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Cotton House Beach Vacation

Cotton House Beach Vacation

The only hotel on the exotic island of Mustique, the
cotton house offers luxurious service, privacy, and
plenty of secluded beaches.
You can spend your
days exploring the marine life, relaxing by the
pool, or getting pampered by the enticing spa.

The spa at the Cotton House offers an amazing array
of services, such as massages, facials, reflexology,
wraps, and fully body treatments. You can catch a
spa in one of the four treatment rooms, just steps
from the beach, or even in the privacy of your
own room.

Situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic
Ocean, the 1,400 acre Mustique Island offers a
tennis club, nine secluded and beautiful beaches,
which are perfect for scuba diving, windsurfing,
and even snorkeling.

Rooms and suites
The Cotton House offers just 19 luxurious guest
rooms, cottages, and suites, most offering private
patios and panoramic views of the ocean. The
amentities offered by the Cotton House include soft
French cotton linens, a pillow menu, air, flat
screen televisions, and maid service twice a day.

If you are planning a honeymoon twist to your beach
vacation, you can splurge on one of the cottages
with a private plunge pool, or even book the two
bedroom Cotton Hill Residence which offers a
private swimming pool and its own staff that are
dedicated to you.

From dining in your cottage, ordering a picnic
basket and going to an empty beach, or just having
a romantic candlelit dinner, Mustique leaves the
choices up to you. A traditional afternoon tea
is served each day in the Great Room, while there
are weekly cocktail parties held by the Cotton
House as well.

Getting there
There are three ways that you can fly to Mustique.
You can go via Barbados, via Martinique, or via
Saint Vincent. From Barbados, you can take a
Grenadines Airways flight to Mustique for around
$400 per person – round trip flight.

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Recipe: Thai Kai Pad Prik Haeng

Chongqing, Sichuan, China
Source: Flickr

Thai Kai Pad Prik Haeng (Chicken with Chile and Nuts)

I recently had this at a Thai restaurant and just had to go out and find the recipe!

Yield: 1 serving

1 cup chicken meat, finely sliced
1/2 cup tua fak yao (long beans), cut into 1-inch pieces
1/2 cup celery, sliced on a bias
1/4 cup prik haeng (dried red chiles), crumbled
1/4 cup cashews
1/4 cup mam sup (stock)
1 tablespoon kratiem (garlic), thinly sliced
1 tablespoon nam pla (fish sauce)
1 tablespoon si iew khao (light soy sauce)
1 tablespoon si iew dhum (dark soy sauce)
1/4 teaspoon nam tan paep (palm sugar –
can substitute plain sugar)

One of the cook books I crosschecked this recipe with described it as "chile hot," which seems a fair description, though their version was a little milder than this one. As always remember that you can reduce the chile if you wish. This dish offers an excellent example of texture contrast with the crunchy nuts and the softer meat.

Place a wok or skillet on medium heat and carefully toast the uncooked cashews until they begin to turn golden, and are just cooked through (test by biting one). In a mortar and pestle or food processor briefly pound the cashews to produce a broken consistency. Heat the wok or skillet over high heat, and add a little peanut oil, and when it is hot, sauté the garlic until it is golden brown and slightly crispy, then remove it and drain on a kitchen towel. Sauté the chiles briefly, then add the chicken and continue stirring until it begins to change color. Working quickly add the remaining ingredients in turn, stirring to mix, adding the soy sauces and fish sauce, then finally the stock after the dry ingredients, as this will cool the mixture to allow the cooking to finish. Return the garlic to the pan, and cover, leaving for about a minute to complete cooking. Check that the meat is cooked, and taste for seasoning balance.

Serve with steamed/fried rice, and the usual table condiments.

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Learn To Speak The German Language

Learn To Speak The German Language

Railpage Albion Camera #3 Rail Movement Detection
Source: Flickr

German is one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide. It is the official language of several countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium. After the English language, it is the most commonly known language in the European Union, of which it is one of the official languages. The German language is the third most taught foreign language in the United States, behind Spanish and French, and there are many Americans that can trace their ethnic heritage back to German roots. There are many reasons to learn the German language, such as potential career prospects, current career enrichment, and for enhanced traveling experiences.
If you are interested in learning the German language for professional reasons, you have several options from which to choose. You can attend a college or University and earn your degree in German. Earning a degree in German will provide you with a solid foundation of the German language, both written and conversationally. With a degree in German, you will have a surprising number of career opportunities. If you are bilingual, you can be certified as a foreign language translator for example. This is a stimulating career opportunity that offers you many options. You can work full-time for a foreign language translation firm, translating important business documents or web pages for global corporations. Or you can be a freelance foreign language translator, setting your own work schedule and workload. Another career opportunity is to teach English to students in one of the German speaking countries. By knowing both English and German, you will able to enjoy a lifestyle in a German speaking country where you can have a fulfilling career, and experience the life and culture of another nation.
You might be established in a career, and be required to learn the German language in order to either communicate with overseas business associates, or to relocate. You can enroll in an accelerated German language program online, which is a fast, convenient, and easy way to learn the language. The online course will give you the skills to read, write, and communicate with others. There are several online programs available for enrollment that provide accelerated programs in German, as well as many other languages. You will find that if you need to relocate to a German-speaking country for your job, having a grasp of the language ahead of time will help to make your relocation and transition less stressful.
If you want to learn a little German in order to travel, you might consider combining your learning experience and vacation by participating in an immersion program. Learning the language in this way, you will not only learn how to communicate in German, but you will also experience the vibrant German culture. By traveling to Germany, where the language has its origins, you will become a part of the life and culture, and you will learn the language quickly and with surprising ease. You will learn the conversational and idiomatic styles of the language. You will be interacting daily with native German people who won’t necessarily be willing or able to communicate with you in English. Therefore, you will need to try to communicate with them in the German language. You will become engrossed into the everyday life of Germany. You will learn to appreciate the German culture: the history, the architecture, the food (and beer! ), and the people. As part of the immersion program, you will also attend courses in which you will learn how to read and write in German as well. There is no better way to learn the German language and experience Germany.
Whether you are interested in learning the German language for academic reasons or professional reasons, or you are interested in learning how to speak German for a vacation, knowing another language is an intellectually and personally stimulating achievement that will open your eyes to a new culture.

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Cheap Holidays To Australia

Cheap Holidays To Australia

Source: Flickr

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy an entire week of underwater exploring for your holidays? Cheap holidays to Australia are going to provide just that opportunity. You have never experienced underwater exploring as Australia has anywhere else. It is exciting and beautiful to see and do. Although the area has many different attractions you might just end up captivated by the activity under water that you will keep going back for more. The Great Barrier Reef is a hot spot in the country.

The coral reef is beautiful to explore and see the marine life that lives under water. The water is so clear and warm that all the habitants just float by you as you watch in awe. You can do some scuba diving or snorkeling or even utilize the submersible watercrafts that are found around the Great Barrier Reef. Cheap holidays to Australia cannot get any better. They also have glass bottom boats that are great to do some dolphin watching as well as some whale watching without getting wet.

Other areas in Australia offer some great underwater adventures. You will find that the days are spent exploring and the nightlife is spectacular, but day trips to other islands from the Great Barrier Reef are great. Plan a day trip to the island of Lizard, Hayman, Hamilton or Dunk. You will enjoy a day crossing the beautiful waters to reach the islands and then enjoy a day exploring the waters around the island. On your way back, you can relax in the warm sun and rest up for the excitement that the nights bring.

You will find that cheap holidays to Australia do not end underwater, but carry over to the popular nightlife attractions. You can enjoy the area cultures and customs, while dining in some of best restaurants in the area. After the dinner, you can sit back and watch the people dancing to live entertainment or enjoy a quick game of pool. You are not going to be left without anything to do at night. Many of the hotels have activities close by as well as on site entertainment.

Your cheap holidays to Australia will be exciting, adventurous and fulfilling. If you need more than underwater excursions, you might plan your trip around different stops in different cities of Australia. One thing is for sure, you will have the time of your life on an underwater vacation. There is another area of Australia that has a great underwater adventure. Perth has a underwater tunnel for some excitement. The tunnel is a hot spot for visitors to the area. This is something where you do have top get wet, put you can see the marine live every day. Things are never the same from minute to minute in the tunnel.

You are going to enjoy planning your underwater adventures in Australia. The reef or the tunnel as well as the many area beaches that have available snorkeling and scuba diving will keep you busy for as long as you plan your stay.

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Recipe: Buffalo (or beef) Steaks with Chipotle-Coffee Rub

Buffalo (or beef) Steaks with Chipotle-Coffee Rub


3 teaspoons ground coffee
3 teaspoons ground chipotle pepper (or chipotle chile powder)
1/4 cup paprika
2 teaspoons toasted cumin seeds
3 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon salt
4 buffalo or beef steaks (8 ounces each)


Combine coffee, ground chipotle, paprika, cumin seeds, sugar and salt. Rub mixture into steaks. Grill steaks until desired doneness. Makes four servings.