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Ash herbal

Ash herbal

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Ash herbal

Ash is a tree that grows between 33 ft to 99 ft. It has hairless and grayish-green branches. Flowers are bisexual and have no petals. You can see reddish stamens before the leaves open. The fruit of ash tree contains a single seed. Ash tree is often referred to as American ash. It is found in the eastern half of the United States as shade trees. The American Indians have medicinal uses for almost every part of the tree. The sap of the ash tree is used to treat external cancerous growths. The Penobscot tribe used a decoction also an extract of ash leaves as antiseptic for cleansing women internally after childbirth. Other tribes used ash herbal tea made from the bark as treatment for itching scalp and sores. Leaf tea is used as vermifuge or an agent that expels worms from the body. The seeds were used as ash herbal for fevers. It also serves as aphrodisiac, diuretic and appetite stimulant. 19th century American physicians used white ash preparations as styptic which refers to substances used to stop minor bleeding and emetic which promotes vomiting and for multiple purposes.

Ash herbal uses leaves, matures seeds and inner bark of ash tree. The bark is used as ash herbal tonic and astringent. Recently, it is rarely used as an herbal medicine although it is used in treating fever occasionally. The leaves are used as ash herbal astringent and laxative and have diuretic effect. They served as mild substitute for senna. Ash tree is quite common us Europe. It grows in lowland and moorland. Leaves used as ash herbal are usually gathered in summer. The bark is gathered in spring.

Ash herbal has the following components:

Leaves: vitamin C, sugar, courmarin, minerals such as iron, copper and potassium and bioflavonoids.
Bark: bitter principles, tannins, rutin and resin.

To use ash herbal, you can dry the leaves to produce herbal teas. These herbal teas have diuretic and fever-reducing properties. To prepare a mother tincture, you can use the following recipe: 1 part fruit crushed in 4 parts alcohol. Macerate for 1 month then strain. Men can use this tincture once a day. Take up to 10 drops 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. Ash herbal helps in reproduction but due to its very strong effect, moderation must be observed in taking the ash herbal medicine.

To treat fever, gout and water retention, you can make a homemade ash herbal sparkling wine. Use the following recipe:

16 cups water
2 oz ash leaves
13/4 oz chicory root
4 lbs raw sugar
1 lb tartaric acid or cream of tartar
1 ¼ oz champagne yeast

Boil ash and chicory in water for 10 minutes using low heat. Infuse for 2 hours. Then add sugar, tartaric acid and yeast. Dissolve and allow fermenting for about 10 days at 68 F degrees in a covered but not completely closed pot. Bottle the preparation for 3 months. If used for slimming or water retention, drink small amounts (1 oz or 25 ml) of this ash herbal before each meal for 10 days.

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