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Adelaide Australia (2)

Adelaide Australia

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A first time visitor in Australia would surely have difficulty, which place to visit first. There are many big and highly urbanized cities in Australia and the one that stood out the most is Adelaide in South Australia.

Adelaide Australia is a planned city that was conceptualized by one of its forefathers William Light. It is the capital of one of Australia’s biggest state, South Australia that became a British colony in December 28, 1836. Its famous name was taken after its equally famous Queen Adelaide of Britain. Being South Australia’s seat of government it is home to the many government offices and financial institutions. Before the European settlement took place in Adelaide Australia, the Kaurnal Aboriginal tribe inhabited the city.

Adelaide has an arid climate but similar with that of the Mediterranean wherein most of its winter months rain is expected, though unpredictable during summertime. June is considered as the rainy month when most of the rain occurs averaging up to 80mm.

The economic climate of Adelaide Australia is robust and dynamic. It is the car-manufacturing haven of General Motors-Holden and Mitsubishi. Other industries that operate in Adelaide are defense technology, medical research, export, and communications and hospitality industry.

Adelaide is rich in cultural heritage. Old churches dotted the whole city of Adelaide making it a perfect destination for pilgrims and art aficionados. In the music scene, Adelaide has produced homegrown talents that have worldwide acclaim, bringing honor and pride to the city. The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Adelaide Youth Orchestra are just two of Adelaide’s pride that has carved a niche in the international music and art arena. Adelaide people are also sports lover, in fact it played host to several F1 Race Australian Grand Prix.

Adelaide gives high premium on education. Famous tertiary-education institutions both public and private have provided the Adelaide denizen and visitors top quality professional and vocational education and training. The most popular among the state-run universities is the University of Adelaide. It has already produced top caliber graduate who garnered numerous awards from Nobel and scholarships from Rhodes. It is most famous for its law and medicine programs.

So if you want a cultural tour to appreciate the Australian way of life, sports adventure to feel how Australian champion athletes are made of, or an educational enrichment trip to prepare you for a competitive career, Adelaide Australia might just be the right city for you, where everything you need is prepared right at your doorstep.

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