Foods That May Help Those with Allergies

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Do you suffer from allergies? If you do, you may be looking for natural ways to seek relief. The good news is that you do have a number of different options. One of those options is food. Did you know that there are some food products that can help you reduce or seek relief from many common allergy symptoms? There are.

Before focusing on a few of the specific foods that you can eat, as way to reduce or seek relief from your allergy symptoms, it is important to know and understand the benefits of eating a good, healthy diet. When you eat healthy foods, your body and immune system should be in top-notch health. This cannot only prevent you from developing the common cold, but it can also help to reduce your allergy symptoms or at least make them more easier to manage.

As for the foods that you may want eat to seek relief, lime can be used. When using lime, many allergy sufferers recommend taking one lime or a half a lime and squeezing the juice into a cup of room temperature water. Drinking this mixture daily for a month or two can provide you with relief. Some individuals also recommend adding in about a teaspoon of honey. Honey is another food that can help to provide you with relief.

Vegetable juices are also advised. In fact, some studies found that vegetable juices are effective with the treatment of allergies. There are also many medical professionals who encourage their patients to drink vegetable juice. Some juices, like carrot juice, can be taken alone. However, many have also seen success with creating their own mixed vegetable juices. Carrot juice that is mixed with cucumber juice and beet juice is recommended by many.

Bananas are another food that many can eat to seek relief from allergies. When using this natural food approach, it is recommended that you eat at least one banana, although two is recommend, daily for a month or two. Although bananas can provide relief to most who suffer from allergies, they tend to provide the most relief to those who suffer from skin allergies or skin rashes that develop because of a small allergic reaction.

A solid diet of fruits and vegetables is also advised. As stated above, bananas and lime are known to provide relief to those who suffer from many allergies. Others fruits and vegetables that you may want to consume include apples, grapes, and carrots. Some individuals recommend starting out slow, like by eating one fruit or vegetable first and then adding something else in a few days or a week later. This recommendation is most commonly made when a fast is also used.

Although the above mentioned food products will likely provide you with relief, it is important to proceed with caution. It will all depend on what type of allergy you have. For example, bananas was sited above as a great way to help those who develop skin rashes, like with pet allergies. With that in mind, those who suffer from food allergies may not be able to eat a banana without having an allergic reaction themselves. That is why caution should always be used, especially with food allergies. If you do have a food allergy, do the proper amount of research first. This may involve scheduling a visit with your doctor or using the internet, namely trusted medical websites like WebMD, to do your own research.


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Seeking A Way To Deal With Your Asthma? Check Out The Tips Below (2)

Seeking A Way To Deal With Your Asthma? Check Out The Tips Below

Asthma affects millions of people and is a serious medical problem. If you’re suffering from asthma related symptoms and you want to learn how to get better, you’re in luck. In this article, you’ll find many simple tips to help you improve your asthma by checking several warning signs that can worsen symptoms, such as air pollution.

A great tip that can help you alleviate your asthma is to make sure you’re properly using your inhaler. A lot of people don’t use their inhaler correctly because they take shallow breaths. In order for the medicine to work, you need to inhale deeply when using your inhaler.

Beware of certain medications like aspirin and penicillin if you suffer from asthma. These medications can actually worsen your asthma symptoms or trigger an attacks. Try to use substitutions such as paracetamol when you have a headache, or you are in pain, and be sure to ask your doctor what medications are safer to take.

Do not swim in pools that contain chlorine if you have asthma. The chlorine can trigger asthma attacks or make your symptoms worse. If you are unsure if the pool that you are going to swim in has chlorine or not, ask a lifeguard or the manager of the facility.

If you suffer from asthma, it’s important to visit your doctor frequently to get checked up and to ask whatever questions you may have about your asthma condition or treatment. Remember that the doctor is there to help, so make sure to ask whatever questions you have, no matter how silly.

Asthma can range from a small annoyance to an all-out, life-threatening condition. To help prevent Asthma attacks, keep moderation in mind, especially when engaging in outdoor activities in hot weather. Hot and humid air can make breathing difficult for anyone, but for someone with Asthma, it can be deadly. If you have work to do outside, try and choose to do so early in the morning or late in the day and avoid the mid-day sun and heat.

Shower or bathe each evening before going to bed to remove any allergens that can trigger an asthma attack. Sleeping with allergens on your skin or hair can not only cause an attack, but may make you even more sensitive to specific triggers over time.

When dealing with asthma, you should limit your contact with animals. Many people who have asthma also have an allergy to pets. Even if you do not have an allergy to pets, pets can carry trigger substances, such as dirt, in their fur. These substances could cause an attack without you being allergic to pets.

Have your inhaler technique checked. Many people use their inhaler improperly. If you aren’t using your inhaler correctly, you may not be receiving the correct dosage of medication, which means that it won’t work as effectively for you. Any medical practitioner with experience in asthma treatment should be able to critique your inhaler technique.

Asthma will only control your life if you allow it to, so take back control. You can get back your life by using the sound advice in the article above to relieve symptoms and manage your asthma.


Innovative Makeup Prevents Eye Irritation

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Most women have experienced itchy, watery eyes, often attributing irritation and allergic reactions to their cosmetics. But contrary to that belief, mascaras and eyeliners flaking and running into the eyes – not allergies – cause most eye problems.

With this in mind, cosmetics companies such as Blinc Inc. uncovered new developments in eye makeup technology that have resolved these problems. Unlike most eyeliners and mascaras, Blinc’s Kiss Me Mascara and Kiss Me Eyeliner are acrylic-based, which means they cannot flake, smudge, clump or run. Blinc’s mascara and eyeliner are also free of damaging and irritating ingredients.

“The type of acrylic used in this eyeliner is also perfectly safe even in terms of allergy,” Dr. Frances J. Storrs, a professor emerita of dermatology at Oregon Health & Science University, said in a Prevention magazine article featuring Blinc’s eyeliner.

Some ophthalmologists are even recommending Kiss Me Mascara and Eyeliner to their patients who have sensitive eyes, wear contact lenses or recently had laser eye surgery.

Kiss Me Mascara forms tiny, water-resistant tubes around the lashes that can be removed with a combination of warm water and gentle friction. The similarly formulated Kiss Me Eyeliner creates a water-resistant layer of color on the lid that peels off with the mascara. No makeup removers are needed for these products.

Also important for maintaining healthy eyes is replacing your mascara and eyeliner regularly; the beauty industry recommends replacing eye makeup every 90 days to avoid bacteria build-up.

Similarly, cosmetics – especially eye makeup – should never be shared with others, as this can increase the spread of germs.

Many physicians also recommend that you preserve the health of your eyes through antioxidant- and lutein-rich supplements. One such product is Super Antioxidant with Macular Protection by Clinician’s Choice.


Essential Asthma Info

Do you have an asthma condition or allergy?
If you do, you need to know what it is all about so that you can effectively prevent it from negatively affecting your life.

The causes of asthma may vary from one individual to another and because of this, some asthmatic individuals experience mild or severe attacks.

How can you tell if you’re having a severe asthma attack? You need to take immediate action if you’re already experiencing difficulty in breathing. This happens because of the low oxygen level in the extremities and the lips.

The only way to properly address your asthma symptoms is to consult first an experienced medical professional. By undergoing a thorough check up, you will be able to treat your asthma allergy effectively. Several tests are usually conducted to confirm if an individual has asthma. A qualified doctor is the only one who can identify the cause of your asthma allergy and after that, he or she will give you the best treatment option.

Oftentimes, a certain substance is used to treat the allergy. This substance decreases the inflammation of the respiratory system’s lining. Such medications decrease chemicals which cause the narrowing and inflammation of the bronchioles and bronchi lumen. You can’t just administer the asthma medications without the doctor’s advice because you might compromise your health and safety, especially in the case of acute asthma.

On the onset of the asthma attack, you must consult a doctor immediately. Even if you’re unsure about your condition, a medical check up can clear your mind and suspicions. Certain substances and chemicals can cause the attack and once these things are identified, you can avoid the asthma attacks. Such chemicals or substances are also called triggers. If you hardly know anything about asthma, this article can help you in some way. However, you can’t just rely entirely on this information source especially if you’re having severe attacks. Again, try to schedule an appointment with your doctor.

If it is already confirmed that you have asthma, you must follow your doctor’s instructions and prescriptions. Try to avoid the asthma triggers so that you can also stay away from the attacks. Asthma can also cause death in some cases. When left untreated, your asthma can get worse. Severe asthma attacks can be very difficult to handle without the help of a medical professional.

There is loads of information about asthma online. You can only make use of them after you’ve consulted a doctor. Asthma information is quite valuable especially to asthma patients. If you want to prevent or avoid this condition, prevention is still the best cure. Besides, medical costs are continuously increasing every year, including that of the asthma treatments. If you don’t experience any asthma attacks, then you won’t have to spend anything on the medical costs. There are also ways to prevent asthma. If the doctor has already identified the asthmaggers, you should stay away from them as much as possible.

Living a healthy lifestyle is probably the best way to prevent asthma attacks. You must learn to live the right way. Try to monitor your diet. You should eat only healthy choices of foods and stay away from foods which also trigger the attacks. Having adequate knowledge can really help you in treating and controlling asthma. Don’t allow asthma to control your life; consult your doctor about it.


Just Say No: Healthy Eating and Peer Pressure

If you are on a diet or simply enjoying a healthy lifestyle, than you probably know that peer pressure to eat foods that are not good for you is a major part of your life. If you are concerned about nutrition and the food that goes into your mouth, don’t worry—there are ways to overcome peer pressure. It simply takes a little know-how to get people off your back!

Parties are a major source of peer pressure, especially with alcohol. However, remember that alcohol contains hundreds of calories in just one drink and of little to no nutritional value. When you go to a party, people may pressure you to have a drink and relax, and it can be difficult to say no when they are constantly trying to convince you. Instead, offer to drive to the bar instead. This way, you re the designated driver, so people won’t want you to drink and, in fact, they will probably be purchasing you waters and maybe even helping to pay for your gas. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Another time when you may feel pressured to eat is at work when the boss orders lunch for everyone at a meeting or when you have to visit a client. Instead of giving in to temptation, simply and politely decline, by letting your boss know in advance or order a meal that is more nutritious and request only a small serving.

Baby showers, weddings, birthday parties, and other special events can also wreak havoc on your diet and nutrition, even if you are good at resisting temptation on your own. When someone hands you a piece of cake and won’t take no for an answer, it can be difficult to know what to say! Here, little white lies might be appropriate. For instance, saying that your stomach was upset earlier in the day will convince a person that you don’t want to eat at the moment or pretending to have a chocolate allergy will get people to allow you to enjoy the party without a hassle surrounding food. A better way is to make a joke of it telling the truth, that your watching what you’re eating. (I’m On a Health Kick)

Remember, however, that while refusing foods of poor nutritional value is great, you should not stop eating good foods or start missing meals. If you do, dangerous eating habits and disorders can develop, which will give you, your friends, and your doctor a real reason to worry. It’s OK to say no to peer pressure and poor nutrition, but don’t say no to food in general!