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CD Clock Radio – A Personal Review.

CD Clock Radio – A Personal Review.

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I simply love my CD clock radio.
For me the way you wake up in the morning is important, so why not do it the right way? Why torment yourself with some earsplitting and obnoxious beeping alarm clock? Since the time I got my CD clock radio I’ve been waking up in the most luxurious ways possible.

At times if I’m feeling especially sophisticated I’ll set on some Bach or perhaps some Beethoven to wake up to on my CD clock radio. There’s really nothing like starting the day off with some timeless classical music softly wafting into your ears and easing you from your slumber into a state of wakefulness. There have been times when I have dreams of hearing this music before I arise, and the rest of the day I feel composed and rested instead of irritated and rushed.

Obviously, I presume the main reason people prefer loud buzzers to wake up to, is to ensure they really awaken, but personally I have found that even gentle music from my CD clock radio almost always does the trick. Or if I’m worried about getting up by a certain time, I can set the CD clock radios buzzer alarm as well as the music. First the music plays, but then five minutes later I set the buzzer to go off just to make sure. Despite the fact that I never had to hear that buzzer, it’s reassuring to know that its there.

Another nice feature about my CD clock radio is the alternative sounds it has to wake up to. Made by Timex, my CD clock radio has a selection of ‘nature sounds’ to play in place of a buzzer. Though it may not have a very extensive selection of sounds, but they are actually pretty nice. One of them is not really a nature sound, but is a series of gentle wind chime like tones that play in a very Zen like manner. Perhaps if I’m tired of waking up to classical – Bach, I can adopt a more Eastern style of starting the day and wake up feeling like a Buddhist monk instead! With regards to the sound quality on my CD clock radio is only fair, and is not really designed to replace or act as a CD player.

CD clock radios are just great alternatives to your standard clock radios, and enable you to slip in any kind of music you want to wake up to. And yes! You even have the option of waking up to the radio as their names imply, if you run out of CD ideas.

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Three Hobbits

Three Hobbits

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Value: Obedience

Billabong, Hooku and Dimptha were like all hobbits because their love of home, family and comfort was their greatest value. However, even as young hobbits, they were showing far too much willingness to go on adventures than their nanny, Edna approved of. Ever since their parents were taken by the dragon because they strayed too far from their hobbit home, Edna was very careful to keep the boys close to her skirts. And home where Edna was suited the boys fine because there the finest candies, cooked meats, cheeses and cookies always were abundant.

But then the unthinkable happened. Edna fell under a spell and was near death. Billabong, Hooku and Dimptha were frantic with worry. With no other adults to help, they had no idea what to do. Finally, they went to the clearing in the woods to think about it and hope they could find an answer between each other.

“We have to find a cure for Edna. The idea of living without Edna is terrifying.” Dimptha said without hesitation.

“But how? I doubt if we could ever know how.” Hooku said his furry hobbit ears red with worry.

“There is a way. In this big magical universe, there’s a way.” Billabong said confidently although his heart was less sure as his mouth.

“Hobbits!” A dark foreboding voice boomed from the shadows, in the bushes that could not be seen because of the fire at night. “You have faced dangers before for the ones you love, you must face them again.” The voice said.

“Who’s there?” Dimptha said his voice quivering as much as his knees.

“Ebenezer, is it you?” Billabong suddenly burst with restrained joy in his face. If it was Ebenezer, the oldest friend of the hobbits and a wizard extraordinaire, he may have the magic to help them save Edna.

“It is I, good Billabong.” The voice said gently but all the hobbits could see was a shape, no face, no form, just a dark shape in the shadows.

“Why can’t we see you?” Hooku said distrustfully. “How can we know that its you if we don’t see your face.” The doubtful hobbit questioned the wizard.

“If you see me, your Edna will not be saved. Are you willing to give all to save her?” The wizard challenged.

All of the Hobbits said “Yes” as one voice although each were troubled by the mystery.

“Then follow me. I am truly a powerful wizard, but we must see the greatest of all the universe to save her.” The wizard commanded.

That sounded scary but they were willing to bow before the greatest of the universe to save Edna. It was hard to follow Ebenezer because he moved fast and his legs were lots longer than the hobbits legs. And he was always just a dark shape, nothing they could really see or touch, just a feeling out ahead of them really. “How do we know he is there?” Hooku said with despair but his despair only got worse when the forest closed around them and enclosed them like a deep cave.

“Follow my trail hobbits and keep your eyes on me.” Ebenezer commanded but it was impossible to see him so they had to follow their sense of his presence. They could tell his footprints because though he was hard to see, where he walked had a glow that lasted just long enough for them to step in his footsteps.

“Step in his steps” Billabong said frantically. “The only way to make it is to walk just like he walked.” And that’s what they did until suddenly Hooku went running off the path into the dark forest.

“It’s impossible. We can’t follow what we can’t see. We need to know what is there. I doubt there even is a great wizard and how can we know what is there and hee haw hee haw hee haw.” Came the eerie sound as Hooku turned into a braying donkey. Dimptha and Billabong stood staring out into the voice hearing their brother’s frantic brays and weeping for the dark magic that changed him.

“Fear not,” the voice of Ebenezer came to their ears.” His doubts made him into something small that complains. He will not perish. He will make his way back to the hobbit village and return to his shape. You cannot help him now. Run behind me, we must be fast now.”

And the hobbits doubled their pace. The fate of Hooku stuck in their memories, especially Dimptha who felt turning into a donkey must surely be terrifying.

“Hobbits, watch me only. We must cross the chasm of decision. Do not look down at the bridge but keep your eyes stayed on me and you will not fear. But run across the bridge. Do not walk. Let your love of Edna carry you.” Ebenezer cried out and almost immediately, they felt the rickety wooden bridge beneath their feet. They ran on its planks but up ahead they could see that many planks were broken or missing. They could easy miss one and fall into the gorge. They could hear the rush of water, feel the heat of fires and hear the sounds of tortured souls down there but they worked with all they had to not look down but stay their eyes on the wizards darkened back running ahead.

Suddenly there was an explosion and Dimptha looked down.

‘DIMPTHA NO!” Billabong cried out but too late. Dimptha’s face grew pale and his eyes wild with terror.

“IT’S NO GOOD. WE CAN’T MAKE IT. WE ARE TOO SMALL. THE DANGERS ARE TOO GREAT!” he cried loudly and then there was a loud SNAP and he was off the bridge. Next to him in the air was a bat flapping frantically and then it flew swiftly away crying out in Dimptha’s voice. “Run, flee, it’s the only way.” Dimptha had turned into a bat and used his tiny wings to run away in fear.

On the other side, Billabong wept.

“Do not weep good hobbit. For we have reached our destination. Dimptha will not perish. His fears will carry him home to cower with his brother. The mission to meet the great wizard cannot be accomplished by those who give in to doubt and fear. Come, He is here, the great wizard of all time. He is just over this hill.”

“Who is this great wizard?” Billabong said walking side by side to his dear friend Ebenezer who he could see clearly now.”

“He is the creator of the universe. The source of all power for good, none other than the son of God, Jesus himself and only He can heal your Edna. In fact, He already has.” And with that, they stepped over the hill and instead of a great throne room or a majestic courtyard, they were in Edna’s bedroom, back in their hobbit home. Jesus was standing next to her and took her hand. Then he said to Billabong.

“You’re faith has saved her little hobbit. You did not doubt and you did not surrender to fear but you kept your eyes on your salvation and because of that, she is saved.”. Edna suddenly sat up and smiled.

“But why here?” Asked Billabong confused.

“Because God is always with you,” Ebenezer answered. “You just need to know how to see him. Your ability to see beyond doubt and fear gives you the power to see him. He will never depart you again. Now look.” The wizard said pointing out the window at Billabongs brothers, safe and playing near the well. “Go and greet them and teach them what you know.” Ebenezer said hugging his friend. “They have a lot to learn.”

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Headsets A Brief Information

Everyone seems to have gotten busier and everyone also seems to have learned to multitask better. If you do one thing at a time these days there’s something drastically wrong with you. Everyone drives and talks on the phone. People at work talk on the phone and walk around their office. Everyone has to be doing something and something else at the same time. Thank God for the invention of the headset.

Computer headsets are great for not having everyone around you hear everything that is going on. Through our computers we can listen to music, talk on the phone and videoconference. Using a headset while on the computer allows you to work and not disturb the people around you and keep your information private so it is not blaring over the speakers.

Telephone headsets have become more popular since the cellular phone was invented. Certain states have laws that you cannot talk on the phone while driving. Headsets attached to phones allow the busy individual who must talk on the phone while driving, to continue to do so and not endanger the people around them. The headset for the phone also allows individuals to travel while talking. No longer are we restricted by how far the phone cord will reach or how loud we can yell to be heard over speakerphone from another room in the house. Have headset – will travel…

MP3 headsets or musical headsets are designed for the avid music listener or the hardcore athlete. Headsets for the music listening crowd have gotten smaller and smaller as the devices to play the music has gotten smaller and smaller too. There are the headsets that go over the head like a hair band, ones that go behind the head and still sit over the ears, and ones that sit right inside the ear. Depending on your activity level depends on the appropriate headset for you.

As mentioned there are various styles of headsets. Cordless headsets do exist but they cannot all be used with a cordless phone. Purchasing a headset is a very personal decision and if you can, see if you can try them on before actually purchasing it.

The ear on a human being is a unique design to everyone. An earpiece that just sits in the ear, will not sit the same in yours, as it will your friends or spouses ear. If you wear glasses, you’ll need to get a very thin earpiece and headset. You can even get one that clips onto the frame of your glasses and then sits comfortably inside the ear. There are headsets that have just earpieces that sit in the ear, but they also have a sort of clip that sits around the ear for added stability. And then there is the classic style that sits over the head and has a padded earpiece attached to either side and rests over each ear.

Whenever wearing a headset it is important to remember that you should keep the volume at a comfortable level. When listening to music it is not necessary to listen to it full blast over your ears – this could impair your hearing after prolonged use at a higher volume level.

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Tinnitus Nearing Epidemic Status

Tinnitus Nearing Epidemic Status

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Every year, millions of ordinary people with diverse lifestyles, develop a ringing in their ears.
The condition is called tinnitus. According to the American Tinnitus Association, as many as 50 million Americans may be suffering with tinnitus.

So many people are afflicted with tinnitus, that it is reasonable to assume it has become a top priority of the medical community. It may surprise you, that the condition is not well understood and is currently not curable. Tinnitus is a non-life threatening condition. There is no urgency to cure it. However, anyone who has it, knows it has a profound effect on quality of life.

One of the problems with finding a cure, is that there are many forms and variations of tinnitus. To make matters worse, there are 17 known causes and that list is growing. How can one find a cure when the cause and symptoms can’t even be pinpointed?

The benefit of tinnitus— I may be stretching it a bit, to suggest there is any benefit to having your ears ring. One common factor that most sufferers report is stress, which is often linked to high blood pressure. Volume varies as blood pressure rises and falls. Tinnitus in this case, could serve as a warning of a more serious problem.

Treatments— The four most common treatments are the following:

  • If the condition seems severe, the best course of action is to see a doctor. There may be physical damage to the inner ear or ear drum, in which case surgery may be necessary.
  • If no physical damage is found, the doctor will prescribe various drugs. Unfortunately, drugs thus far have had a low success rate.
  • Auditory therapy works in some cases, but can be cost prohibitive.
  • Herbal and supplemental formulas are the easiest form of treatment.

The exact number of people who suffer from tinnitus is impossible to determine. Minor cases go unreported. In any estimation, it is significant. As the condition becomes more prevalent, more research should develop. Just don’t expect a targeted cure anytime soon.

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Health Tips During Plane Travel

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It is a known fact that long traveling is usually stressful and tedious. Having a stressful trip should not be a part of your travel planning. When you travel in an economy or coach section in a plane for a longer period, it can be stressful and can cause harm to your health. You definitely tend to feel fatigue and experience all kinds of symptoms like vomiting, headache, body pain, desperation for water and uneasiness. So here are few tips to make yourself comfortable during your travel.

1. Drink lots of water and don’t let yourself get dehydrated. You can also consume alcohol moderately.

2. You can wear ear plugs and also eye shades to prevent yourself from hearing any noise and also coming in contact with bright luminous lights.

3.Have a light meal and avoid junk foods. Take fruits, cheese and crackers in between your meals to have a filled feeling.

4. Ensure that you refill your water bottle frequently to consume enough water to fulfill your thirst.

5. Take extra care for your neck and back. Sitting in the plane for too long can cause neck and back pain. Ensure you have an additional pillow or cushion apart from the one given to you in the plane.

6.Moisturize your lips with a lip balm.

7.Prevent your skin from drying up by applying enough moisturizer to your hands and face.

8. Don’t be sitting in the plane. Just have a small walk occasionally to have a good blood circulation.

9. Dress warm because the temperature of the cabin is usually set to 22 to 24 degrees Celsius.

10. Don’t remove your makeup before taking rest since it will prevent your skin from losing moisture in the flight.

11. Yawn frequently or chew your gum or swallow your saliva to depressurize your ears.

12. Don’t drink coffee before and during your flight.

13. Ensure that you have plenty of greens and carbohydrates before boarding the flight and see to it that you take a deep breath before boarding it.
14.Wear comfortable shoes and loose clothes. Make sure for every time zone you cross, you take rest which in turn will reset your body’s condition and allow it to adjust to the new environment.

15. Have a small medicine kit with your medical records and insurance in case of any emergency a balanced diet and have a routine to keep healthy at all times.