Tips For Healthy Teeth and Gums

Don’t you want the teeth and gums to be healthy and free of diseases? Well, this is something most of us do want as we know how badly dental health can impact us in so many ways. However, not all of us are good at following tips and advises recommended by the dentist. We also don’t stop eating sugary items and foods rich in acids either due to lack of knowledge or we just can’t resist. We even don’t take our diet seriously and often end up eating what we should not in the first place. All this deteriorates our dental health a lot.

First of all, we should take our brushing seriously as we should do it twice a day, once at night and second, before hitting the bed. We should brush thoroughly and gently preferably in a circular motion so that the effect can reach to inner parts as well. We should spend at least 2-3 minutes with the act of brushing without hurrying things up. The toothbrush should have soft bristles as hard ones are not good for the enamel. Even the dentist recommends us to change the brush after every three months and they also warn us against using the same toothbrush that saw you through some illness.

Right after the brushing, you should floss the teeth and do it on a daily basis. Flossing helps take-out food particles stuck between teeth or those articles not being taken out merely by brushing. Similarly, tongue cleaning should be a part of the daily oral hygiene routine as it keeps the breathing fresh and keeps you away from any bacterial harm in the mouth. More so, you should be careful in choosing the toothpaste and you should use only those rich in fluoride to minimize the risk of dental decay. Then next, you should curtail the amount of tea and coffee and wine as they stain the teeth.

More so, the teeth should not be used for purposes other than chewing foods or any items worth eating. If you tried using the teeth to open some bottle or put some nuts to crack, then your teeth may chip or crack. Likewise, you need to visit the dentist at least twice a year and get check-ups done regularly. This is how any diseases or issues are found out at an early stage and its remedy is done. All this oral care tips help you keep away from dental diseases of any nature. You thus can’t take risk not following these tips.

More so, a lot of improvement has happened in dental technology and cosmetic dentistry has advanced today to a great level. It’s now possible to get smile makeovers in just a single sitting. You can get your missing natural teeth replaced in a pain-managed method. However, the focus should be on to following oral care tips regularly so that the teeth and gums remain as healthy as they should be. So, don’t forget meeting the dentist often as this is how you have a great dental health.

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Helpful Coping Tips For Sufferers Of Anxiety

Helpful Coping Tips For Sufferers Of Anxiety

Helpful Coping Tips For Sufferers Of Anxiety

Helpful Coping Tips For Sufferers Of Anxiety

Helpful Coping Tips For Sufferers Of Anxiety

Helpful Coping Tips For Sufferers Of Anxiety

Helpful Coping Tips For Sufferers Of Anxiety

Helpful Coping Tips For Sufferers Of Anxiety

Helpful Coping Tips For Sufferers Of Anxiety

Helpful Coping Tips For Sufferers Of Anxiety

Helpful Coping Tips For Sufferers Of Anxiety

Helpful Coping Tips For Sufferers Of Anxiety

Helpful Coping Tips For Sufferers Of Anxiety

Helpful Coping Tips For Sufferers Of Anxiety

Helpful Coping Tips For Sufferers Of Anxiety

Helpful Coping Tips For Sufferers Of Anxiety

Helpful Coping Tips For Sufferers Of Anxiety

It’s a normal facet of life to feel some anxiety. However, if the anxiety you are experiencing is ruling your life, you need to learn how control it. You don’t need to try to live with anxiety on your own, and there are great remedies to help get rid of it. The ideas and knowledge presented in this article are good, if you apply it toward your own anxiety.

In order to manage anxiety, you need to manage everyday stress. When your stress rises, your anxiety can too. Learn ways to delegate tasks to relive some pressures related to the responsibilities that you have at home or at work. Attempt to get some time to relax and unwind every day.

Playing music will provide positive assistance with anxiety. Try putting on some music you enjoy the next time you find yourself in the throes of an anxiety attack. Try to focus on every note. In no time, you will forget the problems that had you worried in the first place. Keeping your mind busy really can be beneficial in dealing with anxiety.

Exercising on a daily basis can help to keep your anxiety at bay. Exercising produces positive endorphins throughout the body, which can bring about happiness and ease the negative symptoms that may be causing you to feel stressed. Regular exercise is also responsible for an increase in your feelings of well-being.

If external things are triggering you, then you shouldn’t watch TV or read the paper as much. Do not overwhelm your emotions with information overload. Take a few minutes every day to get caught up on the latest news, but do not become obsessed with following every development all day long. A steady diet of nothing but bad news will only worsen your anxiety symptoms.

Laughter really is the best medicine for anxiety. Watch a comedy, read a joke book or talk to that friend with the great sense of humor when you want to lighten your mood.

Find someone that you trust. Talk with this friend about your issues and your anxiety. Don’t keep your feelings bottled up inside; it can make a big difference to be able to confide in a reliable person. Repressing your emotions will just worsen your anxiety.

Look into amino acids for a way to manage or get rid of anxiety. Some people discover that they have a vitamin deficiency and that their bodies are not producing adequate serotonin. A lot of good books, such as Mood Cure, discuss plans that you could do to eliminate or reduce your anxiety.

Eating a balanced and nutritious diet is important for everyone, but even more so for those who suffer from anxiety attacks. Avoid junk foods because the sugar or caffeine in them will give you a high, followed by a crash.

Monitor your breathing when you get stressed. Your breathing gets shorter, varied at times, and erratic. Anxiety makes it tough to concentrate on breathing properly. However, just as our bodies require water and food, they also require the correct amount of air. Try your best to refocus your breathing when you are having an anxiety attack.

Don’t hole up with your anxieties. The best thing to do is keep your body and mind busy. Creative outlets, such as a new hobby, provide a fun way to keep your mind busy and helps to keep it off of whatever is making you anxious.

Have someone that you can talk to about issues that are troubling you. Having someone to express yourself to can increase your feelings of calm, thus lessening your anxiety. Talking about the issues that you are experiencing could be beneficial and it could reduce your anxiety levels as well.

Learn about the different beverages that can help you calm your anxiety. Many people enjoy chamomile tea for relaxing. This kind of tea can help get rid of stress.

Take a yoga class – it will really help to reduce your anxiety. Yoga can reduce stress and help maintain concentration levels. This type of exercise facilitates balance and helps you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Stay away from anyone that makes you nervous when you are afflicted with anxiety. It may seem obvious, but a lot of people that have anxiety don’t want to make people angry so they keep them around. Spending time with individuals who make you feel uncomfortable can cause you to feel stressed and anxious.

A lot of people that are shy deal with anxiety. One way to conquer this is by finding enjoyable activities you can do by yourself or might do with others. Some examples of this are running, chess, cycling and photography. That way, when you want to have company, you will know you will be able to enjoy the activity at the very least.

Keep in mind that you are not the only person struggling with anxiety. Just by browsing around and seeing all the supplements available, you can see there are million of people just like you. Remind yourself that you do not have to deal with anxiety all by yourself.

Paying off your monthly credit card bills in a timely manner improves your anxiety levels. When you have late payment issues with debt, you increase anxiety levels and make matters worse. Take special care to keep all your bills up to date.

Try snacking on carbs that have seratonin, as they can help you feel better. Do not go overboard with this but only do it if you are feeling like anxiety is getting way ahead of you. This is quite effective for some people.

There are times when heart attacks and anxiety attacks feel almost the same. The main distinction is the fact that anxiety attacks are fleeting, while heart attacks are not. Never try to diagnose yourself as the result can be fatal. If you think you might be having a heart attack then you must get medical attention right away. Call 911.

As this article has stated before, temporary anxiety is normal for most everyone. However, if long term anxiety is hampering your daily life, it is important to take responsibility to get help. The advice from the article above can help you do just that.

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The growing age increases the risk of health issues. We cannot prevent naturally aging. But, we can ensure healthy aging by healthy eating and physical activity. Healthy aging helps prevent age related diseases. Antioxidants safeguard you from the dangers of free radicals. It is also suggested to follow intermittent fasting and calorie restriction to improve lifespan and reduce onset of diseases. How to slow down aging effects is through intake of herbal remedies like Shilajit ES capsules.

This herbal supplement is manufactured ingredients like Shatavari, Kesar, Moti Bhasma, Shilajit Shudh and Safed Musli. All these herbs are blended in right dosage to increase male energy and perform daily tasks efficiently.

Regular intake of this herbal pill is recommended to increase male energy, physical performance, strength and stamina. It offers effective treatment for general debility and boosts your immunity. It safeguards you from allergic symptoms. It boosts functioning of cardiac as well as liver.

Shilajit is one of the key ingredients in this herbal supplement. This herb helps to boost desire for lovemaking. It also boosts stamina and power. In addition, it offers effective cure for male impotence and infertility. It increases semen load and quality sperm count. It is widely recommended for the treatment of low sperm count, thinning of semen, low libido and semen leakage in urine. It also cures PE and sexual dysfunction.

It improves functioning of kidneys. It relieves you from burning sensation in micturition. It also offers effective cure for benign prostatic hypertrophy. It supports movement of magnesium, calcium and phosphorous into bones and muscles and makes them endurable and muscular. In addition, it boosts functioning of the pancreas and cures diabetes mellitus. It also offers effective cure for gouty arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It also reduces joints pain as well as inflammation. It is also recommended for the treatment of hemiplegia and paralysis. It relieves you from mental fatigue, depression, stress, fissures, hemorrhoids, anal fistulas and epilepsy. This herb also has excellent anti-aging properties to slow down the aging process. Therefore, people, who are looking for how to slow down aging effects, are advised to use this herbal pill regularly.

Safed Musli consists of saponins, steroids, vitamins, proteins, alkaloids, minerals and polysaccharides. It offers effective treatment for sexual weakness. It offers effective treatment for arthritis and diabetes. It boosts immunity and vitality. Kesar has health promoting and antioxidant properties. It also consists of minerals to control blood pressure. It is also rich source of vitamins. All these herbs are perfectly blended under the supervision of a skilled medical professional to increase male energy considerably.

How to slow down aging effects is through regular intake of one Shilajit ES capsule daily two times with water. It is suggested to use this herbal supplement for two to three months for the best results. You can buy Shilajit ES capsules from reputed online stores using a credit or debit card. You can also benefit from free shipping to your doorstep. How to slow down aging effects is through regular intake of raw eggs, leafy greens, blueberries, broccoli and garlic. You are advised to ensure sound sleep.


Identify The Invisible Links Of Depression

Depression is a complex condition. About 30 million Americans have had at least one occurrence of severe depression in their life time.

Depression can be linked to traumatic events in your life, such as loss of a loved one, stress and hormonal fluctuations, illnesses, specific drugs, or drug/alcohol abuse. Recent studies have shed new lights on different sources of depression.

Depression Is Associated With Inflammation.

Anyone who has experienced a viral or bacterial infection knows what it means to feel sick. Sickness leads to fever and nausea, lack of appetite and loss of interest in physical and social surroundings. Sick people exhaust easily, and have deprived sleep. In addition, they feel unhappy and prickly; suffer from shortened attention span and short-term memory loss.

Just as terror is normal in the face of a predator, sickness is a normal reaction to infection triggered by factors called inflammatory cytokines/markers created by body’s immune and inflammatory cells.

There is a growing evidence to implicate that inflammation is associated with depression. Here is some of the evidence:

• Augmented levels of inflammatory cytokines can stimulate depressive behavior.

• Inflammatory cytokines can enter the brain and change the levels of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin in the brain.

• Levels of inflammatory cytokines are much higher in people experiencing stress, anguish, depression, and other difficult emotions.

• Higher levels of inflammatory markers preceded the beginning of depressed mood in an elderly population with no psychiatric history.

Depression is frequently associated with a variety of factors (e.g., psychosocial stress, medical illness, obesity, poor diet, diminished sleep, social isolation) that are known to give rise to an increase in inflammatory markers.

Depression is a well-known complication of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

Depression shares similarities with ‘sickness behavior’, a normal response to infection or inflammation.

• In cancer and hepatitis C patients receiving immunotherapy, depression appeared in up to 50% of patients.

• Neurochemical findings in autopsy studies suggest an inflammatory component to depression.

• Medications with an effect on the immune system can affect mood.

Inflammatory Cytokines Play A Key Role In Depression

Researchers do not know why inflammatory cytokine levels are higher in depressed and anxious people. They speculate that psychological trauma can alter blood pressure and heart rate. These stress-related changes can lead to the discharge of cell signaling molecules that encourage cytokine production. Other source of elevated inflammatory cytokines include smoking, high fat diet, and being overweight.

Various scientific observations suggest inflammatory cytokines have a key role in depression. Inflammation may initiate, worsen, and lengthen depression through:

• Hyper-responsiveness to acute stress

• Dampened immune system

• Neuronal damage and neuron death

• Reduced neuron renewal

• Increased neurotoxic end products

Links Connecting Depression And Inflammatory Disorders

Accumulating studies have revealed compelling relationships among depression and well-known inflammatory or autoimmune diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Therefore, it is important to recognize inflammation as a shared factor that may trigger several health issues.

Depression is a recognized risk factor for the development of heart disease, as well as an independent forecaster of poor prognosis following a cardiac event. For example, patients with coronary heart disease are three times more susceptible depression than the general population.

Stress could be an underlying trigger that causes the development of both depression and heart disease. Stress can precipitate depression by stimulating the nervous system, disrupting heart rhythm, increased tendency for clotting of the blood, and intensified inflammatory responses, all of which negatively impact the cardiovascular system.

Inflammation that worsens both the disease and the tendency towards depression is observed in diabetes and cancer. While negative emotions may not increase the risk of advancing diabetes or cancer, they could intensify these illnesses.

There is evidence that once you have cancer, psychological stress and depression can aggravates the cancer through elevated levels of inflammatory cytokines. Research proves that inflammatory cytokines can cause challenge to chemotherapy, accelerating the transition of tumor cells into advanced cancer. Some cytokines seem to encourage the formation of new blood vessels that nourish tumors, the key process in tumor metastasis.

Several large studies demonstrated the evidence that patients with COPD are at an increased risk of developing depression. Despite advances in various treatments, the death rate associated with COPD has doubled in 30 years. The presence of anxiety and depression has been linked to increased death, weakened functional status, and decreased quality of life.

Of people who suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS), more than 20% have depression. Evidence also suggests depression can aggravate IBS.

Links Between Depression And Inflammatory Skin Conditions

Depression is commonly associated with inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne and rosacea.

Psoriasis is a hyper-proliferative inflammatory skin disease that often occurs as thick, red, scaly lesions. Multiple studies have established that depression is a common challenge among psoriasis sufferers, which can change the progress of psoriasis as well as the effectiveness of treatments.

The association between depression and acne has long been documented, especially in teenagers. Acne raises the risk of depression and suicide attempt. Depression can also aggravate acne.

Control Of Inflammation Represents A Novel Approach To Relieve Depression

Evidence shows that inflammatory cytokines induce not only signs of sickness, but also true disorders in susceptible individuals and physically ill patients despite the fact that they have no previous history of mental disorders.

The findings that inflammation can essentially initiate depression and various chronic disorders suggest that targeting inflammatory responses could be an innovative approach to treat depression and associated health concerns. Various studies are under way to treat symptoms of depression with anti-inflammatory drugs including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Encouraging results have been achieved by blocking inflammatory cytokines in psoriasis and from the treatment of COX-2 inhibitors in patients with depression.

Herbal Treatments For Relief of Inflammation And Depression Symptoms

For decades, NSAIDs have been widely suggested for various aspects of flu-like symptoms or sickness-related behaviors. Unfortunately, 25% of NSAIDs users encounter severe and sometimes deadly complications such as stomach ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding. The newer NSAIDs such as selective COX-2 inhibitors (Vioxx and Celebrex) have been associated with an increased risk of severe adverse cardiovascular events including heart attack and stroke.

In this scenario, the good news is that safer treatments are available. You can fight depression and anxiety without the side effects of antidepressant drugs or NSAIDs! Nutrients, anti-inflammatory herbs and herbal remedies have been demonstrated to alleviate depression symptoms.

By keeping inflammation under control, anti-inflammatory therapies may:

• Improve sleep and ease headaches and anxiety

• Help restore the balance of nitric oxide and prostaglandins, which influences the severity of depression, anxiety, and sexual dysfunction

• Repair the body’s antioxidant defense

• Boost the vascular healing and repair

• Reestablish vascular cell function and integrity

Millions of people go undiagnosed or untreated for depression. Without treatment, depression may linger for 6 months or longer, with increased occurrence and severity of episodes.

If you feel the pain from depression, or your symptoms of depression continue despite the treatment of anti-depressant drugs, or your anti-depressant drugs become less helpful, you may need to recognize inflammatory sources and seek for anti-inflammatory remedies.


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Dr Yi Shi, founder of Innovative Drug Discovery and 3rskincare.com , is well known in inflammatory disease research. Dr Shi has conducted numerous research projects and published over 40 research articles in medical journals. For close to a decade, Dr Shi has headed collaborative efforts to develop natural anti-inflammatory products and 3R Skin Care system for various illnesses and chronic skin disorders.