According to recent researches, professional drivers are very susceptible to a wide range of serious health conditions due to the nature of their job. Apart from the long hours of extensive driving, professional drivers have to deal with the sedentary lifestyle which is makes them more susceptible to major health diseases. Nowadays, there is an increasing incidence rate of life threatening conditions including stroke and heart attack in professional drivers.

According to studies, professional drivers are at a very high risk for stroke. The condition is mainly caused by cerebral infarction and non-traumatic intracranial haemorrhage. The non-traumatic intracranial haemorrhage is caused by a heightened level of systolic blood pressure which is very prevalent among professional drivers.

However, there is a higher risk for professional drivers that carry passengers compared to drivers that transport goods. Researchers concluded that stroke in professional drivers can be aggravated by high levels of customer stress. The high rate of stroke incidence in professional drivers is said to be mainly triggered by atherosclerotic changes which are known to be caused by mental stress and hypertension.

There is a minimal literature discussing the connection between stroke and professional drivers. However, studies show that professional drivers are very prone to suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension which is a major risk factor for stroke.

Bus drivers are said to have an excess risk for ischemic heart disease and coronary heart disease as well as stroke. The presence of these diseases in professional drivers is said to be triggered by several factors which include observance of unhealthy lifestyle, psychosocial stress, abnormal hours of working and lack of vigorous physical exercise.

Some scientists hypothesized that this condition can also be caused by an exposure to mutagens such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. These mutagens may trigger the onset of arteriosclerosis. City bus drivers are said to be highly exposed to excessive level of traffic generated pollution

What Is Stroke
According to research, patient dies every 6 seconds due to stroke. Also known as brain attack or cerebrovascular accident, stroke normally occurs when blood supply to certain areas of the brain is disrupted which results to the death of the brain cells. This phenomenon transpires when the small arteries found within the brain tend to narrow as a result of atherosclerosis, and heavy accumulation of cholesterol and plaques.

The blockage of the arteriole affects certain areas of the brain which causes the tissues to die. Eventually, the part of the brain which controls certain functions of the body tends to stop working. Stroke can also be caused by atherosclerosis, a condition characterized by the hardening of the arteries that leads to the brain. Blood clots which develop within the heart may also trigger the onset of stroke.

What Are the Risk Factors for Stroke
According to research, there are lots of factors which can contribute to the onset of stroke. Apart from stress, other major risk factors include obesity, being overweight, long hours of working and smoking. Diabetes and high blood pressure or hypertension is also considered as major risk factors for stroke.

Who are at a greater risk for stroke? Men are more susceptible to suffer from stroke compared to women. Those who are over 55 years old with Hispanic, Pacific or Asian as well as African America descent are very prone to suffer from stroke. Those who have suffered from Transient Ischemic Attack or previous stroke are also at a greater risk for stroke.

People who use cocaine, birth control and alcohol are also at risk for stroke. Those who have a family history of stroke and high levels of amino acid in the blood can also suffer from stroke.

Driving After a Stroke Attack
Driving becomes a major concern right after a stroke attack. It can actually affect you and your family’s safety. It is always important to seek for your doctor‘s advice before driving again.

According to the National Stroke Association, almost 80% of all stroke cases are preventable. Since stroke is more prevalent in professional drivers that carry people instead of goods, limiting work stress is important in controlling stroke. Driving hours should be carefully considered and hypertension should be controlled.

Make sure that your blood pressure is below 120/80. Anything higher than this figure should cause you an alarm. Apart from increasing your water intake, increasing your fibre intake also helps in controlling stroke. Always control your weight and make sure that the amount of glucose in your blood is at the optimum level. Stop smoking and control your alcohol consumption as these are major risk factors for stroke in professional drivers.

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Solid Affiliate Marketing Advice You Can Put Into Practice Today

Affiliate marketing programs get so many people interested in them because they look easy and inexpensive. It requires no inventory purchase, no machinery, no shipping or any other product handling. Nonetheless, you have to work hard in order to sustain yourself through affiliate marketing alone.

When you have earned decent profits, try asking for more profits from your programs. If you have made yourself valuable to the program through the amount of sales you are generating, they will want to do anything in their power to keep you.

Be sure to remain completely honest with your visitors about affiliate marketing. Being honest is very important when working in the arena of affiliate marketing. If your readers know there is a reason for your marketing choices they will respond in a more positive way by clicking the provided links.

As a time saving tip for affiliates who are dealing with many emails with instructions that need to be addressed, don’t waste time continuing to go back to the emails to reread the message. You can save yourself some time by copying the information you need the first time you read the email, and then pasting it into a master document on your desktop. You’ll be able to refer back to a single document, which will save you time.

Market products that are trusted and well-known. Don’t rely on trends. Most affiliate sellers want to promote quality goods, but hot sellers are not always quality products. If you choose to become involved with the marketing of a highly popular product, you will undoubtedly face aggressive competition. Sometimes, you just will not make money in this situation.

Many affiliate marketers try too hard to be “super” affiliates. Do not do too much, you will wear yourself out. This isn’t realistic, however. Maximum results don’t exist, so there’s no need to strive for them. It’s just a matter of finding the techniques that give you results.

A good affiliate marketing tip is to work with a company that continuously produces products. If you want to benefit from residual income, find a reputable company that continually releases new products. Try to stay away from trend-driven products or one-hit wonders.

To make the most money from your affiliate marketing programs, you should start using paid advertising, like Google Ads. You’ll increase your web traffic and potential buyers by attracting them with a keyword.

One effective tip is to create a deadline for some affiliate product purchases. When prospective buyers know that time is limited, they are more likely to cross their mental finish line and buy it. This approach is likely to render a greater amount of sales.

The only way to make your affiliate marketing campaign successful is to pay attention to the needs of your readers. You have to apply yourself to meet the demands of your visitors. Determine what it is about your site that is making them return. Are they looking for something in particular?

Consider placing a trivia question within a banner, they will have to click and visit to answer it. If the question is interesting, most people will not have the willpower to avoid clicking on it. You can also tempt your potential customers with a discount for correctly answering the question.

Do not expect to get a lifetime commission with affiliate marketing. That shouldn’t stop you from the pursuit of them, however. Affiliate vendors pay webmasters a commission for products sold to customers the webmasters sent to the vendors. Usually, the commission is given only if a buyer buys withing a time period after they click on the link. That is why it is worth it to find the best commissions.

Connect with your visitors on a deeper level by scanning a handwritten note or advertisement on your website. Handwritten content adds a touch of something that people feel is more personal. Buyers love seeing that there really is a living human behind the page somewhere. If you have bad handwriting, you may consider hiring a freelance writer to pen your ad.

Try using pop-under ads instead of pop-up ads. New software blocks pop-ups and no one will see them. Results show that pop-under ads that load in the background while the reader is viewing your content have a much higher response rate than pop-ups.

Always promote products in which you are confident. People will draw conclusions about you based on the products you recommend. If you have recommended good, quality products, your clients will trust you more. Recommending quality products at an affordable price is the best way to keep customers.

Demonstrating yourself using the products you are trying to markets is an effective advertising technique. You can show the usefulness of a product with web articles and reviews. In addition, you can participate in different forums to discuss how this product has been helpful to you. When you post in venues that allow it, always add your affiliate link somewhere in the posting so that people who find what you say useful can immediately click on the link.

One helpful tip for recently established affiliate marketers who are starting to earn profits is to remain unfulfilled by their achievements. You should not stop because things are going well. It is always a good idea to strive for bigger things. If you begin to generate money from your blog, you should try starting a second blog. You just need to keep moving the needle forwards.

Those California marketers whose accounts were suspended in early 2011 can re-install the links lost on their websites. Amazon had to lawfully drop California clients then, but they can get back in now. If this change in the law re-opens access for your business, make sure you take advantage of it.

Your objectives should consistently continue to increase and reach for more than merely a workable income. Reach for the stars and put in hard work every day to watch your profits increase regularly. It can be hard to get started but if you keep at it you can succeed.

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423lb 10-Year-Old Has Life Threatening Obesity

423lb 10-Year-Old Has Life Threatening Obesity

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WEIGHING an incredible 192kg (423lbs), morbidly obese Arya Permana is in a race to lose the weight – or risk losing his life. Family have put the 10-year-old on a brown rice crash diet to try and prevent him putting on any more weight. While his neighbours and school friends are outside playing football, Arya is stuck inside at home, barely able to move.

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Popular Diets Category

Fad Diets Don’t Work – Most Of The Time

Fad Diets Don’t Work – Most Of The Time

Fad Diets Don’t Work – Most Of The Time

Are you the kind of person who loves to follow the latest trend from the most popular things to the most famous activities? Are you health conscious that you do whatever diet is popular? You eat foods that are mostly eaten by the people who have a slim body or enroll yourself to the latest exercise? Be careful of adopting a kind of innovation, it may not always result to something positive. It has disadvantages for it hasn’t been tested through time, especially when it involves our health. This article will discuss what a fat diet is and the controversy alleging whether it is effective or not. In addition, we will discuss different fad diets.
Fad diets are the latest diets which develop from a large population and followed a certain period. Some people consider fad diet as a poor weight loss diet. Questions have been raised according to its efficiency whether it can result to a quick fix or not, is it good to be true? Are the recommendations really true or are they recommended helping sell a product by most popular personalities?
Fad diets require low calorie intake. If this low calorie diet is done for a few weeks, the rate at which the body burns up calories will drop. Resulting for the body to use the muscles as its energy resource, the body instead will perceive that it is starving then will result to restore energy, which in turn will lost some muscles and instead of burning a large amount of calories are burned. So when weight loss occurs after doing the diet, the muscles lost water and fat too. But what happens when normal diet is resumed? Water is regained, but the muscle tissue will not be regained unless exercise is done to promote development. It is efficient to use to very low calorie diets because it burns less fat, causing a gain of more fat. Then these diets cause yoyo effects which will make a person fatter over time.
It does not mean that it is a fad diet it is already considered a failure. There are some fad diets which have also resulted effective weight loss and management such as Acai berry diet which was first introduced at Oprah Winfrey’s show. Other examples of proven diets are Atkins, cabbage soup, negative calorie diet and HCG diet. All these were introduced between the 1970s up until a few years ago.
Other forms of weight loss diet that has gained popularity but yet have to achieve solid medical backing are low fat diet and low carb diet, the zone and three-day diets, and the much-hyped South Beach diet. Other fad diets that have been endorsed by famous people – but yet have to be sustained as to its effectiveness – include the Beverly Hills diet, Hollywood diet, the grapefruit diet, the peculiar fatloss4idiots diet and the apple cider vinegar diet.
Now it’s essential that before you take on any of these fad diets, you must be well-informed about the consequences. More so, it’s important that you have a well-set weight loss goal and plan of action. Being equipped with a larger perspective of weight loss will likely lead you to doing healthier means instead of jumping into fad diets. Everyone must be careful on which diet to undertake because taking any actions which involves your health is a serious risk. It is always best to consult your doctor first and understand the whole weight loss effort. When you are losing weight, do not only concentrate of getting a slim body. Instead, focus on having optimum health that is free from illness or diseases.


Water Weight And How It Impacts Weight Loss

Water Weight And How It Impacts Weight Loss



Water Weight And How It Impacts Weight Loss

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