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How to Help Breast Cancer Charity

How to Help Breast Cancer Charity

Every year, breast cancer affects thousands of Americans both women and men. It is estimated that one in eight women will develop the disease. Early detection increases the survival rate significantly. One of the best ways to detect breast cancer early is to have a mammogram. A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast. It is a safe, quick and simple method but, unfortunately, millions of women have never had one simply because they are not aware of its importance. Breast cancer charity seeks to change that.

One of the main purposes of breast cancer charity is to raise awareness about breast cancer particularly on:
* Detection and diagnosis
While the risk of breast cancer is higher in Caucasian and African-American women and in women over forty, all women are at risk of this disease. Most women diagnosed with breast cancer have no relatives with a history of the disease and many had no evident risk factors. In addition, breast cancer in the early stage is usually not painful. All of these make early detection crucial.

Breast cancer charity continues to educate women and the public about the significance of mammography screenings and its contribution in saving the lives of many women. Along with education, breast cancer charity raises funds to provide free or affordable mammograms to low-income women, the homeless, uninsured and other women in need.

* Available treatment
The methods to treat breast cancer include surgery, hormone therapy, chemotherapy and radiation.

Breast cancer charity encourages women to assume responsibility over their health, which can be as simple as self-administered breast exams, clinical breast exams, getting a mammogram and, for breast cancer patients or survivors, following treatment as advised by doctor.

For those who would like to reach out in support of breast cancer charity, many organizations would appreciate your efforts to fight breast cancer. You can help breast cancer charity in many ways such as giving a cash donation, shopping online on charity websites or participating in site advertising programs to fund mammography screenings, wearing a pink ribbon or awareness bracelet, linking your blog to a breast cancer site, joining walks, and volunteering in campaigning and fundraising.

To get more information on different breast cancer charities, you can check charity ratings to locate which groups will use your donation the most efficiently and which uses majority of its funds to finance actual programs. Some charity watchdogs have made this information available online. Support breast cancer charity and help save lives.


#Diet #Health #Fitness #Exercise #WeightLoss #Nutrition #fatburning #Workout #fatloss, Breast Cancer

Soy isoflavones

Soy isoflavones

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Soy isoflavones

Soy isoflavones are compounds that one can derived from soybean products. Soy isoflavones are potent plant substances that have similar chemical structure tot hat of the female hormone estrogen. Countries where soy is a basic part of their regular diets revealed that the women have fewer sufferers of menopausal syndrome which include hot flashes.

Soy isoflavones are now available in supplement form. But the effects of soy isoflavones still need to be verified in laboratory studies. Since most people who have undergone scrutiny were those that ate soy products instead of take soy supplements. Soy isoflavones may just be one of the many compounds that make up soybean products. There are two important soy isoflavones components, these are: genistein and daidzein. These two particularly protect from breast cancer and endometriosis. They accomplish this by competing for the same place on cells or receptor sites against the body’s estrogen. Excess estrogen could result in breast and uterine cancer which the soy isoflavones can effectively be lessened. And if the natural levels of estrogen in the body drop, such as what happens during menopause, soy isoflavones can bind to some of the cell receptor sites that estrogen used to do. Menopausal symptoms improve in the process. Soy isoflavones can also control cancer-causing enzymes, provide antioxidants and boosts the immune system.

Soy isoflavones have several specific positive health contributions which include:

o assists in controlling menopause and perimenopause. It lowers the frequency of hot flashes and other bothersome menopausal symptoms.
o Guard against osteoporosis. Soy isoflavones help women maintain bone density.
o Counters the effects of endometriosis. The phytoestrogens in soy extract can offset the body’s natural estrogen which is the cause for monthly pain, heavy bleeding and other symptoms of endometriosis.
o Protects against prostate problems. The male prostate gland can be protected against possible enlargement by ingesting soy products.
o Prevents various cancers. Soy foods included in the regular diet can protect against hormone-related cancers of the breast, prostate and endometrium. Women who consumed the most soy products can reduce their risk of endometrial cancer by 54%. The reason behind this is that the soy isoflavone genistein may possibly block the protein tyrosine kinase which causes the growth of tumor cells.
o Reduces heart disease risks. Soy isoflavones promotes health of the heart. FDA declared soy foods as products that lower risk of heart disease by lowering harmful cholesterol.

Soy isoflavones comes in several formulations such as: tablet, powder, liquid and capsule. It is best to keep in mind the following in order to get the most value out of soy isoflavones:

* Soy isoflavones is best derived from soy products because they provide protein without the saturated fat found in other protein-rich sources such as red meat.
* The recommended daily allowance of soy isoflavones is still to be determined. But among people where prevalence of breast cancer and invasive prostate cancer is low, the estimated daily intake of soy products is between 20 to 200 mg of soy isoflavones per day.
* If you want to use soy isoflavones supplements choose those products that supply a mixture of isoflavones which includes genistein and daidzen.
* High-quality soy based protein powders are available and easy to make.
* For those who have health conditions, take 100 mg twice daily of soy isoflavone from supplements, foods or combination.

Take soy isofalvone pills with warm water before eating breakfast and dinner. High-fiber diet may impede the absorption of soy isoflavones. Increase your soy intake if your diet is high in fiber. There are no known drugs or nutrients interaction with soy isoflavone even if taken in high doses. Always consult your doctor before taking the supplements. Pregnant and lactating women are advised not to take the supplements because of its estrogenlike effects. And avoid soy products if you are allergic to such products.

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Fight Your Cancer: Tips And Tricks For A Great Battle Plan (2)

Fight Your Cancer: Tips And Tricks For A Great Battle Plan

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As you can see from all the pink ribbons athletes and celebrities are wearing, breast cancer is still a huge issue that women of the world deal with. Not only breast cancer, but all types of cancer still continue to plague people. So before you become a victim of this disease, read about your options.

Cancer is a word that most people dread hearing all their lives. Many don’t even get regular check-ups for fear of this word. But by taking advantage of the latest cancer screening tests, such as mammography and colonoscopy, you will give yourself the best odds of never having to hear the dreaded “C” word!

Talking with your children about cancer can be difficult. Base your method of discussion on your child’s age and maturity level. For young children, often a storybook about cancer is the best method for describing the situation. For older children, openly discussing the diagnosis while being honest and reassuring is typically the best method.

Beware that breast cancer can occur in women of all ages. Many women think that because they are in their twenties or thirties that they cannot get breast cancer, therefore, they ignore symptoms, like lumps in their breasts. If you feel anything suspicious, be sure to let your doctor know.

Be sure to get plenty of rest if you are a cancer patient. Your body needs all of the energy that it can get. So, it is okay to give in to the fatigue that you are feeling. If you are having a hard time sleeping, talk to your doctor.

Know your family history so you know if you are at risk of getting breast cancer. If you have family members who have had it before reaching menopause, be sure to tell your doctor. You are going to be at a higher risk of developing the cancer as well, and your doctor will want to keep a close eye on you.

Limit your alcohol consumption to protect yourself from cancer. Heavy amounts of alcohol can lead to deadly liver and/or stomach cancer. Alcohol can also have a damaging effect on your skin and many other essential organs. Limit your consumption to no more than one glass of beer or wine daily for optimum health benefits.

Beware of mouth sores if you are going through chemotherapy. It can be one of many unpleasant side effects. Even so, they can be prevented or treated. Sucking on-ice chips, sucking on hard candies and drinking plenty of fluids can all help prevent mouth sores. Be sure to visit your dentist for checkups as well.

Learn self testing methods for detecting breast cancer. Breast cancer is a leading cause of death in women of all ages, and can be identified early through regular breast exams that you can perform at home. If you are able to detect breast cancer early, you could avoid it advancing in stage to a point where your life is in danger.

Having a few options out there, whether dealing with prevention or treatment, or even dealing with yourself or your loved ones, is a great way to be fully prepared should cancer ever inflict its damage upon you. Make sure you’re memorizing these tips so that you can always use them to help.

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Six Steps to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Six Steps to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

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We hear it all the time…lose weight for your health. Few people however, realize the extent to which this is critical to their physical well-being and ultimately their life expectancy.
In January 2003, the Journal of the American Medical Association featured a study finding that obesity appears to lessen life expectancy, especially among young adults. The researchers compared Body-Mass Index (BMI) to longevity and found a correlation between premature death and higher BMIs. For example, a 20-year-old white male, 5’10” weighing 288 pounds with a BMI of greater than 40 was estimated to lose 13 years of his life as a result of obesity.Jamie McManus, M.D., F.A.A.F.P. and author of “Your Personal Guide to Wellness” notes that while this study referenced extreme levels of obesity, there are still millions of overweight people in developed countries with a life expectancy rate that is three to five years less than their healthy-weight counterparts. She also estimates that there are 600,000 obesity related deaths each year in America.
Just how does obesity shorten our lifespan? The answer to this question is complex, yet there is a clear link between obesity and the development of cancer. An extensive study conducted by the American Cancer Institute involving 750,000 people showed that obesity significantly increased the risk of cancer developing in the following organs: breast, colon, ovaries, uterus, pancreas, kidneys and gallbladder.
Michael Thun, MD, vice-president of epidemiology and surveillance research for the American Cancer Society (ACS) says one reason obesity may raise cancer risk is because fat cells produce a form of estrogen called estradiol that promotes rapid division of cells, increasing chances of a random genetic error while cells are replicating, which can lead to cancer. In addition, fat centered around the abdomen may increase insulin and insulin-like growth factors in the blood, which may increase cancer risk.
“Women who are obese after menopause have a 50% higher relative risk of breast cancer,” notes Thun, “and obese men have a 40% higher relative risk of colon cancer…. Gallbladder and endometrial cancer risks are five times higher for obese individuals”.There is evidence that cancer rates in developed countries are increasing at 5 to 15 times faster than developing countries. A major contributor to this alarming reality has proven to be diet. In populations where the diet consists mostly of fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grains – in contrast to the typical Western diet of fatty meats, refined flours, oils and sugars – the risk of cancer is much lower.
The interaction of diet and the development of cancer is an active field of research and Dr David Heber, M.D., Ph.D. and author of “What Color is Your Diet”, says “It appears that diet has its most significant effects after the cancer has already formed, acting to inhibit or stimulate the growth of that cancer”. At the risk of oversimplifying a complex set of interactions, the typical Western diet that leads to obesity may actually act to stimulate the growth of cancer cells.It is never too late to improve your health through healthful eating and adopting a more health-giving lifestyle. Here are simple steps to follow which can make an immediate improvement to your health and vitality.
Check your Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine if weight has become health risk. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 60% of Americans are overweight, defined as having a BMI (a ratio of height to weight) over 25. Of those, nearly half (27%) qualify as obese, with a body mass index of 30 or more. In 1980, just 15% of Americans were considered obese. You can check your BMI at the website below.
Match your diet to your body’s requirements. If you eat and drink more calories than your body requires you will put on weight. Learn to control calories and portion sizes, make recipes leaner, and eat infrequently from fast food restaurants. Also learn how to snack with healthful choices.
Color your diet with a large variety of colorful, cancer-fighting fruit and vegetables. There are seven different color ranges of both fruit and vegetables and by choosing between 5 to 9 daily serves from a wide range of fruit and vegetables, we are extending our consumption of cancer (and other disease) fighting nutrients.
Eat lean protein with every meal. Protein provides a powerful signal to the brain providing a longer sense of fullness. The right source of protein is essential to controlling your hunger with fewer calories and necessary to maintain your lean muscle mass. Choices of protein should be flavored soy shakes with fruit; the white meat of chicken and turkey, seafood such as shrimps, prawns scallops and lobster and ocean fish or vegetarians may prefer soy based meat substitutes.
Rev up your metabolism with activity. If you want to enjoy a lifetime of well-being, exercise is a key ingredient. Colleen Doyle, MS, RD, director of nutrition and physical activity for the American Cancer Society (ACS), says adults should do something for 30 minutes each day that takes as much effort as a brisk walk. Children should be active for an hour each day. We are more likely to develop habits around things we enjoy, so seek activities which you enjoy doing. It is also helpful to build physical activity into your daily routine: use the stairs instead of the escalator or lift at work, park your car in the parking bay furthest from the super marketing and don’t use the remote control to change TV channels.
Get support to ensure you develop a healthful eating plan and reach your goal weight. Whilst a small percentage of people possess the discipline to lose weight, many obese people have developed strong thoughts and habits concerning the food they eat. In order to establish new habits, most people respond well to some form of consistent encouragement and coaching. A study, “Effects of Internet Behavioral Counseling on Weight Loss in Adults at Risk of Type 2 Diabetes” shows that participants who had the support of weight loss coaching lost more weight than those who didn’t. The study concluded that the support of a weight loss coach can significantly improve weight loss results.
Being overweight or obese has been identified next to smoking, as the most preventable major risk to developing cancer.
Even small weight losses have been shown to have beneficial health effects. So it’s never to late to start and you can never be too young or too old to be concerned about your health and do something about achieving a more healthy weight.
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Anti Aging Skin Care Products Myths

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Anti aging skin care products

Are you looking for anti aging skin care products? Have you thought of buying one?

Anti aging skin care products remind me of the song ’18 till I die’. Indeed, anti aging skin care products are very popular today; and why not, who doesn’t want to look young for ever?

Talking of anti aging skin care products, the first thing that comes to mind is vitamin C based anti aging skin care products. These products work by enabling the synthesis of collagen (a structural protein that is found in skin). This category of anti aging skin care products is related to anti-oxidants. Anti aging skin care products that are based on vitamin C are, however, posed with the danger of getting oxidised themselves (as they come into contact with air during their usage). So some anti aging skin care products are based on the derivatives of vitamin C, which are more stable and less expensive. However, the effectiveness of such anti aging skin care is not as much as it is for vitamin C based ant aging skin care products.

Besides vitamin C, vitamin E and lipoic acid are anti-oxidants too. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble anti-oxidant that is found in human blood and helps in building resistance against infection. Vitamin E is also known to inhibit cancer. Liponic acid is known to combat the signs of aging very effectively by reversing the skin damage caused by the aging process.

Phytochemicals form the other category of anti aging skin care products. Phytochemical are special chemicals that are extracted from plants. There are a variety of phytochemicals that are in use today. Phytochemicals prevent occurrence of cancer of certain types; these include prostate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. That is why they find their place in anti aging skin care products.

Some B-vitamins like B5, B6 and B12 are also in use for anti aging skin care products.

The field of anti aging skin care products is vast and needs a lot of research. Though the currently available products are effective, they still have challenges to combat. Hopefully, these challenges will get resolved in due course and help get better and cheaper anti aging skin care products.

However, anti aging skin care products should be used only as a supplement to the natural ways of skin and body care. So, drinking a lot of water, getting a good night sleep, exercising regularly, maintaining healthy eating habits and keeping stress at bay are essential means of delaying the aging process. No anti aging skin care product can replace them really.

Now that you know everything about skin care products, it would be easier to choose which one is the best for you.