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The Best International Honeymoon Locations

The Best International Honeymoon Locations

A honeymoon is a great idea for couples that have recently been married. Celebrate your marriage together and relax, enjoying the sucess of your wedding. When you are selecting your honeymoon destination for you and your new spouse you will want it to be as perfect as your wedding so some planning is required.

1. Hawaii

Hawaii is the best and origional stop for honeymooners. If you want, you can lounge along the beach or enjoy the tropical scenery. You can take a tour to help you explore the island, its waterfalls, and other beautful natural resources. The ultimate experience is simply to watch the sunset, although in the morning you can experience one of the finest golf courses in the world, play tennis, or participate in a luau.

2. Italy

Italy offers both plenty of sandy beaches as well as snow covered mountains for skiing and snowboarding. There are a number of major cities worth visiting in Italy that is why it might be of interest to spend a day or two in a number of cities, rather than limiting your trip to only one. Rome offers a number of bus tours and walking tours that allow you to take in some ancient historical landmarks. Enjoy the Roman ruins, Baroque fountains and even visit the Vatican if you have the time. The Vatican, in addition to its religious importance, houses countless works of art.

3. Tahiti

The Polynesian island of Tahiti is as good if not better than Hawaii. It boasts endless beaches and palm trees as far as the eye can see. Nearby, there are cafes and shops where you can find the perfect memento of your island vacation. Take an island cruise through the islands of French Polynesia or go scuba diving through the coral reef for the ultimate experience.

4. Virgin Islands

As a lower cost version of Hawaii or Tahiti, the island of Anguilla offers flawless carribean beaches and twice the privacy of the mobbed beaches found elsewhere. A number of delectable restaurants are available where anyone will find exquisite dishes like alaskan king crab, and local delicacies as well.

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University of Health Sciences Antigua

University of Health Sciences Antigua

Located on 50 acres of property, the University of Health Sciences Antigua serves as the academic accent to the historical National Park area of English Harbor in Antigua, West Indies. Antigua is the largest of the British Leeward Islands with a total surface area of 108 square miles. It is located right in the heart of the Caribbean, 312 hours flying time from New York, 3 hours from Miami, 412 hours from Toronto or Montreal, and 7 hours from London.

The University of Health Sciences Antigua was founded in 1982, primarily focusing on producing competent healthcare professionals although the institution also has non-healthcare programs and Postgraduate Diploma in various studies, such as Tropical Medicine and Travelers of Health Management.

As a privately endowed institution, the University of Health Sciences Antigua was chartered and accredited by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda and is listed with the World Health Organization. Students who graduate from the University of Health Sciences Antigua can take the United States Medical Licensing Examinations (USMLE) for certification in the USA. Additionally, they may also take other certifying exams from various parts of the world.

Besides the various Medical Programs offered by the University of Health Sciences Antigua, Liberal Arts and Sciences Programs are also offered. For students enrolled under the latter program, there is a scholarship scheme entitled “Scholarship for Students from Developing Countries” (SSDC), which is available only to students from developing countries.

The purpose of the University of Health Sciences Antigua in offering this scholarship is to increase the accessibility of populace to tertiary education and global increase in the number of professionals available to developing countries all over the world. It is also precisely for this reason that no service obligations are attached to the scholarship for students from developing countries.

Apart from the scholarship, the University of Health Sciences Antigua also offers another kind of student support in the form of tuition support. The service is only open to students of the University of Health Sciences Antigua who are enrolled in the medical program. In exchange for the tuition support, the program allows the participant to provide services related to his profession (if any). Alternatively, he may also serve as a medical doctor in the rural/medically under-served areas in the United States or other parts of the world.

This program of the University of Health Sciences Antigua is precipitated on the need to increase the response to global needs. Several nations are calling for the increase in the critical mass of medical doctors available for practice in the rural/medically under-served areas. In response, the University of Health Sciences Antigua is offering programs and scholarships such as these.

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Bring Yourself Back To Life In Barbados – Barbados Travel Information

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Situated to the east of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean, Barbados is an independent island nation and a tropical getaway with considerable historical sites to boot. With a long British history and settlements dating as early as 300 CE, Barbados offers travelers a tantalizing resort rendezvous and a taste of colonial and slave legacy. Book your airfare to Barbados before the high season ends and enjoy the tranquility of one of the most remote islands in the Caribbean.

Major airlines service the island’s fairly large international airport from most regions including Canada, Mexico, Europe, and the United States. If you choose to island hop through the West Indies, airfare to Barbados is easily accessible from Trinidad and Tobago to the south, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to the west, and Grenada to the southwest.

Travel to Barbados for the Sweet Life

After cotton crops failed on Barbados, the British introduced sugar cane to the island, which grew very well and also led to the development of rum drinks and molasses production. The plantation economy allegedly gave birth to the first appearance of the spiced island drink and visitors today can take a tour of the Mount Gay Rum factory, which is Barbados’ domestic rum producer.

Barbados is not all sugar and spice; the island is also a haven of white sandy beaches, surfing, fine dining and deep sea fishing. On the southern shore of Barbados you will find privately owned vacation rentals and time shares as well as the middle and lower range accommodations along the water, broken up by small seaside towns like Hastings, Maxwell, Rockley and Oistins. In the capital of Bridgetown, you will find duty free shopping, delectable restaurants and a mix of colonial and modern government buildings. Bridgetown is also the hub for docking cruise ships and mooring private boats. Travel to Oistins on a Friday night for the famous ‘fish fry.’ Dance, drink and eat with the locals until the wee hours of the morning.

Beyond the Beach of Barbados

Barbados has many activities for the active and adventurous if relaxing by the beach is just not enough. Get in with the iguanas at the extensive Barbados Wildlife Reserve and enjoy a pleasant walk through the exotic bird sanctuary or along the many footpaths surrounded by forests of monkeys. Harrison’s Cave, in St. Thomas province, is a very popular subterranean attraction and likely to be a bit crowded during the high season. If you’re still not tired, take a trip to Welchman Hall Gully where stretches of walking path are surrounded by think wooded forest and hundreds of wild exotic species.

Remember that Barbados was a long time British colony and therefore English speakers will have no problem communicating. Additionally, the island nation has one of the highest rates of literacy in the Western Hemisphere, making this tropical tryst hardly third world. Travel to any destination on the island is cheap and efficient by taxi or bus. The equator awaits, what are you waiting for?

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Cohen Research Report Bullish on Pacific Asia China Energy

Cohen Research Report Bullish on Pacific Asia China Energy

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A recent report published by the Cohen Independent Research Group, called Wall Street’s #1 Independent Research Firm, rated Pacific Asia China Energy (TSX: PCE: Other OTC: PCEEF) a Buy.
The 68-page research report set three wide-ranging valuation levels as price targets for PCE shares for the company’s coalbed methane concessions in China. Considerations such as the wide range of the Guizhou’s abundant gas reserves, expected prices of natural gas during the research firm’s forecast period, and discounting factors, such as the stock price’s high volatility, were included in their price targets.

PCE shares, which closed at C$1.16/share on nearly 131,000 shares trading hands on June 19th, were given long-term fair market pricing of C$1.96/share by Cohen Research. This pricing was under the most pessimistic scenario. The low-case scenario included a natural gas price as low as $275 per 1000 cubic meters, and included a discount rate of 25 percent on the stock price. Cohen also reported, in the report, that at the current market price, PCE is “grossly undervalued.”

Cohen Research wrote, “As per our Base Case scenario estimates, the NAV of PACE’s resources falls in the range of C$5.31 – 7.83 per share (with a discounting factor of 20 percent).” Under the most optimistic pricing, assuming natural gas at $375 per 1000 cubic meters, Cohen targeted PCE shares at C$11.56/share. Cohen Research used the Net Asset Value (NAV) based method, which is one of the most accepted methods to value mining companies.

PACE, the acronym for Pacific Asia China Energy and not the stock’s ticker symbol (which is PCE, trading on the Toronto Venture Exchange, or TSX), is fortunate that one of its concessions is in the Guizhou province of China. Estimates describe this Chinese province as hosting more than 20 percent of China’s coalbed methane (CBM) reserves. The country’s total CBM reserves have been independently estimated to exceed 31 trillion cubic feet.

PACE was the first Canadian publicly traded company to participate in China’s granting of CBM concessions. PACE is participating in the Baotian-Qingshan CBM project through its wholly owned subsidiary Asia Canada Energy (ACE). China’s state-owned CBM company, China United Coalbed Methane (CUCBM), granted the 970-square kilometer CBM concession in September 2005 to ACE. The Baotian-Qingshan concession is located in the CBM-rich Guizhou province.

The Cohen Research NAV levels confirm what we anticipated. Earlier this year, we had reported on the assessment by Sproule International on the Baotian-Qingshan property. On March 1st, PACE had released three scenarios presented in the technical report filed by Sproule. The worst-case scenario on the property showed 504 billion cubic feet for three coal seams. The high case volume scenario for seven coal seams reached as high as 11.2 trillion cubic feet. Sproule’s assessment, called the “Most Likely Case volume” estimated 5.2 trillion cubic feet. Some analysts have valued each trillion cubic feet of gas at C$1 billion market capitalization.

This valuation does not include PACE’s other CBM concession in China, the Huangshi project, where the company began drilling test wells in mid May. Nor does this include the company’s joint venture partnership with Mitchell Drilling Services of Australia for the exclusive use of the drilling company’s Dymaxion® system in China. We interviewed Nathan Mitchell, president of the drilling company, who was both optimistic and excited about his company’s joint venture with PACE, and looked forward to expanding his drilling operations into China.

Mitchell told us, during that interview, his drilling company’s technology made it possible to extract gas for around US$1.25 per mcf. This would help make potentially “uneconomic” gas more economic under a very pessimistic scenario. Revenues from others using the Dymaxion system in China would flow into the coffers of both PACE and Mitchell. Obviously this joint venture is moving forward. On June 8th, PACE announced it had appointed a country manager for the joint venture, writing, “Mr. Pacey will oversee all aspects of the joint venture activities in China as the Joint Venture Company prepares to deploy Mitchell Drilling Contractors Pty Ltd’s proprietary Dymaxion Surface to In-seam Drilling System later this year.”

Cohen Research did warn of negatives in making a hypothetical Bear Case for PACE’s projects. The research team wrote, “Commercial viability has not yet been proven.” The report also pointed out that technical studies were insufficient to “accurately assess the quality of CBM” to be extracted. Current drilling is underway on both CBM concessions. On June 12th, PACE reported, “Early stage desorption data from 12 samples show a range of gas contents between 105 and 407 scf/t (3.3 to 12.7 m3/t) after 4 to 19 days of testing. These values will be exceeded as desorption will not be completed for several weeks.”

The company appears on the right track and has been issuing regular progress reports, which are encouraging. As PACE progresses to its final drilling in Guizhou province, and as the price of natural gas recovers, we suspect Cohen Research will be pleased with their price targets, as might shareholders in Pacific Asia China Energy.

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Why Should You Take A Panama Cruise ?

Why Should You Take A Panama Cruise ?

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A Panama Cruise is amongst the most spectactular cruise available worldwide.
Just in case you are unsure exactly where Panama is in the world,… it is situated in Central America.
Panama is home to the Panama Canal, which is a man made waterway joining the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The canal is known as one of the greatest feats of engineering in the 20th Century, due to the fact it physically severs the land mass of North and South America for a total distance of 80 kilometers.
Since opening in August 1914, it’s use has steadily increased, culminating with over thirteen thousand vessels using the canal last year.
Hundreds of ships, including Panama cruise ships travel the length of the canal offering spectacular scenic voyages to a truly international audience.
Actually touring the canal aboard a luxury cruise ship is an amazing experience.
The journey takes a little over eight hours, passing through three locks, which raise the water level to allow the ships to pass.
The highlight of the voyage was standing on deck awaiting our turn to travel through the passage whilst a local historian commentated on interesting details and facts about the construction of the canal and it’s operational history.
We also stopped off in the ports of Cristobal, Isla de Coiba, Isla San Telmo and Colon.
A Panama cruise will take you on a magnificent journey through the canal and offers many individual tour options such as sailing, kayaking (on Gatun Lake which the canal passes through), or the Panama Canal railway.
Whilst on your Panama cruise, you must take a trip to Panama City to take in some of it’s beautiful architecture and culture.
Although it’s possible to take a round trip cruise, most people opt for a one way Panama cruise departing from either the Pacific or Atlantic side and ending on the opposite coast.
Whichever route you choose, you typically can opt for a cruise duration of between ten and twenty nights,… the most typical Panama cruise being for twelve nights. Some of the itineraries take in Mexico, Costa Rica, Acapulco, Cayman Islands, Caldera, Columbia, Montego Bay and Florida with most routes now being available.
For me, experiencing a Panama cruise allows you the chance to enjoy breath taking scenery just a short walk from your luxurious cabin, fine dining and spectacular night life. Is it any wonder Panama cruises have become so popular?