-colored lotions. Generally, the fewer ingredients the better. Dove Sensitive Skin Essentials Day Lotion and Benefit Vita Hydrating Cream for Sensitive/Dry Skin are good options.

Finally, if you have normal or combination skin, you should stick to gel formulations such as Clarins Hydration plus Moisturizer Lotion or Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel as your facial skin care products.

The last step of your skin care regimen is applying sun screen. Sun screen is you most important facial skin care product. Exposure to sun is the number one cause of wrinkles. Children should begin using sun screen at a young age and people should wear it even in the winter and on cloudy days.

Choose a sun screen with at least one of these active ingredients: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide or Parsol 1789 (avobenzene). Generally a sun screen with SPF 15 is sufficient.

When choosing facial skin care products, be cognizant of your skin care type. Also, make sure that you have facial skin care products which cover all four parts of a skin care regimen: cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and sun protection.

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A Constipation Home Remedy – Cayenne

Cayenne is a constipation home remedy that is effective in producing peristalsis in your colon and aids digestion. It can be used regularly at every meal and when needed for constipation. Cayenne pepper is known to help thin the blood. So, it is good for improving blood circulation.

Cayenne is available in capsules of different strengths, from 5,000 heat units (HU) to 100,000 and even higher. In addition, cayenne when used with other herbs helps to deliver these herbs more efficiently to where they are needed in the body.

As a constipation home remedy, start with one capsule of 40,000 HU and always take it after you eat. You will feel a hot or slight burning feeling in the upper stomach and that’s when you know its working. The feeling is like when you get heartburn. This burning sensation will pass as your body gets use to you using cayenne.

Do not use cayenne seeds, as they can be toxic. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding do not take cayenne supplements. Use cayenne only as directed on its container and only as capsules.

Cayenne has the ability to block the ulcer producing effect of NSAIDS. It also has shown to increase the body’s absorption of theopylline, a drug used to treat asthma.

In his book, Left for Dead, Dick Quinn tells how Cayenne pepper saved his life after coronary bypass surgery failed to restore it. In this book, Shannon Quinn, say,

“One of the most effective stimulants, mostly, cayenne targets the digestive and the circulatory system. Cayenne regulates blood pressure, strengthens the pulse, feeds the heart, lowers cholesterol, and thins the blood. It cleanses the circulatory system, heals ulcers, stops hemorrhaging, speeds healing of wounds, rebuilds damaged tissue, eases congestion, aids digestion, regulates elimination, relieves arthritis and rheumatism, prevents the spread of infection and numbs pain.”

Use the recommended dose shown on the bottle of cayenne you use.

You can also add cayenne pepper into other foods. Add cayenne to soups, salads, and other foods you like.

In soups or salads break open a cayenne capsule and mix it in. You can add 1 2 capsules, but first start with 1/4 or 1/2 capsule so you can get use to the hot taste.

If you are pregnant, it is considered safe to use cayenne.

Use this constipation home remedy and you will see results. It definitely has the power to eliminate constipation and keep you regular and has many other benefits, especially for your heart.

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10 Tips To Maximize Your Metabolism.

Metabolism basically means the count of calories you burn per day. Repeatedly you have might read from the articles about accelerating the rate of metabolism. The most common reasons are consuming highly nutritious food and performing workouts. If your metabolism rate is slower, it shows you are burning less of calories. In order to increase the rate, you must follow the below tips:

1) Do not observe fasting because you burn too many calories at once, which is really harmful to your body. In this process your muscles turn weak and you face dehydration rather than minimizing the fat content.

2) Dine about 6-8 times a day by consuming nutritious items such as fruits and vegetables.

3) A heavy breakfast is a key factor in increasing the rate of metabolism. Since you are awake for the whole day, the rate of metabolism is fast.

4) There are many kinds of healthy fats available such as nuts, fish, olive oil, and flax oil. They can be the substitutes for processed carbs.

5) Consume less of sugar so that the insulin production is regulated and you will thus burn calories easily.

6) Eat about 1 gm of protein per pound because the excessive fat content will be drained away.

7) Remember that alcohol is uprightly harmful for the people planning to loose weight. It prevents fat burning and contains almost 100s of calories.

8) Green tea and water are the best forms of beverages that do not affect the metabolism process. So use them instead of tea, coffee and alcohol.

9) Night shifts are normally not advisable, but if you think they are unavoidable then follow the above-mentioned tips carefully.

10) In order to make your metabolism process effective use the Turbulence Training manual that provide you right instruction to perform workouts.

If your metabolism rate is slower, it shows you are burning less of calories. Remember the above points for a healthy life.

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5 Breast Enhancement Vitamins Increase Your Breast Size

Everyone has their own idea of what ‘beautiful’ is. In our society many people, men and women alike, like the look of large breasts. There is growing concern, however, over the safety of getting a surgical implant procedure, not to mention the high cost. Women do have options though, and one of those options is breast enhancement vitamins. While there isn’t any clinical data to prove, or disprove, the effectiveness of this method, many woman have reported great results, maybe you will too.

It’s also important to note that there doesn’t seem to be just one type of vitamin that helps. It seems, rather, to be a cumulative effect and each type of vitamin adds a little to the overall effect.

Here is a list of some of the vitamins thought to help with breast growth and health:

1. Vitamin A. This vitamin helps keep skin firm and can help keep the skin over breasts firm and supple. While not directly related to the actual growth of the breast, it can help the skin expand and still stay supple.

2. Vitamin C. This vitamin has long been associated with keeping colds at bay, and it is great for your overall health, but it can also be helpful in producing collagen. Collagen is one element that increases the size of the breasts.

3. Vitamin E. Again, beneficial for the overall health of your body it is good for the breast since it can help the breasts stay firm and keep the skin healthy looking. Like Vitamin A, this vitamin isn’t directly related to increasing the size of the breast, it does help promote healthier, more elastic skin in preparation for the growth of the breasts.

4. While no one is recommending that you go out and ingest a lot of preservatives, it has been thought to add to the increased breast size that seems to be occurring over the last decade or so. Preservatives are in virtually every thing you eat and when it builds up in your system it seems to be contributing to larger breasts. The best way to get preservatives in your diet, though no one is sure that you should, is to eat non-organic foods.

5. Estrogen. There are foods that contain natural forms of estrogen and it’s believed that consuming those foods on a regular basis can help increase breast size. It is available in supplement form, but you must check with your doctor first. It is also believed that adding too much estrogen can lead to, ironically enough, breast cancer. While it may help you get bigger breasts, you do need to ask yourself if it’s worth the risk.

If you don’t want to undertake the risk and expense of getting breast implants you can try these breast enhancement vitamins as another option. Everyone is different and everyone’s results will be different, but since most of these vitamins are good for your overall health and well being, you really don’t have anything to lose, give it a try.

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A Closer Look on the Side Effects of Birth Control Products

Research and studies have been made on the effectiveness and reported risks of using birth control products, with results as varied as the number of the said products being sold today. These products actually deserve that much attention most especially since there is now about 100 million women worldwide who currently use birth control pills. Since its introduction in 1960 as a new method of birth control, these pills have somewhat influenced how society, and women in particular, view the issues of sexual health, reproduction, and population control. Still, the deep level of acceptance of such a method does not belittle the urgent matter of monitoring the safety of these types of medications. The potential health risks posed by some birth control products that underwent very short, inconclusive field testing makes further research a great necessity.

According to a Belgium-based research, they said that the long-term use of birth control pills can increase buildup of debris or plaque in the arteries, making the user of the drug more exposed to risk of heart disease. Another study claims that 1,300 healthy women aged 35 to 55 had 20 percent to 30 percent increase in prevalence of arterial plaque for every ten years of oral contraceptive use. While the said arterial plaque identified were small and not large enough to block an artery, any plaque is thought to raise your risk of heart disease. Many of the women in the study had used older, first-generation birth control pills, which had twice the estrogen levels as most oral contraceptives used today. Such side effects of birth control may seem ordinary to the naked eye and hardly noticeable during the early years of use, so women should be aware of their current health condition.

Moreover, the use of birth control pills for non-contraceptive purposes is rarely justified. If in case a woman only uses birth control pills for controlling menstrual cycles, irregular bleeding, cysts, or endometriosis, then they are not treating their underlying condition. Instead, they may simply be increasing their risk for other conditions such as cervical and breast cancers, and an abnormal increase in blood pressure. If these products are used without a prescription or doctor‘s approval, some women may experiences side effects of birth control such as faster thinning of the bones and higher risk for osteoporosis. Some oral contraceptives contain the synthetic hormone called desogestrel which doubles a woman’s risk of having fatal blood clots.

Many women also report side effects of birth control, and some of which are awful and is undoubtedly due to the artificial hormones that run throughout a woman’s body when taking birth control pills. Side effects of birth control usually include migraines and nausea, irregular bleeding or spotting, weight gain and mood changes, breast tenderness, yeast overgrowth and infection, among others. Barrier methods and natural family planning usually are the safer alternative. However, there is now a new generation of oral brith control medication that is much safer and more effective that the ones released decades or even just a few years ago. Since the side effects of birth control cannot be taken lightly, it is best to consult a doctor or visit online pharmacies that feature valuable information about various oral contraceptives.