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Earn Money Online Through a Web Affiliate Program

So you think you’d like to make a little money online, If you want to get started earning some extra cash on the Web, or even a set up a full time living online, there are lots of opportunities available and you’re only limited by your own imagination. One good way to get started is to establish a Web site or blog (short for “web log”) that is loaded with interesting content. Creating an interesting online presence with lots of unique content will allow your site or blog to be ranked in the search engines, and will bring lots of visitors to read what you have to say. Once you’ve established yourself and your content and you start to get visitors, you can join a web affiliate program which will allow you to earn money through clicks from your viewers.

So how does a web affiliate program program work, It’s really pretty simple: an online seller wants to get as many visitors to their site as possible, because more visitors means more revenue. In order to get more visitors, these online retailers offer to share a portion of each sale with those people who help promote their products, also known as “affiliates”. Web site owners who want to earn a portion of these sales simply sign up for the retailer’s web affiliate program. The retailer then provides the affiliate a unique identifier that allows the main Web site to track clicks from your site or blog. Once a sale is made, the retailer will then credit your online account with a pre-determined percentage of the sale or flat payment.

A web affiliate program is an excellent way for an online seller to increase sales, because all of the affiliates become front line salesmen for the product or service. Sharing a portion of each sale is the incentive that the retailer provides to each of his affiliate salesmen. The more affiliates an online retailer has, the more traffic they will receive to their site, and the more sales they are likely to make. Many of the most successful online sites have thousands and thousands of affiliates.

There are many web affiliate programs available for practically any sort of Web site or blog content you can imagine. One of the most widely known is the Amazon affiliate program. Amazon, the world’s biggest online retailer, sells a lot more than just books. There are literally thousands of different types of items available through Amazon, and if you sign up for the Amazon web affiliate program, you can link to any of those products that are relevant to your Web site and your visitors. When someone who is reading your site sees a product that they’re interested in, they simply click your Amazon web affiliate program link and they’ll be instantly able to purchase that product online. If they buy, then you get a cut of the sale.

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amazon, amazon products, amazon product

Part 9 – More Monetizing Options

We’ve discussed about using Google Adsense programme and other merchants’ affiliate programmes to generate profits from your blog. However, we have a lot of other options ot monetize your blog, so we’re going to look into that today.

The first option we’ll be looking at is Chitika ( Chitika is a very innovative contextual advertising programme because it can serve very detailed advertisements. For example, on your technological gadget blog, Chitika will show advertisements for tech gadgets such as iPods. The way they show it is in different tabs: one for “Best deals”, another for “details”, another for “reviews” and so on. This way, it is more of an informational section for your visitor rather than an advertisement, and naturally the click-through will be higher. You can apply here:,type=mm

You can also be an affiliate for Amazon offers a wide range of products but its predominant domain is in books. Whatever your niche is about, you can probably find a book about it on Join their Associate programme here:

Once you join them, you can refer visitors to them and earn up to 10% commission. It’s not a lot but if you can manage to refer big volumes of visitors, Amazon is for you. This programme really shines when it comes to the ways you can refer visitors: you can use their predefined templates to pull up recent items that match a certain criteria you set, you can target your ad to show a specific item on sale or you can just simply weave your referral links into your blog posts.

Last but definitely not least, you can sell advertising space on your blog if your blog is truly popular. Just take a look at blogs like That blog receives over 10,000 pageviews every day and naturally merchants will want to strike a deal with the blog’s owner to post their advertisements there. If you manage to pull in huge amounts of traffic like that blog, you can definitely get people to buy ad space on your blog for prices from $150/month upwards, depending on your blog popularity.

To gauge how much pageviews and visitors you get everyday, just use the free tool available at They have a very detailed setup guide there so I won’t go into it.

If your blog has not acquired large amount of visitors yet, you can still sell ad space on your blog on a per click or per impression basis. Just visit sites like For a complete list of these sites, visit

Hopefully, that will help you maximize earnings and profits from your blog!

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Is The Amazon Kindle The Best Choice

Converting books into a digital format that can be read on a small hand held device, or reader, is something that’s been around for a few years and it’s a concept that’s really starting to take off. When it comes to choosing a digital reader many people turn to the Amazon kindle, but is it really the best one available,

I’ve compiled a list of some of the features of the Amazon Kindle that make it one of your best choices when buying a Kindle.

1.Size. The Kindle2 has a weight of around 10 ounces which is average and on par with it’s competitors. The dimensions are 5.3″x7.5″ which is slightly bigger than some of the competition.

2. Display screen. This is an important feature since you obviously want to be able to easily read whatever book you’ve downloaded. The Kindle 2 measures 6″ diagonally, which again is a pretty common size.

The Kindle 2 has an E-Ink paper display which makes it look like you’re reading right off of a piece of paper. This technology is found in most book readers.

Where the Kindle 2 really excels is the 16 level gray scale, the next closest competitor has a 8 level gray scale.

3. Wireless network. The Kindle has a built in network called Whispernet which enables it’s users to access any wireless connection using the Sprint network anywhere in the country where the network is available. So you have a very large coverage area. You don’t need to sign up with Sprint, or any other carrier, this capability comes standard on all Kindle 2 units.

4.There are now over 200,000 titles available for download on the Kindle 2. You will also be able to access thousands of blogs, newspapers and magazines, all right from your portable reader.

Most competitors only offer about half of the number of titles to download and fewer blogs with no papers or magazines.

5. Available storage. The Kindle 2 can hold about 1,500 books and comes with an internal 2GB memory. There is no external memory.

One of the next closest competitors has the ability to store over 300 titles with an internal 256mb memory and can support up to 16GB memory cards.

6. Battery life with the Kindle 2 is approximately two weeks with a full charge when wireless is turned off. If wireless feature is on battery life is around 4 days. It takes about 4 hours to recharge the battery.

This is similar to the storage life of the competition.

One of the closest competitors to the Kindle 2 is the Sony PRS 700. Both of these are the next generation in electronic readers. Both are available at and both are in very high demand. No matter which one you choose you probably shouldn’t wait til the last minute to try and order yours.

If you do a little digging you will find a lot more information not just on the Kindle 2 but on other brands of book readers. Take some time and compare features and you can decide for yourself whether or not you think the Amazon Kindle is the best choice for you and your reading style.

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Ebook Reader – Take A Book Anywhere

Many of us have been reading ebooks right from our computers for quite some time. The books available, for the most part, were mostly educational type books that were intended to teach us a new skill. These books are particularly popular with many online marketing courses.

Today you can read virtually any book that has been written in this electronic format. The nice thing is that you no longer need to be tied to your computer to read an electronic book, you do, however, need to use an ebook reader.

Two of the most common readers are the Amazon Kindle 2 and the Sony Ebook Reader. Both of these units will allow you to download and read upwards of 100,000 different titles of books. You also have access to over 1,000 blogs and many popular magazines and newspapers.

These electronic readers have been around since late 2007 but they are only now becoming widely used.

The Kindle 2 is very lightweight weighing around the same as a 3G phone, around 10oz. The light weight makes it extremely portable. It has a long battery life so you don’t need to be tied to an outlet, perfect for reading the latest mystery at the beach.

As a matter of fact the battery life, when fully charged, is up to a week with wireless turned off. With the wireless feature on your battery life will be less. You’ll usually have to recharge every couple of days or so.

The Amazon kindle will allow you to connect to any wireless network, anywhere, anytime without having to purchase an additional plan. You will be using the included Whispernet network, standard on all Kindles.

Many people may be hesitant to download and read an ebook using this method because they may think that it would be hard on the eyes. Actually the opposite is true. The clarity of the screen makes reading a book on an electronic reader easier on the eyes than a paper book.

You can even increase the font size,which would not even be possible to do with that $25 hardcover book you just bought!

Most electronic readers will be able to store between 200 and 300 titles. You will also have the ability to add between 4GB and 16GB memory card to store all the titles that you’ve purchased. That makes for an impressive, and small, library.

Electronic readers aren’t cheap. They will run around $399 depending on which model you choose. is the place to get the Amazon Kindle2, of course, but you can also get the Sony model on Amazon too.

Readers are in very high demand and they aren’t always in stock. If you wanted to get one for a special occasion, say a holiday, birthday present, or a vacation, you should start looking early so you aren’t disappointed.

Getting an electronic ebook reader has many benefits: you will save paper, you can get the latest titles in seconds from virtually anywhere, and you can store a huge number of titles in this one compact device. All in all, it’s a good deal for any avid reader.

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The Inside Scoop on Making Money Easy Online

Some people say that the only way to make good money is to work hard. No doubt that in the past, hard work was one way to get ahead. But even hard work wasn’t a guarantee of success. These days, in the age of technology, the internet has made making money easy. For some, all it takes is a computer and an internet connection to get a successful small business off the ground.

If you’ve spent any time online lately, you probably already know that blogs (short for “web logs”) and blogging are big. There are literally thousands and thousands of blogs online, and some of those bloggers are turning their daily posts into cash. These days bloggers aren’t working hard, instead they’re working smart and making money easy as they do. But how can a simple blog turn readers and clicks into cash, The answer is simple: affiliate marketing and Google Adsense.

The Google Adsense program allows you to put relevant advertising on your own blog or Web site. That means you can get a share of Google’s pay-per-click (also known as “PPC”) revenue by displaying the Google PPC ads. When a visitor to your site sees the Google ad and clicks on it, you get a share of the advertiser’s bid for those keyword ads. Google Adsense can make making money easy on your blog or Web site. Simply sign up for a Google Adsense account, generate your ad units, and Google provides you the special code for your site or blog. Just copy the code and paste it into your own site or blog and within moments you’ll have Google’s contextual advertising PPC ads on your own web property. Now that’s making money easy.

In addition, you can earn revenue on your blog or Web site through affiliate marketing. Here’s how it works: you provide links from your site to the sales pages of other online businesses. As an affiliate, you get a unique code that you embed in the links on your site. If someone reading your site or blog clicks through to the merchant’s site, you’re making money easy because you get a portion of their purchase amount. One of the most popular affiliate marketing programs is available through Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer. Amazon sells a huge variety of products, so it is very likely that you’ll find many items to link to at Amazon. Simply sign up for their affiliate program, receive your unique affiliate ID, and place the links on your site or blog.

It may seem like making money can be difficult, but if you spend a little time online, you should be able to find a number of ways to make making money easy. From Web sites to blogs, you can turn your information into cash. Consider Google’s Adsense contextual advertising program or affiliate marketing programs like those offered by Amazon and you could be adding to your income very quickly.

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