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Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance

In order to have a secured life, it is important to make sure that one has affordable health insurance.
Not everyone can afford to be hospitalized in this day and age, what with the high cost of medications and diagnostic tests. It is therefore a puzzle why despite this, most people continue their habits that they know would be detrimental to their health in the long run. These include consuming fatty, unhealthy food, which leads to obesity in some individuals, cigarette smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol, lack of exercise and using prohibited drugs.

Following a healthy lifestyle does not automatically assure one of a disease and illness free life. No matter how good a person takes care of himself, unforeseen things can still happen. The healthiest person you know might wake up the next day feeling dizzy and weak, and discover that he is a diabetic. People are getting sick everyday, yet salaries are not increasing. Not everyone can afford individual health insurance but fortunately, some companies and organizations offer group health insurance.

Group health insurance policy is a policy that covers the medical expenses of many people, instead of just a single person. With a group health care insurance policy, all eligible people are covered regardless of age or physical condition. Thess group health insurance policies are usually more successful. Group members are not as scrutinized like those with individual health insurance programs.

The advantages of group health insurance include cheaper costs because the company can afford to offer low rates because there are many people on the plan. Many private employers also offer group health insurance. There are no physical exams or history forms to fill out.

In group health insurance, the insured can readily get maternity coverage. It also makes sure that all employees of a business have health insurance plans. Even those who were weeded out in individual health insurance plans can apply for a group health insurance plan. These are usually the people who have pre-existing medical condition.

The disadvantage of group health insurance over individual health insurance program is that their health care policy is not customized and the insured gets the same policy his group gets. Unlike individual health insurance program, the insured does not have the freedom to include or exclude provisions in group health insurance. The choice is also limited because group health insurance plan is designed for the entire group and not for just one specific person. The insured in this group health insurance plan cannot choose the terms in the group health insurance policy. If one resigns and transfers to another employer, he also loses the group health insurance plan. Recently, there are some new group insurance plans that can be transferred to other employers but this is not the norm.

In contrast to group health insurance plan, individual health insurance programs give the individual a policy where most of his requirements and needs are fulfilled. These plans are customized and also more expensive than group health coverage. A group health insurance plan may give a much more generalized coverage to the insured but it is also much more affordable.

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Eye Surgery

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Eye Surgery has become a mainstream method of vision correction, and this article will explain the advantages and disadvantages of three different methods being offered to the medical consumer.

Lasik Eye Surgery

LASIK is the acronym for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis and is an eye surgical system which permanently corrects vision by removing a thin layer of the cornea. This procedure works best on patients with moderate to high degrees of myopia (nearsightedness), low to moderate degrees of hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism associated with myopia, and who have thick corneas. It is the most well-known surgical vision correction method.

People with normal eye sight see objects clearly because images are brought into a correct focal point by the cornea and lens of the eye. Ideally, the cornea’s curvature is evenly matched to its length in a normal eye. People with astigmatism, myopia or hyperopia have irregularly shaped corneas, so the objects seen are not focused properly. LASIK changes corneal shape by precise removal of corneal tissue, and by doing so corrects the eyes’ focusing power.

There are, however, risks to LASIK eye surgery.

There is a remote chance of complete loss of vision. If this happens, it is usually because the patient had a pre-existing condition which should have precluded the surgery in the first place, such as pregnancy, cataracts, arthritis, diabetes, glaucoma, or lupus. People with large pupils are also poor candidates for LASIK. Dry eye syndrome will be aggravated by this procedure.

A few patients complain that they permanently see “ghost” images, have blurred vision, diminished contrast and bad night vision. When LASIK was first introduced, 5% of patients had post-operative complaints; however, refinements in the procedure have caused this rate to drop to less than 1% if LASIK is performed by skilled practitioners and patients are properly screened prior to surgery. If problems do occur, they can often be resoved by a retreatment.

FDA has approved LASIK laser eye surgery since 1998. While there are a lot of satisfied patients, there are however no long term studies about its effects. Realize the limitations and the risks of LASIK eye surgery before you sigh up for the procedure.


Though less well known, these small implants can improve vision in patients with mild to moderate myopia without the risk of permanent eye damage inherent in the tissue removal technique of LASIK. Intacs are semi-circular disks implanted in the cornea which stretch it to assume a flatter shape. Though slightly less precise than LASIK, they are removeable and replaceable, so if the patient has an unexpected over- or under-correction, the implant can be removed and another of a different size inserted to obtain the desired correction. The implants are located at the edge of the cornea, so the central visual area is completely intact and undamaged, and the strength of the cornea is undiminished, making it a better option for pilots and those who engage in contact sports where eye injury is a possibility.

Intacs are unsuitable for severe myopia and more than minor astigmatism (1.00 diopters), as the cornea can only be stretched so far. If the Intacs are removed, vision returns to its preoperative level. Aside from vision correction, Intacs are also used to treat keratoconus.

Intacs are FDA approved and 10 year studies have revealed no major problems with Intacs and very few patient complaints; however, because the procedure takes more training than LASIK, there are fewer eye surgery clinics offering it. However, the Intacs website gives a list of practitioners in each state, as well a few in Canada, Europe and Mexico.


Because many people do not want to risk LASIK and Intacs cannot help those with severe vision problems, intraocular lens implants (IOL) are a new option approved by the FDA in 2004 to correct moderate to severe nearsightedness. The Artisan lens, manufactured by Ophtec, is similar to the type of lens implant utilized to restore vision following cataract eye surgery.

The new IOL, called the Artisan, is intended for only patients who have 2.5 diopters or less of astigmatism.

The artificial lens does not replace the natural lens, but is inserted in front of it. The main problem found with the implant was the steady loss of endothelial cells in the corneas of patients who received the implants. The endothelium is a layer of cells that line the undersurface of the cornea and are essential in keeping the cornea clear. A three-year study showed a continual steady loss of endothelial cells of 1.8 percent a year. At this point, no one can predict whether this loss will proceed at the same rate indefinitely, or even its impact on corneal function.

To minimize long-term effects of the device on the corneal endothelium, the FDA is requiring that the new lenses be labelled to specify that they should only be implanted in patients whose corneal endothelial cells are thick enough to withstand minor cell loss.

More serious complications were few: retinal detachment (0.6%), cataract development (0.6%), and corneal swelling (0.4%). The FDA is requiring Ophtec to conduct a five-year follow-up survey of its implant patients to better assess the post-surgical incidence of cataract development, retinal detachment and other ophthalmic diseases.

The Artisan lens is intended to be a permanent implant.Though it can be removed surgically, vision may not always return to what it was prior to getting the lens. Because it does not affect astigmatism, patients with this problem might still require glasses.

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Green Tea Caffeine Is A Personal Preference

Green tea is a best seller currently in the grocery stores, the convenience markets and at special events such as a baseball game.
Green tea caffeine is a matter of personal preference because green tea can come with or without caffeine. Some people drink green tea because there is a wealth of information on the benefits of green tea.

Some people make a conscious effort to drink green tea every day because of the reported benefits. Some of these people believe in the benefits, but they do not like to consume green tea caffeine for different reasons.

Some people do not want to consume green tea caffeine because this substance can cause insomnia. Most people do not want anything to interfere with their sleep. Caffeine can be addictive, and those that suffer from an addiction to caffeine end up drinking or eating products with caffeine throughout the day. The foods with caffeine could include tea, coffee, and some sweets.

Once people learn of the benefits of green tea, they look for products with the green tea caffeine removed from the product. There are several companies that offer green tea without the caffeine so people can get the benefits without the unwanted side effects.

Green Tea Caffeine Is Similar To The Caffeine In Coffee

Green tea caffeine and coffee caffeine are similar substances that are naturally in the tea plants and the coffee beans. The amount of caffeine in tea and coffee can vary from one plant to the next and from one coffee bean to the next. In general, coffee has more caffeine than tea. Then there are products where the green tea caffeine or the coffee caffeine have been removed almost completely. Most people try different products, and buy the ones that meet with their approval.

Green tea caffeine is never completely removed from the tea leaves that are used to make the beverages offered in the stores. The green tea caffeine is almost completely removed from the products that are labeled as decaffeinated. The amount of the caffeine in tea seems to differ from leaf to leaf depending on the length of the tea leaf. People who have problems with caffeine can still drink green tea once the caffeine has been removed from the product.

The great benefits of decaffeinated green tea are similar to those of regular green tea. These benefits include better cardiovascular health and lower cholesterol. These benefits are important considerations when choosing a beverage. Compared with coffee, green tea has more advantages and fewer disadvantages.

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Handling Teeth Grinding Problems The Right Way

Handling Teeth Grinding Problems The Right Way

There is a term for the medical condition which involves habitual grinding of the teeth and clenching of the jaw. It is called bruxism and it’s often defined by dental care experts as a condition that’s difficult to prevent. If you are suffering from bruxism, there is a solution for this kind of disorder. It usually occurs during night when you are sleeping. It usually affects children and adults. However, this is common to people aged 25 to 44. This is a very serious kind of medical condition and it should be treated immediately. Usually you are not aware that you are already having this medical condition because you are unconscious when you are sleeping. Mostly people who are at your side when you are sleeping discover this medical condition that you are not aware of.
Bruxism could damage your teeth through erosion and chipping. Your teeth become sensitive and prone to cavities when you are grinding your teeth and could also wear away your enamel. This is classified into two and they are classified as happening when one is awake, and the other takes place when one is asleep. The former is called awake bruxism and the other, sleep bruxism. When you speak of awake bruxism, this is called an involuntary clenching of your teeth and jaw. There is no tooth grinding that occurs during awake bruxism. While sleep bruxisms is classified as an automatic grinding of your teeth and with muscle jaw construction once the body enters the sleeping states.
This medical condition is also divided into primary and secondary bruxism, where the first one usually occurs without the cause of medical condition. On the other hand, the secondary bruxism usually has known psychiatric and medical conditions like antidepressant drugs and recreational drugs. Recreational drugs include cocaine, ecstasy and disorder like Parkinson’s disease.
Sleep bruxism rarely occurs alone and it occurs as assign of sleep disorder. Lifestyle also contributes to this kind of medical disorder like drinking too much of alcohol, poor exercise and poor sleeping habits. Stress is also one of the factors that cause bruxism and misaligned teeth or jaw. Misaligned teeth and jaw are common to children and this is why this medical condition is mostly found in children.
The most common treatment for bruxism is by having a mouth guard and you could wear this when you are sleeping. Mouth guard could prevent your teeth from damage when grinding your teeth while you are sleeping. It could also minimize the grinding behavior of your tooth. You could buy a mouth guard in the sporting goods in supermarket nearest you. You could also visit your dentist to have a customized mouth guard. Customized mouth guard is safe to use and it fits your mouth correctly. The only way for you to stop teeth grinding is to know the cause and how to deal with it. For example, if you know that the cause of grinding your teeth is, stress, avoid this to happen. Deal with your stress all the time and a mind relaxation for several hours.
There is nothing better than a relax mind. If you could not handle the underlying cause of bruxism – and not do anything about it at all – it could result to oral dental problems later. Fear, anger, anxiety could lead to bruxism if you do not know how to handle it right. Avoid this to happen and have a positive outlook in life. But of course, it’s best to consult your dentist as well as you shift into a more healthy outlook!

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Stressed Out? It Might Be Your Job

Stressed Out? It Might Be Your Job

“I’m stressed out.”
If you find yourself thinking–or saying–this to yourself on a regular basis, you might have a real problem on your hands. Job and career related stress has been on the rise in recent years, as occupations become more complex, and workers are taking on more and more responsibility. In fact,workplace stress is now considered an occupational illness. Many employees undergo stress as a normal part of their jobs, but some experience it more severely than others, to the point that they need time away from work.
According to a survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, extreme occupational stress is classified as a “neurotic reaction to stress.” There were more than 3,500 such illness cases reported in 2003. The median absence from work for these cases was 23 days, more than four times the level of all nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses. And more than two-fifths of the cases resulted in 31 or more lost workdays, compared to one-fifth for all injury and illness cases.
Not surprisingly, the level of workplace stress seems to be tied directly to the worker’s occupation. In fact, just four industries accounted for the bulk of occupational stress cases: Services (35 percent), manufacturing (21 percent), retail trade (14 percent), and finance, insurance,and real estate (12 percent).
In general, white-collar occupations had a higher proportion of stress cases than both blue-collar and service occupations combined. Managerial and professional occupations, with 16 percent of the cases, and technical, sales, and administrative support occupations with 48 percent, had the highest proportions of occupational stress cases.
And there appears to be a correlation between stress and a worker’s sex. For each stress-related illness involving a female, two cases involved a male.
If you’re stressed out, you need to look at ways to reduce that stress before it has a negative effect on your health. High levels of stress, over time, can lead to sleeping disorders, high blood pressure, and other physical problems.
If you think your work environment is too stressful, bring the subject up with your boss or employer. See if there isn’t some way of reducing your workload, or taking away a few responsibilities so that you don’t feel overwhelmed on the job. If you feel yourself getting stressed out at work, try relaxing and breathing slowly and deeply for a few minutes and see if this doesn’t calm you down.
Away from work, exercise is a great stress reducer. For many people, a brisk walk in the evening is enough to unwind them after a tough day on the job. I’ve found that yoga works wonders for me after a tense work day. After a half an hour doing yoga poses and breathing exercises, I feel refreshed, and I sleep much better at night. Other people relax by playing sports, or socializing with friends,or playing with their kids.
No matter how you relieve stress, just do it. You’ll feel a lot better, both physically and mentally. And if you can’t find a way to manage your stress levels at work, you might need to think about finding another job.